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4 out of 5
Degree: Animal Training
Graduation Year: 2008

I had a great experience at Bellevue College it is a beautiful campus and the environment and people on campus were very friendly and kind. Never was I disappointed with my professors and programs offered. Starting at Bellevue set me up for success at the four year university I attended that fall.

5 out of 5
Degree: Engineering Mechanics
Graduation Year: 2015

When I first entered the school, I had the mind set of not obtaining an Associates Degree. I thought I should keep my head down and do my school work. Then, I encountered several people involved throughout the school and not limited to the following programs:Associated Student Government, Multi-Cultural Services, Career Center, and the STEM to Stern Program. The people involved in these programs helped me along the way through my rigorous course load. They worked with me to plan for the future. Allowing me to come to the decision of pursuing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Renewable energy. I would recommend Bellevue College to any student wanting to pursue any degree. They have taught me not only the science related knowledge but have prepared me for my future career pathway. It is a great institution to start a student in the right direction.

4 out of 5
Degree: Chemistry, General
Graduation Year: 2014

Bellevue College was a great school. I am paying for my own school, so I could not afford to go to a four year university right after high school. I am glad I made that choice though, because I got an excellent education for less money than a university. The classes are also small so it isn't as overwhelming. Every professor I have had has been great as well. They are eager to help their students succeed and will meet with you outside of class. I am now at Western Washington University, and I got a 4.0 for my first quarter there.

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3 out of 5
Degree: Art & Design
Graduation Year: 2013

Overall, Animation Mentor taught me the skills required to be successful in the animation industry. However, due to the saturation of emoployment in the industry the limited skillset is rather useless. The unfortunate part of the entire process was the fact that the co-founder of the school kept on expressing the growth of the industry however, when you look at VFX Studios they are barely surviving thus resulting in less jobs. A good example is Rhythm & Hues which shut down after Life of Pi was created because they did not receive any profit sharing from the success of the movie. Another thing about Animation Mentor is unless you want to stricly film animation I do not recommend it. If you want to focus on video game animation I would recommend iAnimate over Animation Mentor. Due to the limitations of movie focused animation it was extremely frustrating since game animation is quite different in regards to what you need to be good at.

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