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4 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2013

I read some of these reviews.. Some people complained that they were stalked by the counselors, some said they were yelled at, some told lies... I have been at the school for 2 years (including a 6 months break) and while I had ONE teacher that shouldn't teach, I have had a great experience. More and more schools are offering online programs and accreditation exists for profit and non-profit schools alike.

By the way, CTU IS accredited through the Department of Education:

I started to panic when I read that from a previous post... then logic set in and I decided to look it up. Don't believe me though, look it up.

Having the ability to take classes online has been awesome because I do travel for my job and could never be able to be in a classroom. PLUS, CTU offers live chats (and records them) so there is support. Recently, group projects have been non-existent probably because of the complaints.

Speaking of complaints, I have seen many changes since I enrolled and most of them for the better based on student feedback. In my opinion, this school is as good as any brick and mortar school including the one I attended early in my career.

The coursework walks the student through real life situations. Some of the work is straight forward and some of it will take hours of research. As I have progressed, the coursework has become more difficult in many ways but the expectations have remained. There is a consistency between the classes and I am never anxious when starting a class. CTU seemingly has worked diligently in evening out the difficulty between the classes. They are challenging, don't get me wrong - I consider myself an intelligent person but for one class per session, I find myself spending anywhere from 10-20 hours per week on the coursework.

We make our lives easier or more difficult. Others react to us the way we react to them.

3 out of 5
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2014

Today, for whatever reason, I decided to see how CTUO ranked versus other online universities and this is one of the sites that happened to pop up on my google search. To be quite honest I am a bit frightened after reading some of these reviews and I've been a full-time student there for the past year and a half. I used to think that maybe I was just having a string of bad luck, as far as my professors go, but now I realize that it isn't just me. When I initially inquired about enrolling the counselor I spoke to turned into a semi-stalker, just like someone else mention in a previous review; it was pretty creepy to say the least. I held off from enrolling then decided to go ahead and do it, a few months later. Next issue happened when I called to inquire about a grade appeal. long story short: one of the counselors was not quite understanding the information that I was trying to relay so he let another counselor "handle it". In the process, he explained the issue incorrectly to the other counselor who then got on the phone talking all types of crazy to me. Mind you I was a 4.0 student at the time, with absolutely perfect points for each grade and this dude tells me "You're being delusional if you think you can get perfect grades". I was insulted and then became a bit aggressive in response to his rudeness. I don't think I'm perfect but isn't an academic counselor's job to encourage students, not try to break them down? Ok so I wound up reading him from left to right then hanging up and calling back to speak to a supervisor. While I was on hold for the supervisor the counselor called me on the other line, because someone had informed him I was holding for his boss. He immediately started yelling and screaming at me as if I were his child. I politely hung up without responding, at all. I was mortified and scared because these people have access to your personal information and I wasn't sure if that included my physical address and I was home alone with 2 small kids while my husband was in Afghanistan, and if he could go off like that then I wasn't going to put anything past him. I told the supervisor that if he ever called or contacted me again I would take out a restraining order on him.

So lets get to the professors, as if the counselor experience shouldn't have been enough to make me leave. My experience with Professors has been really hit or miss. I have had to amazing instructors IE. C T (English) and W M (Business Law), there were a few others as well but those to were absolutely amazing and I would recommend them to any and all students. On the other hand I have had some really awful instructors and I will not name their names but I will say that one taught sociology and the other psychology, the two courses I was looking forward to taking the most. One professor went on holiday vacation during the first week taught nothing pertaining to the course and then gave several students, including myself the same grade and grade feedback even though it was very specific and did not apply to all of our assignments. When asked about the unwarranted low grades as well as the illogical feedback she became defensive and rude and from that point on her focus, during the remaining weeks, was on the 1st weeks assignment for which she had botched in the grading process. Yes they have assignment expectations posted but she was looking for specific verbiage but did not relay that to us. I used the same exact assignment for the next assignment, added "as it refers to *insert name here*" plus the additional 300 words required per the task and I received 100 even though she had given me 73 the week literally the difference in 100 and 73 were the words *as referred to by *insert name here*. It was totally ridiculous.

