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4 out of 5

Devry has been great for me. Online student and in school for Business Administration. Right now, Devry is not an accredited school in each study focus of their business program, but I'm out hear competing with Wake Forest, Duke University and NYU and Harvrad graduate and they aren't doing much better in my region, so know what you are doing before you decide a school ruined your life.

So many people point out "THEIR" problems with Devry, but they only have the perspective from their experience. One person's problems with a school, does not mean that is how the school handles things. Devry or any online school, is as only strong as the students who are self motivated, have initiative and excel at critical thinking.

Devry is an online school, no experience is going to be the same as in a traditional class room, because socialization, communication and hands on exercises are through digital media and electronic communication. But in no way, does that mean that you won't learn the same thing.

In my state, NC, we have many schools who have incredible academic programs, yet there is no true definition of which is better. Winston-Salem State is near my town, they have a great Business School. But they only offer general Business Management and Accounting, Devry offers about 5-7 different study focus for their Business Administration degree. So sometimes its not about access, as much as it is exposure. NC State is a nationally recognized tech/engineering school. Yet I'd have to pay about 3 times what I pay at Devry and receive a degree that uses the same material and software as Devry. Devry is not for everyone. I truly and honestly suggest if you are not a strong self taught person, avoid any online school. That is not an insult, take it for face value. Some people are simply better with open discussion and hands on examples. If you are not already personally pursuing interest in what you are attending school for and are not willing to study, spend money or gather information when you are not required, I suggest going to a tradition school. Many people who feel devry has failed them in getting work and presenting their degrees has yeilded negative feedback are simply not thinking about it. If you are not doing research about what job you wish to be hired for, what jobs are in your local area and economy, how much people in your degree field get paid or what parts of the Nation need jobs in your field, you will be disappointed when you graduate. I am not trying to insult anyone or claim superiority over anyone other schools, but realize you need to do research into ANY school now and days. If you do not read equal amounts of Pros and Cons of a school, you are already being mislead. Devry has been a great school for me, I can't get time off to attend traditional school and I know what I'm in school for. I already know what I will be doing with my degree. I attend conventions in my area, study stock of companies I'm interested in and attempt my best to continue building a strong portfolio outside of school, with what I've learned.

4 out of 5

Hey everyone, I just transfered out from Devry after a year of ridiculous bs from their finical aid and success coach ( academic advisor) I don't have problem with the class, it's more computerized rather than traditional classroom which is tolerable. Here is my story:

I transfered to Devry under the impression of been getting in to a degree that I was interested in.

One year later, the advisor informed me that I was in some technical degree because of my transfered credits!

IT'S TRUE THEY WOULD DO ANYTHING TO GET YOU IN AND TAKE YOUR MONEY!! But that's not it, they set me up with 3 to 4 ridiculous loans with incredible high interest without explain anything to me, and after many problems with financial aid, both me and my mom are in debt now. I also taken 2-3 class that had already been transfered in from other schools. And my advisor just said oops. Not to mention, she never responds when I needed academic help until much later.

4 out of 5

Ok I go to Devry Manhattan so I must be having a different experience. Firstly most of my teachers teach not only at DeVry but other schools around the area, FIT, CUNY, NYU, New School, etc. Second the new Campus on 34th st is amazing, magnetic locking glass doors with key card entry, all Brand new Dell computers on all 9 floors, 52 inch plasmas in the lounges, downloadable books in the tuition, projectors in every classroom, the food is crappy on campus though.

DeVry does market to a certain demographic but that's just good business. The school functions so that you can go to work while going to school. Or in my case since i have the G.I. Bill have an internship while you go to school. DeVry builds on the knowledge of the field that your already in or planning on going into.

I personally am going for project management with a focus in marketing. I want to be a talent agent, yes the classes are kinda easy but then again I'm kinda smart. I know college isn't the magic pill, there are too many college graduates I see who don't have jobs cause they have no experience, from DeVry and from brick and motar schools. The point is if u attend Devry then it doesn't take up allot of time so get a intership or find a lower level job in the field you wanna work in.

Companies don't want just degrees there's thousands of those every year they want experience and the degree, Devry gives you the time to either work in your field or put in more hours than any other intern. The process is easy, it's a bit expensive if your not G.I. Bill. Employers will love that i have experience and if employers think DeVry is that bad I'll go get some post Bachelor certifications from NYU.

In one summer i can go to NYU for a couple grand, get 3 post bachelor certifications, which is the same training fortune 500 companies send there executives to and make my resume look fancier. If you really doubt why experience is so much more valuable then just schooling alone let me ask you. Would you rather your surgeon had actually done the surgery before, or just learned how to do it school, in between partying and drinking.

