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5 out of 5

I calmly sat here and read quite a few of these reviews and their were of course varying remarks....I am currently completing my third master degree program at Ashford and have no real complaints about the quality of education provided.....Sure there are costs associated with it but you will find that with any for-profit (proprietary) schools...

As for the complaints about the professors their feedback and grading methods are based on a rubric and I feel that the majority of them follow them fairly precisely...Events and trends have taken place in the evolution of education and some of them created a different form of student/professor relationship ideology...If one was to actually critique the review posts they would more than likely find that those who complain about the workload and the responses of professors unacceptable are probably in an age category of 18-30...They become disgruntled because they have that expectation that things in life are to be made easily....

However, things worth anything in life will always take time and dedication....It truly isn't the school that determines your outcomes but your own precept of your self-worth...If you value an education and are determined to better yourself through one then you will apply yourself and help others to educate yourself....No college or university be they public or private or for-profit or non-profit will give you everything you need...So it is on you to get that extra from what there is available....Develop yourself and don't expect others to do it for you.

4 out of 5

You know I read these reviews and they appear to be written by 2 year old children who don't understand the educational process. Education is expensive. You cannot simply enroll, start class, and then decide this isn't for you then drop out and expect a refund. Ashford is a "FOR PROFIT" school and they make no bones about it. They tell you that going in so get over yourselves.

I have been attending Ashford for over a year and I am due to graduate in 3 weeks. When I graduate with my BA my degree will carry the same weight as a degree from Texas, UF, etc. The only difference is I obtained mine from a school that told me upfront that they are in it for the money. UT, UF, Alabama are in it for the money too but they go about raising money totally different. Those football stadiums cost big bucks!

My educational experience at Ashford has been a dream. I will graduate with honors and a 3.95 GPA. It has taken HARD work to get here and I have had some excellent professors and some not so great professors. With any school you take the good with the bad. I will probably continue on with a Masters program at Ashford in the future. The financial side of it has been a breeze and that mainly decided by who get as an FA. I have been lucky to have mine for my entire enrollment.

If you are independent and can put your nose to the grindstone then Ashford is for you. It takes an adult to succeed at Ashford not a sniveling little jerk. Ashford is an excellent school for hard working grownups.

4 out of 5

I've been attending Ashford University for almost two years now and at the tail end of my B.A. program in Homeland Security/Emergency Management. All I have to say is that this school is absolutely great!

I've attended three other online programs, and by far this is the most well organized, user friendly school I've had the pleasure to be a part of. Teachers are fair, dedicated, and surprisingly you actually learn stuff here. I personally rate Ashford an 8 out of 10 due to the minor conflicts I've had with the Customer support department. Happy Hunting. Cheers!!

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4 out of 5

I am in my Bachelors program at Ashford after completing an Associates with honors, there as well. I have nothing but good things to say. If you do the work and read the text, you can get the education you need. I have always been able to communicate with anyone I need to at Ashford within 24 hours, excluding weekends. I found everyone courteous and helpful.

I had a family emergency and I needed a little time off. They let me have 30 days off with no penalty, and I was in week 2 or three of a course at that time.

I have had honors all the way through. It is achievable if the work is done and you are diligent. I have never had a problem with any of the staff, except one professor- but every school has them-

4 out of 5

However you look at it, all schools and even non-profit organizations need profits - about 10% over their prior year's earnings, to be precise. They teach you that in business schools everywhere. So whenever you read somebody saying "All they care about is your money..." you are reading the emotional rantings of a disgruntled person - not a rational review of an educational institution. I went to a brick-and-mortar campus in the mid-70's. They didn't care any more or any less about my degree than Ashford does. This is because it is not their job to care about your educational career. That's your job. It's their job to process payments and answer questions. I loved the Ashford experience because I'm a working adult who needed to formalize my years of experience with a graduate degree. I put a lot into my education, and feel I got a lot out of it for my time, trouble, and money. My advisors did a great job, in my opinion, and I did my best to partner with them rather than expect them to "serve" me. I did a great deal of research before choosing Ashford and took responsibility for getting all the facts I needed to make my choice. I have no regrets and believe my education (MBA/IS) will help me advance to the next level in my career.