My problem is that some of these professor seem to be more concerned with hearing the sound of their own voice than actually teaching. They spend those 2 hours per week talking about things that are relevant to the subject but not relevant to the curriculum at hand. I get the fact that this is a university but what is the purpose of talking about things on an advanced level when students are still trying to learn the basics? It is highly annoying but I keep coming back and it never fails, right after I get a crappy instructor I wind up with a really good instructor the next session. It's like hit or miss. I'm afraid to transfer at this point because I must admit that I love the live and archived chats, the M.U.S.E.'s, and the MyLabs but considering how much I pay for each course, its a bit scary to know that at any moment I could be totally wasting my money on another bad professor. I'm seriously going to start looking into different schools though because these posts have scared me for real. Just knowing that it's not just me is kind of refreshing and creepy at the same time.

1 out of 5

I transferred to CTU in August 2012 based on a recommendation believe it or not....but it was one of the worst experiences I have ever had. The enrollment counselor I worked with didn't give me the right information and was a stalker. I asked him 50 times to always email me if he needed anything and all he did was call. He was more like a used car salesman then an educational advisor. They completely gave me wrong information regarding Financial Aid....and they are sooo expensive.

At first I was told I would owe nothing for my school year...and then some how they called back several days later and told me I would owe out of pocket...which of course made no sense to me and still doesn't. Then I was told it was because of my start date that I owed....well if someone would have told me that in the first place I would have changed my start date! My first quarter was an overload...I took two 5 week online courses....the amount of work that they cram into 5 weeks is overwhelming...yet no one ever advised me of I was forced to drop one class because I basically had no life.

So if you work full time....taking online (at least more than one class) probably isn't a smart idea. The class I did end up taking I felt as though I learned nothing...and the teacher for the online marketing class I took (and dropped) was a jerk...and even said in our very first online webinar that a lot of people didn't like him. Really?! Who teaches like that!?!? Bottom line...this school is not worth the cost you pay....and somehow I still owe them money...which I will fight to the death not to pay them because of once again being told incorrect information by a financial aid representative. By the way...their financial aid department is in Chicago...they do not have financial aid at campus. If you want a good not go here.

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5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2013

I have been going to CTU online since August 2007. I have my associates and Bachelors with them and currently doing my MBA. I researched various schools before I chose them. They are a bit pricy but other schools are around the same ball park. I do use my GI Bill to pay for the school so I have not paid out of pocket thankfully.

I am in the Army and everytime I have had a long or extended period of training in which I am disconnected from the world, the school has granted me leave of absence. For the birth of my Son I was also granted leave of absence. The professors have allowed me to turn in tasks late with no penalties and have actually taken the time to explain ove the phone what I did not understand online. I send emails to my teachers and I get a responce within 24 hours or less.

I have seen the negative reviwes but I do not see how it has happened. I have no bad experience with them at all. They helped me set up my GI Bill as well. I have learned the most in my college experience here than going to regular school. I attended a year and half at Univ. of PR and litterally felt I was in high school again. I also was acredited 60 credits so I did not have to start over when I came in to CTU. Great in everything. My degrees here helped em land the job of my dreams.

1 out of 5

This school rolls out the "Red Carpet" for you when they are trying to get you in, but once you are in, they leave you to sink!!! The instructors are somewhat knowledgeable, but could careless about the students. The administration, advisers, counselors, could care less about you. I recently had a close friend pass away,and he left his wife in a bad situation. I had to commit most of my time to help my grades were very bad to say the least. I just didn't have time or couldn't focus because of the loss.

I appealed so I could start fresh... and I was denied!! I explained in great detail what had happened, and still no compassion or remorse!!!! These people are only out for the money, and could careless about you as a person. I will find a school that values my money, and me as a person!

Out of 30 appeals, on one was granted, so obviously these people don't realize that shit happens!! No consideration what's so ever.... I was supposed to he a warning, then probation, then dismissal, and I never got warned, my probation was basically, "Sorry you are being dropped!!!" Good luck and once again DO NOT CHOOSE THIS SCHOOL!!!!! SO MUCH FOR TAKING CARE OF VETERANS!!!

5 out of 5
Degree: Homeland Security
Graduation Year: 2013

I don't quite know how to respond to those who don't have experience with online education or those who had financial difficulties with this school. I am a current student and about a 1 year into my own program which is titled Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with Security Specialization. My bills are paid even with the $1,000/class price tag.

