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4 out of 5

I just completed my coursework on December 7, 2009, and will soon be receiving my Bachelor of Arts in Social Science with an education concentration. If graduation hadn't been so close to Christmas I would have flown to Clinton, Iowa to see the campus and to graduate in person!

I transfered to Ashford with an Associate Degree as well as some credits from the University of Texas/Dallas and had no issues with that. Just like enrolling at any college, they required my transcripts.

If you are someone who likes the college experience- lecture halls, being on campus, other college activities then of course Ashford or any other on-line program is not a good idea for you. But for me, a mother of 2 children who works full time, an on-line education was the only way that I could complete my education.

I never had any issues with the enrollment advisors, financial aid or anyone else at Ashford. Every one of my professors had at least a Masters, one had his Doctorate and one was working on his Doctorate. Some of the professors were better than others, but you'll find that anywhere. One of my professors at the University of Texas/Dallas was absolutely horrible, and yet my Literature professor there was incredible. I had a few professors at Ashford who did the bare minimum and I must admit that I felt a bit cheated. I liked the professors who challenged me, and luckily most of them did!

I would definitely recommend Ashford University!

4 out of 5

I just graduated from AU this December and I have nothing but good things to say. It was not easy, and I am very intelligent. You get out of it what you put in. If you study, do all of your assigned work and are a good writer, you will get good grades! If you are a poor writer, don't enroll because you will be required to write an 8 to 10 page paper after each 5 week course. This is not Harvard or any other Ivy League, but I guarantee that other working professionals will appreciate the fact that you got your degree online in an accelerated program! It takes more discipline.

When people get upset, they like to get revenge by putting others down. Maybe they didn't have the perseverance or discipline that it takes to succeed.

And for those who say anyone can get an A, they are wrong. I did get many A's but graduated with a 3.3 GPA. That happened because I got lazy at the end and got 3 C's. The A's are NOT given away. They require hard work.

4 out of 5

My first year I was skeptical, but everything went as planned. My second year was disastrous... only because of the financial aid BS. I called literally 7 times, I sent 10 emails regarding my funds. I was having a financial hardship and requested my money sent to me and each and every time I was told it was Ashford's policy not to release it until the 30/70 was up. Literally, I got my last payment due to me when the semester was over.

I had enough, I called FASFA. I was told to call the Director of Financial Aid and read off the section number and code about sending disbursements within 14 days after they receive my funds. It only took 48 hours from when I called the Director and when my funds were issued to me. Needless to say, I had proof of my request so I sent my emails to him showing him where I was told NO over and over again. He apologized and noted that they were going to be making changes because it was obvious there were training issues. I was also told by FASFA that if my funds were not released when I asked for them, someone from the government would represent me directly and the school would be investigated.

My third year, so far so good. They did implement the option to manage your own funds now which I chose to do so. Now to the academics part...

My first year, I was making all A's.. but make no mistake it does get harder. You get what you put into it. Now that I am doing the upper classes.. accounting and etc it really takes a toll on me. I do have to study quit often, but I know that it will be worth it.

Finally, do I think it is worth it.. YES! For my situation, Kids.. working full time(+OT).. and school full time this was my best option. I work for a fortune 500 company which does tuition reimbursement. My employer will not give tuition reimbursement if the school is not accredited. Ashford is Accredited!!! I hope this was helpful to someone.....

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4 out of 5

Ashford is a good school, I graduated with a BA and a MA from there. School is school in my opinion, its just like life, its what you make out of it. As in any organization there are good and bad employees or managers. In CA the students complain about university hikes and how UC and CSU chancellors make over $300,000 per year. Education is a business period and all business goals are to make money. It is getting increasingly difficult to go to schools in CA or anywhere. Also, AU is acredited under the NCA for their degrees.

4 out of 5

The staff at Ashford University has been extremely unprofessional. The Enrollment Counselor was very swift and persuasive with expediting my enrollment, however, there was a delay in beginning my first course due to a lack of communication from within their departments which apparently resulted in lost paperwork.