4 out of 5

It does seem that the people who view this college negatively, and the supposed 'former enrollment advisor' - they're full of it. Ashford is a great place. Not all of the professors are wonderful, but some of them are, and some of them are passionate about what they are teaching.If you don't do your part, you won't get anything out of it. All colleges consider texts an out-of-pocket expense.

Getting in touch with your advisors can sometimes be challenging, but it's best to attempt to get ahold of ANYONE while they are in the office, instead of leaving voicemails. These people are busy, just like you are, so take that into consideration. In college, you are a face among many, and unless you work hard on your studies, and work hard to make yourself heard, no one will hear you, or care.

The financial aid works, you get your money after the 7th and 14th week of classes. All of the people from ashford have been extremely helpful in all aspects of getting me into their program, and helping me get my traditional college credits transferred.

Remember, not everyone is perfect, and not everyone is good at what they do. Maybe those who have complained merely ran into people who were just learning how to do their job, or they just weren't good at it.

I find most of the coursework easy, but I was attending a private university and they set the bar pretty high. I think a majority of the professors are too lax on due dates, because i work hard to get my assignments in on time whereas someone else may not, but we end up with the same grade.

Ashford is a great place if you have the motivation and the self-discipline to learn something on your computer.

4 out of 5

I have nothing but good things to say about this school. The enrollment advisor I had was awesome. My student advisor keeps me up to date on things and responds to my emails in a timely manner. I have had NO issues with finanical aid at all. And um, THIS IS COLLEGE, it's going to be challenging!

I actually was concerned I was not being challenged enough but one of my TA's help me see it from a different perspective.

I had been out of high school for over 15 years before enrolling at Ashford. I am just finishing up my fifth course.

Some professors are more interactive than others but they are not there to hold our hands, they are there to guide us.

I would HIGHLY recommend Ashford University!

4 out of 5

I have read many reviews and it definitely seems to me that the individuals that are complaining must have not completed the work or did something to cause the financial issues. I earned my Master's degree without so much as one issue. My advisor called me every month or so to check in with me! I called a few times and she always called back. My professors were all pretty good with the exception of one. They always commented on my papers, so it was clear they read each one. The work load was heavy, but not a problem for a dedicated student. It sounds as though some individuals are looking for easy street when they decide to take on-line courses. In fact, it is often the opposite with on-line degrees. They expect you to be able to work independently and make the deadlines. I had no problem getting funds back from Ashford and they told me I could send them back to lending agency with no issue and that was the case. My experience was so flawless that these complaints seem unwarranted. I did not experience anything similar to some of the comments in the reviews. Usually complainers complain because they failed the process themselves or couldn't cut the mustard so to speak. All I know is I had no problems and was very happy with the school.

4 out of 5

All I can say is please anyone who is considering this school get everything, absolutely everything in writing in a email or something because this is surely a FOR-PROFIT organization that will tell you lie and try to bamboozle you for all the money they can.

I am currently attending this school and so help me I would not lie about how it is exactly like the reviews that tell you what they are. These people are not angry they are telling the truth. I am a student there and I am going to break my neck trying to make my grades so that this greedy school can not get me worse than the other University did because they absolutely do have hidden charges at Ashford University.

I did not know none of the materials are included in the courses that are needed. The technology fee is now $1290. some pay it and some don't. I think the government should investigate this ponzi scheme for what it really, really is. They should rename it Madoff.

4 out of 5

I have been enrolled in Ashford University online for 3 weeks and I am beginning to believe that I am in a continual nightmare. It is true that the enrollment advisor is a great talker and tries to tell you what you want to hear. However, try to withdraw from their school in the first or middle of the second week and see how far it will get you. When I call my student advisor and told him I wanted to withdraw, he put his manager online that pretty much dismissed the fact that I had the right to withdraw. I have read the reviews about financial aid problems on here and I think they are trying to rip me off too on my financial aid. I believe that they refused to allow me to get the top financial aid due to my income because I told them I needed my excess cash after they took out their expensive tuition so I could by their expensive books. I don't even know if I will be able to afford my books now. Some people at Ashford like to tell their students who read bad reports about them that the ones writing the reviews are just angry students and they run into financial difficulties because they did not turn in their paper work on time. Yeah, right. Any lie is better than no lie at all. I wish I had never even heard of Ashford University online and on campus. I want to get the heck away from this money hungry school. By the way, I am pissed off because I allowed myself to get sucked in by a smooth talking cassanova.

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