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4 out of 5
Degree: Social Sciences
Graduation Year: 2016

Brandman University provided me with the tools and knowledge that I need for my future endeavors in the social services field. The classes were available online and allowed me to complete my work within my schedule. Specifically, the instructors were knowledgeable and helpful when I had any difficulties and provided separate hours for any assistance I needed outside of the online classroom. My only complaint about the University is that my advisor relocated during my completion of my degree and was never replaced. Because of this, though I finished my degree, I was not informed that I did not have the required amount of credits to be eligible for Latin honors. I was very disappointed that I was 1 class short of their requirement and when I followed through with the appeal process to be able to take the 1 extra class, I was informed that the issue was not petitionary. I maintain a 3.93 GPA and was very disappointed that my Summa Cum Laude distinction was left off of my degree.

2 out of 5
Degree: Education
Graduation Year: 2018

This school has no idea what they are doing. Financial services can never answer questions, their hours of operation are ridiculous, they have very very slow, if any, response time to emails, my advisor is a joke, very uninformed. I am used to online programs. Ashford University was 100 times better. I really hate this school..I do not recommend it at all.

3 out of 5
Degree: Instructional Technology
Graduation Year: 2013

I am incredibly disappointed with the program. I have completed nine classes and find the work to be repetitive and mundane. The professors don't comment on the work. This includes both the online and the ground professors. The discussion boards are a waste of time.

There are several people in each class who write submissions which are unintelligible while others write responses which are incomplete and brief. My exposure to new technologies has been limited and I have had to turn to colleagues who have shared their knowledge of technology with me.

We spend more time spitting out rhetoric than learning about technology. If I hadn't spent so much on these classes, and if the classes would have been transferable to another program, I would have transferred a long time ago. I am ready to be done with this program.

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5 out of 5
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2012

I attended the Victor Valley campus and the online program. I also attended many other schools unfortunately that resulted in myself withdrawing in their program. Brandman is different. They have staff members who actually can get stuff done. K and E especially along with the rest of the staff over in Victorville are extremely good at their jobs. The professors are really well qualified.

My favorite part about the professors is that many of them actually have real jobs in the industry unlike a lot of full time professors at other schools that have no industry experience. The eight week term is a lot better than the 16 week terms at other schools.

Instead of trying to manager four classes you only have to manager two at a time (but you still take four classes each term). Also the chairs are comfortable which is nice since sitting in class for three hours can be rough after a long day of work.

1 out of 5
Degree: Early Childhood Education
Graduation Year: 2013

I've had horrible experiences with Brandman University from the very start of the program. I had a lot of units under my belt from community colleges. So, when I was admitted into Brandman, they told me that I only needed a year's worth of full-time enrollment to complete my degree. I was ecstatic. However, along the way I had terrible conflicts that came about:

1) One Stop Center: This REALLY isn't a "one stop center." I've yet to figure out what this department is actually good for. The rep at the Monterey Campus was quite rude and delayed my paperwork. She stated that everyone was either out sick or on parent leave and that her workload was extremely heavy. For an institution, I would've expected that they would've had temps to deal with scenarios like this. Especially if the staff was apparently overwhelmed for a month and a half.

2) Financial Aid: I've had issues with them on a few occasions. They don't process financial aid when they stated they would and they failed to let me know that I was missing forms. In fact, a rep told me that all the forms were turned in and this was untrue! There were no areas online to access these forms or information as to what was to be included. Apparently, because I own two businesses, there are additional forms to be filled out, which I wasn't notified about until about a week before the term began!

3) Academic Advisors and other knowledgable advisors: I have a fishy sense that advisors have a high turnover in employment. While I was at Brandman, three out of three of my advisors quit, leaving me with limited contacts.

4) Instructional Dean: Due to my ongoing issues with Brandman, one of the deans volunteered to represent me to make sure that the last six months at Brandman went a little more smoothly. She was fantastic at first. However, three months into this promise, she failed to follow up with phone calls (after originally promised), was out of the office a lot, failed to follow up and thoroughly investigate issues.

