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CUNY New York City College of Technology Reviews

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Student & Graduate Reviews (3)

5 out of 5
Degree: Paralegal
Graduation Year: 2016

I started at New York City College of Technology in 2008 as a lower sophomore. The professors in my degree program which was Legal Assistant Studies were all either attorneys or retired judges. The curriculum was intense yet informative . I recommend the school to and program to individuals looking to enter the legal field in a supportive role as either a legal secretary or paralegal. Based on the well rounded curriculum in which a variety of courses in fields such as Bankruptcy, Family Law, Business Law, Real Estate Law are taken you are way ahead of the curve in terms of having a fundamental knowledge and understanding of your line of work. Additionally, the staff is super supportive from the Chairperson all the way down to front desk secretary. There are informal support groups that are formed with classmates as well as a computer room and access to Lexis Nexis. They have internship programs which are taken when getting your Associates and Bachelors degrees which allows you to get hands on work experience and also provides career and networking opportunities upon graduation. In summation I highly recommend my Alma mater New York City College of Technology Legal Assistant Studies Program

4 out of 5
Degree: Environmental Control Technologies/Technicians, Other
Graduation Year: 2011

They have remodeled the outside of the school, it looks very eye-catching now. They have several buildings, which is pretty impressive since all the buildings have a theme and its located in the busy downtown bk. My major was in HVAC, and we had our own 4 floor building a few blocks from the main building. The reason i picked this school was because they were very helpful in planning out my financial aid. Other schools i applied to were either too busy or would expect you to figure it out- which turned me off, but in citytech they had a full staff on the first floor just for financial aid or advice in other needed resources for college. The professors were all good, but i made sure to check websites and professors gradings before i picked my classes. Most professors here teach in other schools, many in hunter or other cuny colleges. So the actual professors ratings for the college didnt matter since many prof are mobile from college to college. They have a nice library, very big and full of books. Nice gym, inside the college was decent, some floors looked more modern, while others looked like a high school. All in all its a huge school, and again it has several buildings spread out. They have a lot of degree options from hvac (what i did), construction, nursing, computers, etc. They have a huge list. I have no complaints from my years in this college, i loved my experience. I graduated and i work for what I studied for, many managers preferred my degree over other colleges like tci and apex, since citytech is tied to the cuny system. Despite making really good money i do wish to go back and get a bachelors, and possibly become a professor in hvac.

4 out of 5
Degree: Architecture
Graduation Year: 2014

This school offers a lot, but it gives a mediocre first impression. It's an urban campus that has been remodeled on the outside and only a little on the inside, which is kind of disappointing, the school is pretty run down inside. What I tell kids going into college is try to get into a better school, but this school is good for the cost, you'll learn a lot but I don't think it's a good choice if you aren't focused. like most junior colleges and state schools you can spend a lot of time here. A lot of the professors here are young though, and offer a lot of instruction in new technology, and graduated from good schools like Columbia and Pratt. There are also professors that have a lot of real experience. The school has fairly good resources too, there are plotters, laser cutters, a computer lab with lots of programs installed and 3d printers. I would say it's a good school, a good value, but try to get into a better grad school.

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