Having completed the Junior year of courses I am encouraged by the fact that I have already taken multiple courses related to my security specialization. My goal is ultimately to work for the Department of Defense in a Network Security/Cyber Security capacity. I continue to have the same high hopes a full year into the program. Some of my professors are former DoD or NASA employees and occupied C-level (CSO/CIO) and PMP jobs prior to joining CTU as adjunct professors.

It is annoying that the course curriculum is created by someone other than the instructor, but I believe that is part of how CTU seems to attract great talent in adjunct professors, that is to bring them into a class that is already prepared and to allow them to simply do their job in instructing students without asking them to reinvent the wheel.

I hope my commentary proves useful in terms of finding CTU to be a viable option for online education.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2013

After reading several reviews of CTU Online I feel compelled to share my thoughts. I have been a student at CTU Online since April 2010 with an estimated completion date of November 2013.

If you are looking for a challenging degree program where you will reap what you sow then CTU Online is an excellent option. CTU will penalize you for late assignments so long as you keep your instructor aware of your situation i.e. 10% for assignments submitted 5-7 days late. Live Chat sessions with the instructor are highly encouraged but not mandatory. These factors make CTU Online a highly flexible academic experience that certainly meets the demands of a working adult. My research into the tuition cost found CTU Online was in line with the current tuition rates of online schools.

One could argue about the cost vs benefit of any online school i.e. will the cost of your education give you the necessary return on your investment. In that regards I believe a "Brick and Mortar" institution will always beat out online educations. However for the working adult, who is looking for advancement through academic achievement then CTU is as good and as affordable as any online university. This being said I must admit that I am using my GI Bill to finance my education, if I had to pay out of pocket or use college loans I would choose a "Brick and Mortar" school over any online education due to the percieved lower value of an online degree.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

First let me get to the bad part about CTU. The tuition, it was already kind of high and was raised two times in the two years I attended. Learn the difference in Quarter Hours and Semester Hours! At CTU they do everything in Quarter Hours. Under that method they charge around $305/credit hour. However, most schools use Semester Hours. Under that method you are paying around $406/credit hour. Either way you crack it, they charged me around $1,200 for each course. Much higher than nearly anywhere else.

Now don't let that be the deal killer. This is not my only online school experience and compared to the others they do so much more for you than nearly any other online school. Also the virtual campus is VERY easy to use. They make the enrollment process a complete breeze, when for most schools it can be a nightmare. Also the instructors (99% of them) really do care. They want you to learn the subject matter and succeed in class. The advisers always are willing to help with anything, but at times they seem to not be on the same page. For example, if one person cannot help you, they transfer you, but some times that person cannot help either and it can be a job just to find the right person.

Overall I would give Colorado Technical University online an 8 out of 10. They are worth looking into. If you want great support and ease of use CTU is the way to go, but if tuition cost is a concern to you than they may not be right for you.

1 out of 5


2 out of 5

I had a friend who recommended CTU Online so I gave it a shot. With a full time job and transportation issues, it seemed to " fit my needs." My first student advisor was really helpful with every step of the registration process. She also sent me emails from time to time to see if everything was ok or if I had any questions. I was withdrawn after my first year.. I had some personal matters that needed my full attention. After handling my issues, I decided to go back since I was half way through my degree program. I was assigned a new student advisor who was of no help whatsoever!!

There are a lot of documents required especially if you are receiving financial aid. This new advisor was quick to get me into classes within a week. I was having trouble obtaining my tax transcripts and she was well aware of it. After three weeks I was withdrawn by the school. My third attempt to finish my degree came shortly after. I had the same advisor who again was eager to get me started in the session that started a few days later. I told her I didn't want to start classes and do the work only to be pulled put. She referred me to some guy who supposedly was part of the returning student department. I told him the same thing. He said I have nothing to worry about, if it takes me two three or even six weeks, they will not withdraw me because of missing documents.

A this point, I was still unable to get a copy of my tax transcripts. After three weeks, I was withdrawn yet again!! I had just completed four assignments within the two days prior to that!! I was so upset!! I emailed my student advisor and that other guy.. I wanted to prevent being withdrawn and was reassured more than twice that that wouldn't happen! They are so stupid!! NEVER AGAIN!!

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