5) Professors: This is a hit or miss. Unfortunately, I've experienced more misses than hits. The instruction generally was unsatisfactory. I've had issues with professor correcting work in a timely manner (Brandman gives professors a week. Some instructors take ten to fourteen days). Discussion boards play a crucial importance in online classes and some instructors fail to participate. The instructors who don't participate also fail to comment in grade book. This leads me to believe that I'm communicating with a computer and some machine is at the other end, grading my papers. This is probably great for students who appreciate the piece of paper that is respected as a degree rather than the value of the education that they're taking away. However, I'm not that kind of person. I believe that the education students are taking away is far more important than the piece of the paper. The paper is an added bonus because it allows a lot of leeway in the professional fields. Brandman spends money hiring instructors with PhDs, but if these instructors are not going to teach, it often left me the question of "Why is Brandman then hiring people with PhDs if they are unable to add any experience or value to the class?"

4 out of 5
Degree: Liberal Arts
Graduation Year: 2013

I am a full-time Liberal Studies student with an emphasis in Culture & Media Studies and must say that Brandman offers a wonderful program that works you to the very end. I love everything about intercultural communication and the ways in which the media plays a role in our lives. This program focuses heavily on reading real-world articles (past and current) and stories that directly relate to how communication affects our everyday lives. I have found the information that I've acquired through the courses to be both informative and fascinating. I enjoy learning the material.

It is very clear that Brandman faculty design their individual courses to go hand-in-hand with other courses that students in the Culture & Media major may be studying concurrently. The program requires a lot of reading and writing. Expect at least three papers a week, including two discussion posts minimum, and maybe a few exams here and there if you are a full-time student taking two 8-week courses. When I first came to Brandman, I enrolled in their Psychology program, which was more discussions and online exams. Every program is different and I think faculty tries to translate the material in the best way that they can for online learners. Writing may seem easy, but it's essential to the workforce. Many employees today can't even think critically. You'll be worked to think to the top of your intelligence. I learned a lot from both programs and enjoyed every minute of it.

As far as workload goes, I do feel that as a full-time student you will be given a lot of work. Not sure if this is the best for adult students who have full-time jobs, but I've learned to adjust my schedule to make it work.

The financial aid department is difficult at times and I've had issues with loans, but it has never conflicted with my education. I've also never attended a university (on-campus as well) where I haven't had issues with financial aid. Stay on top of them and make sure that your issue is solved, don't expect them to do it for you.

My math class was whack. That was pretty much it, though. 4.5/5 for Brandman.

1 out of 5
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2014

I have taken 6 classes over an eight month period and cannot believe the low standards for admission, the disorganization and low quality of the instruction, and the easy grading. This school seems to be admitting anyone, especially those who can get student loans and G.I.'s, and are just passing them through to feed on the money. Based on my experience, I am leaving this school and would not even consider hiring a job applicant that says he got a deegree from Brandman.

4 out of 5

I recommend Brandman for working adults who are like anything in life, DEDICATED. Going back to school is not an easy task with family, kids and work. But Brandman is geared towards those who get babysitters for one day out of the weekend to DEDICATE to their school work. No need to drive to school at specific dates and times, you as a student have to put in your 2 hours after work or after the kids go to bed or take your lunch hour to do some reading! If you cannot do this because like some other posts here, where other things are priority, then you will not be successful going back to school, any school.

This school or format of learning is NOT for those out of high school who need school counselors, parents and greek houses. For those who say the eight week course are intense, yes they are! Keep up just like the 16 week courses at traditional schools. Those who 8 weeks is not enough time to "learn", really, what is the difference between reading 2 chapters a week versus reading 1 chapter a week? How are you not learning?

And last point, let's face it, everyone in college is to get that degree to get that job. No employer is going to ask what you learned in that 16 week English class and compare it to the next candidate who took an 8 week class.

Let's read these posts with a grain of salt and get the facts about the schools and what is important to you and your specific situation and be honest with yourself on your desire, motivation and realistic dedication to obtain that degree.

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