But just wait, that's only the beginning... When the time came to issue my student aid, I was told I would receive it months later but all along I'm already receiving invoices from the bank even though I have not received the remainder of MY funds. I was under the impression, that student aid/loans can be used as supplemental income and to purchase books and supplies, that is after tuition is paid. I was well into my 3rd course before I received my first disbursement which was only a small percentage. A nice chunk of it, $990 to be precise, went towards this TECHNOLOGY FEE. I actually had to beg and borrow to pay for my books due to my financial aid not arriving on time as promised. Just recently, a new procedure was implemented allowing students to manage their own money. I received an email requesting that I choose to either let them manage it or handle the funds myself. Did someone blow the whistle on Ashford? I hope so. Be aware. This organization is being operated by crooks.

For similar complaints, you can report Ashford University to the U.S. Department of Education.

4 out of 5

I am currently enrolled at Ashford and coming up on my first year in February of 2010. I have reading through so many reviews trying to figure out if I should stay at Ashford or drop.

I started to get concerned with Ashford because I was getting an 'A' in every class. Trust me, I am no genius. So right now I am holding a GPA of 4.0. Because I am getting such good grades I started to get suspicious about how easy it is to pass and because of that, what employers think about Affords degrees. I am working on my Bach. in Social and Criminal Justice. Yesterday I contacted the county I would like to become employed at and asked what they thought about Ashford. Happily, I can say, they said it did not matter the school you received your degree from, just that you have a Bach. degree in CRJ. She said this rule went for all of Minnesota.

So now to the next concern many people discussed on here, Finical Aid. I personally have had no problems. The school has you fill out a form that says either they have your person to hold your money for a certain amount of time or that they disburse your money withing 7 days of them receiving it. I always chose for them to hold it because I do not need the money. When I get the money I just mail it back to the bank. But for anyone who needs the money, all you do is select the chose to have it disbursed back to you. Easy as that!

Now when it comes to teachers at Ashford, well they are just the same as any college. Some love their job and make it a point to help you and contact you within 24 hours, and then you have the teacher that you can tell doesn't care and hardly helps you. Now this does not bug me at all. I am taking an on-line degree because I work better by myself. I do not need someone holding my hand. And from what I can tell, the teachers don't grade too harshly, so if you write a paper and your not sure if you did it right, as long as you follow the APA writing style and are close to the subject, you will receive a good grade.

Out of my last 8 classes the lowest grade I got was 96 out of 100 (course grand total) Other than that all my grades have been 98's or higher. So long story short, my only complaint with Ashford is I wish the professors graded harder. I wish they picked my papers apart and told me what I did wrong! So for anyone who is a slacker or does not have much time to commit to your class work, this school will be perfect for you!!

Other than that, the school has been great for me and so far so good. We will see how I feel about them after I am 40 grand in the hole and if I can get a job!! Good Luck and definitely shop around. No school is perfect, your education is in your hands and it is all about how hard you try and what you put into it. My one suggestion for you would be, if you know the company you would like to get a job at, call them and see what they think about Ashford Univ. If they say that school is fine, then go for it. I like the school.

4 out of 5

I worked as an EA for this school and believe me when I say that this school is the biggest joke of a school that you will ever find. At least the online part of it. I've seen the curriculum, know who is teaching some of the courses and I have to say that it really is a joke. Some of the "adjunct faculty" even work as regular employees at the company's headquarters.

Make no mistake, AU is owned by a company, therefore, they do the bare minimum to stay accredited but their main focus is on profits they're getting from the government. UoP, Kaplan, Capella or any other school that has an online program is going to be more valuable then AU. I can't express enough how big of a joke this school is.

The company has incompetent and very inexperienced enrollment managers and directors who would NOT be in those positions if they were working for any other REAL or PROFESSIONAL organization. When this school loses their accreditation and the entire company folds, the management are going to be looked at like they're a bunch of clowns because they have no real management skillset.

Stay clear of this school, and this is coming from someone who actually worked for the company. Yes, I said company because they're not a real school. I got to see first hand what the education was like and also what the company was like and believe me, I have very few good things to say about my experience there. STAY AWAY or risk wasting money on a bad investment.

