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4 out of 5

I have read many different negative reviews of CTU Online, and I can't disagree more! I am a non traditional student in my mid thirties. Three years ago I experienced a rough patch in my life (i.e. Divorce) and needed a big change. That change meant going back to school. While trying to support myself and two children, a full time brick and mortar school was out of the question. Then I found CTU!

I had attended two different state schools after graduating from high school. The first was a small state school with a population of around ten thousand. This school was more intimate, yet that led to wanting to party more than go to class. The second was a large state school with the population of thirty thousand. The large school was nothing more than sitting in an auditorium with three hundred other students listening to a student teacher, and never even seeing the actual professor. After a year of that I gave up and went to work for twelve years.

After working a skilled labor job, and the divorce, I wanted more for myself while maintaining the lifestyle I had grown accustomed to; this is where online learning came into effect. CTU allows me to go anywhere or be anywhere that I can recieve internet reception with my lap top which allows me to keep up with the assignments. There is no question that the 5 week classes are very fast paced and can be very difficult to keep up with at times, but this is where the self discipline comes into play. Many of my Wisconsin state school courses transfered, which was a relief seeing that I had already spent three years at state schools. Not all classes transfered, but at least 60% did, and I cannot complain, seeing it was 12 years prior.

The first class that I took was very difficult, not used to having to keep up with classes that do not require attendance. My first few grades reflected the amount of effort I had put into them, this had changed my attitude toward my assignments. Another added benefit to CTU is their advisory program. In the beggining I had student advisors contacting me about twice a month to make sure things were going well and offered any help needed. They even maintain a record of your attendance to class because I am often called or notified via email if I haven't logged in within 5 days, which happens to me quite often due to my work schedule. Overall it seems that they want to help you succeed as much as they possibly can- as long as you put in the effort.

I have ended my third year, and will graduate with my bachelors next summer, in which I will start my MBA. It seems to have taken a long time, but only taking one class in each 5 week session does take time. I am jealous of those that can take two or three classes at a time.

I have read many of the negative reviews for CTU Online, and I cannot disagree more. To me it sounds as if these people are not putting the effort into the program. Its like anything, you get out of it- what you put into it. This is not high school or the military where the instructor has a strict curriculum to follow where they are not allowed to put any personal thought into grading or review of assignments. I have never had a problem with any of the grading done by the professors. If I recieved a poor grade, I put that much more effort into creating a better assignment the next time. I read of many complaining about having to write papers for assignments, but where in the real world do you get the choice of A,B,C, or D? That just doesn't happen! I have carried a 3.6 gpa for three full years, and feel that I have recieved a quality education throughout. I did have a problem in two classes out of twenty five where the professors failed to keep up with their work, and by contacting my student advisor, both of those professors were replaced immediately, with other quality professors.

I believe that a higher education is not for everyone, and if you do not have the self disciplne to keep up with the assignments on your own, then CTU Online might not be for you. Then you would be better off trying a brick and mortar school that is less interactive, and offers maybe a couple of tests per semester, and doesn't require you to be there at all. For me, that didn't work! CTU Online does!

4 out of 5

I just graduated from CTU online with a BSBA: Project Management. I enjoyed my experience there. Often I worked hard, sometimes not so much. Professors vary, classes vary; same everywhere you go. Now I am at Colorado State University getting my MBA-that's where I wanted to be. I give CTU the thumbs up for getting me where I wanted to go.

4 out of 5

Never again. I graduated with a 3.75 GPR Master's of Science in Management. Never would I consider attending this school again. They are behind in the software programs they use, and professors are there to make some extra money. Teachers are illiterate - unable to put together a decent sentence in English. The software programs they do teach are only briefly touched on and not required. The school is a money making machine. There is no bar to entry.

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4 out of 5

I am a recent Associates Grad and I must say CTUO was a godsend for me. I was 12 years out of HS and I was in desperate need of a college degree. I spent time in the US Air Force rather than going to college. It was time.

In only 7 months, after transferring my USAF college credits, I was done. Graduated with Highest Honors. This is not to say it was easy. I had to work hard, but I EARNED my degree.

I know you will read a lot of negative comments here, but it is likely they were slacking and disgruntled.

CTUO has frustrations, I will not lie. I hate Group Projects due to, as I just stated, slackers and disgruntled students who want a free ride on the backs of us who actually worked hard for our grades. I do feel that there is too little definition and uniformity in the grading of assignments as well. This can be frustrating if you feel your assignment is an A but the instructor only gives B+ for discussion boards.

Overall, if you can deal with "real life" issues (frustrations), then CTU may be for you. Financial aid is an A+, Career Services really works for you, and my enrollment counselor was AWESOME!

I am about to finish my BSBA-Project Management and plan to work for my MBA at the first of 2010. I may even try for a second BSBA at the same time.

CTUO is what YOU make it. Make it a good one and it is very good to you!

If you are whinny and think that the world owes you a living like the negatives comments here, please stay away from CTU. I don't want you to make my degree less valuable!

4 out of 5

I am about to finish an MBA with CTU online. It is my second. My first was at a traditional state school, and I have since taught at a traditional state school. Is it the best for your money? You have to decide for yourself. Not everyone who goes to Stanford or Harvard or Yale passes. In addition, they charge a lot more and you can't work when you are going. Having the advantage of teaching and being a student in traditional schools, I can honestly say that if you don't like CTU, you may not like traditional college either. Each will have it's weak points. Each will have it's weak links. And students these days are much quicker to sue teachers and create havoc, leading to a wearing down of instructors. I have experienced this first hand.

I like CTU. Perhaps I could have done better, but I doubt it with my work schedule. The state schools attitude was one of they were doing me a favor to let me go there. CTU was quite different. I did feel that I recieved a quality education because I put a lot into it. Others may have not fared so well. I read one review that said they felt the quality of graduates diminished their efforts. Well, that is always a danger when your field of view is limited. If all you see is a poor representation of any field; military, healthcare, or financial markets, it will always seem that incompetence is the order of the day. I haven't seen that as the majority of the students I have been associated with. And there is some very real world experiences that they teach here. Oh, I have seen students that seemed to be lagging. I have taught students that despite my best efforts, I had to fail. And it is never a fun thing or a feel good thing. But overall, I believe that CTU has given me good quality for my money and I look forward to taking this education to the next level in the work world I live in now.

4 out of 5

I would not recommend this school to any person seeking a well earned education. Like every body else states, you can go a full term with out opening a book. Actually, you can go the full school year without opening a book. Some of the professors where helpful.

I appealed a grade change and it took a YEAR to change it, and it stopped me from graduating (before I threatened to go to the president of course). None of the advisors or even the teachers were calling me back. The advisors are incompetent, the financial aide reps won't return calls, its simply ridiculous!

My last year I was told my financial aid had been maxed out and I had to pay for the rest of my classes. Luckily I was on TAP or I couldn't graduate. Reflecting on the school, I can honestly say I could have learned more off the internet with great sources than I could have from this school.

4 out of 5

Like any college you get what you put into it I am takeing a BA in CJ. you take 2 classes per 5.5 weeks an avg week consists of 2 papers 2 pages each a week for each class. Very easy and I hate to write. CTU online is also thought to be one of the best online colleges according to - the online education database. It is ranked 19 and is higher then Kaplan University, University of Phoenix, Darton College, and Baker College to name a few.

and ITT Technical Institute is ranked 18th only one over but if you dont mind spending money and writing till your blue in the face go to Nova Southeastern University but you can only get a MA or a Dr.

4 out of 5

I have attended a brick and mortar university, and two other online schools before finally finding the godsend that CTU is. I do not like the brick and mortar setting. I am in my early 30s and do not wish to mingle among kids who are more serious about where the next party is than about focusing on school.

I suffered through one online school that focused almost 100% on group projects. Super lame! After a semester of that I switched to another online university. While this one did not require group project learning, it was interactive. Meaning that I had to buy a microphone, log in to class at certain times and actually talk with other classmates and the professor. I was not allowed to miss a class or else you would lose a letter grade. Emergencies did not matter. Needless to say, I quit that school after a semester.

I was discouraged and thought that i would never find a school that I would like. Then I stumbled upon CTU. I am in love with this program. i like the 5 1/2 week "semesters". The fact that I can log in to a live chat and converse by typing OR listen to archived chats is wonderful!

I have found that the grading is hard. You have to do the work to get the grade. If you aren't willing to read the textbook and listen to the chats, then of course you are going to fail. I have found that each professor's requirements for the A's are different. JUST LIKE IN A REGULAR CLASSROOM SETTING!!!!

The student advising team at CTU is phenomenal. They have helped me each step of the way and will actually call you back! The important thing is that you have to be willing to work hard. Put in some effort. CTU will not give their degrees away, you have to work for it.

All of these negative reviews are from lazy people who were not willing to work for their degree. So, I say go back to brick and mortar where the most important thing that you will ever learn is how to mix a drink. Leave CTU to the professionals.

4 out of 5

At first I thought Colorado Technical University Online was a great school. It appears that my rash judgment was incorrect. I was working on my Associates Degree, two courses away from graduation with a GPA of 3.21. I was dismissed from the university for a slow rate of progress. I never heard of such a thing. Aren't adult education programs supposed to be geared for working people to get their degree at their own pace? Well, that is what I have always been told. So if you are planning on going to CTU, read the policy manual. It might help you decide if you are doing the right thing by selecting CTU!

4 out of 5

I am currently a student at CTUO and would recommend it to everyone that is looking for a good online university. The format of the website is outstanding and easy to navigate through and most of the teachers are very helpful and understanding if any personal problems shall arise. I will be graduating this August and have been very pleased with the education I have been receiving; I actually transferred from University of Phoenix to attend CTUO. I would have to agree with the other post in saying there is a lot of writing involved and they ensure your next employer will be pleased with your writing skills.

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