4 out of 5

I have had a great experience with AU thus far: -They are an accredited school -They require transcripts(your classes WILL be put on hold if they do not receive them by the 3-4 class, I know personally) -Financial aid does arrive on time about 95% of the time(once it was 3 days late and another time it was 3 days early) -It is NON-tradional so people should not expect the exact same experience as a traditional classroom... -Overall experience has been well for I do have good communication with instructors -3.65gpa although classes are starting to get a bit tricky. Highly recommended

4 out of 5

I graduated from AU in 2008 with a bachelor's of arts in psychology. Ashford was the best choice for my situation. I was a non-traditional student with GMAT scores in the high 500 range. Ashford is a 4th tier school that is regionally accredited. All schools will take AU's credits. Good school for the non-traditional students who work full time.

4 out of 5

If you need finaid or in anyway want to enroll with a college that keeps updated and current information and that keeps up with the trends of today - DO NOT ENROLL WITH ASHFORD.

FIN AID WORKS COMPLETELY SEPARATELY FROM ENROLLMENT COUNSELORS and they never take they time in BEING HONEST or telling you the exact amount you will be getting and the dates your excess funds will be released! It is a joke how they screw with YOUR MONEY!

I had been looking into finishing my degree online for sometime, checking into accreditation, fin aid, books, staff, program and courses. Ashford made it so easy to get signed up and get started, BUT THEY FAILED in giving me HONEST information about everything from how the classes are organized, fees (books and otherwise) to how much fin aid was available.

I am a FULL-Time single mother that also works full time and was in the process of moving while Ashford said that I could do their program no problem. I qualified for all of the available fin aid, so I would do and be fine... right!? WRONG!!! Because I had to re-arrange my work hours to fit in getting homework done on time, I was going to be making less money, but I had to be sure school was covered and that there was a little more money coming back to me from loans in order to pay for living expenses for myself and son - as well as to cover BOOKS. I made Ashford more than aware that I needed to know exact money/costs and dates of when I would be receiving my excess funds. IT WAS NOT UNTIL AFTER THEY SIGNED ME UP when they corrected themselves in stating that fin aid is divided into two checks; 30% first (after 6 weeks enrollment), then 70% another 6 weeks (or so later). THAT MEANS THAT THE MONEY SITS IN THEIR POCKETS (more than likely collecting interest - on MY MONEY), WHEN I NEED IT, and there is nothing I can do to get it - EVEN WHEN THEY MESS UP!!!! As many times as I called in, you would think they'd get it correct, and actually care that when you mess with money and time - you are messing with someones LIFE! The first fin aid check that came in, I was charged 3 TIMES for 1 class and this messed up my excess funds fin aid check and I ALMOST LOST my home because I was depending on fin aid to come through at the time and in the amount I WAS TOLD IT WOULD!

NOT TO MENTION, upon looking into Ashford, I was told that books for my classes would be an average of $50, only after I signed up did I find out the vin #s of the books finding that they are on average $150 or MORE!!! And because they are specific to Ashford and generally new, I can't find them anywhere else on the web (like they also stated that I would be able to do to find them cheaper).

While I can say that I have had a few very helpful and informative teachers, I feel like there is not as much interaction or current and relative information to the classes as what Ashford charges you for!

THIS COLLEGE IS NOT WORTH THE MONEY!!! I've had better experiences through community college online, and they not only offered the same Blackboard system, but they were more involved, kept the material updated and gave times where we would talk (the class and teacher), real time. I think Ashford should implement newer technology for what they charge!!! They should be thinking forward; allowing for instant messages, podcasts from the teachers, maybe utilize free software like SKYPE for further interaction, pictures, business networking, and ABSOLUTELY NEED TO UPDATE THEIR LIBRARY!!! Working in technology it makes me very frustrated to find that the mass majority of what they offer is OUTDATED! And furthermore, on top of all of the other fees they charge, they charge a "technology fee" which - is a complete pile of BULL being that don't keep up with any new/ current technology trends!

TO RECAP; Ashford needs a complete internal, technological, class and business demolition and restructure! They don't fix their mistakes in a timely or professional manner, they screw students over for money, their fin aid dept. is a JOKE!, and they are DISHONEST and OUTDATED.

Ashford University is NOT WORTH what they charge! - BE Aware

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