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4 out of 5

I attended DeVry at two seperate locations for almost a full year, and took both blended(online w/ classroom instruction) and pure online classes for computer engineering. I already have two degrees from two other schools, and have taken many classes both online and in residence at other colleges.

Overall, Devry proved itself to be unprofessional and underpar in almost every respect. They enforce standards only as they pertain to their own policies, not to ensure quality education. The teachers I worked with were either underqualified or ignored students as they sped through material in an eight week course.

Devry has strict attendance policies, which mean that even if you have an A and miss classes for legitimate reasons, they will automatically drop you, no questions asked. This happened to me twice, and in one case I was given an F although I had completed all of the work and otherwise had an A grade.

The finance department is horrible in every way. I was getting GI Bill and Financial aid. First, the one and only local finance advisor would not return my calls or emails. Second, the online finance advisors could not even venture a guess as to when money would be applied to my account, and I was constantly getting automatic emails telling me to pay my bill. They were always slow in certifying my enrollment(as required by GI Bill), so I was always late in getting money credited to my account, causing many problems. I also dropped one class before the deadline and they refused to refund any money.

The cirriculum is outdated in almost every course. When I looked for textbooks or course software, I was always forced to buy an outdated version for the class. In the computer and electronics fields this is unacceptable.

Devry will bombard you with emails, including survey links, and if you let them follow up with you concerning your answers, they will call and argue with you about every criticism you have. This is because their organization as a whole is arrogant and has little regard for the student.

After I was dropped from my last class, literally after the last day of the term, and given an F instead of the A I had deserved, I dropped out of Devry and am currently attending classes at ITT Tech. So far I am very pleased with my decision, and would advise anyone against going to Devry.

4 out of 5

I graduated from Devry in 1985 with an AAS degree in CIS. I was very well prepared for my first job because of the courses I took. We had a ton of lab experinece and I feel I was way ahead of other graduates from different schools. I have just started taking some classes again online from DeVry and the cost is riduculously high, but, the curriculum for CIS still surpasses other schools. My education from DeVry certainly helped me and I am very glad that I went there.

4 out of 5

I could not believe these negative postings regarding DeVry. I have been attending DeVry for nearly two years now and have found the process nearly painless. They have helped me every step of the way.

I had a representative call me from the University of Phoenix. I was amazed that the representative had actually graduated from DeVry with a Bachelors in Business Administration. He convinced me not to change schools. He told me that for a business degree, DeVry was the Cadillac of online colleges. He also had a very positive experience at DeVry.

I would also like to add that during my first year I had a class with a fellow who just could not get it. He tried but felt all the teachers were against him. It happens….

BTW….it is not easy. For those who doubt this, try it. It takes self discipline and at a whole new level. Every quiz, mid-term and final are timed and trust me…you don’t have time to look up the answers. Some contain as many as 8 essays.

I know I have grown and I know I am getting a quality education!

4 out of 5

I've attended online classes for just over a year now. I'm surprised at all the negativity posted about this school. My experience to date has all been positive. I don't consider the classes that easy and the instructors are very helpful. As others have said, you get out of it what you put into it. The school rates I do consider high for online classes, but if you don't like it, go somewhere else.

4 out of 5

I decided to attend DeVry in 1982 (when it was owned by Bell & Howell) due to a passing interest in electronics. I had heard that schools like this existed just to soak up GI Bill money, so my expectations were not high, but I figured that I would learn enough about electronics to feed my hobbies. The recruiter was honest indicating that a BSEET degree may not be viewed as equal to a BSEE degree by some employers.

I was quickly surprised to discover that the school was for real, and very difficult to get through, and I have always done very well in school. I quickly became swept up in a demanding curriculum. A mere handful of graduates survived the initial class of 40.

After graduation, I encountered some resistance by my first employer to my BSEET degree (I was not originally hired as a design engineer), but I quickly competed favorably with university graduates and was promoted to design engineer within a year. Over 25 years later, with no additional education, I still successfully design hardware, and for the past several years, I have been managing a group of electrical hardware designers for a major communications company, and I still perform hardware design myself.

Maybe DeVry has gone down the drain in the intervening years, but at the time, it provided the launching pad for a better career than I had previously ever expected.

This is a true story, and no, I do not work for DeVry.

4 out of 5

This school is awesome when it comes to the staff and most teachers. I have had a few bad apples when it came to the teachers. I am in my 3rd year at DeVry, I find this school great the only down fall I have is that it cost way way too much. We have to pay for our books even though they say its included in finacial aid you still have to pay extra what is the point in paying all that tution on ian online class. This is my 3rd year and I already owe DeVry 60,000 and I have a year or 2 left. That is crazy other then the cost of the school i would recomed it. The staff and teadhers are incredible I couldnt have asked for a better school in that department just wish it was cheaper I am transfering out soon to a cheaper school.

4 out of 5

I've attended about eight classes so far, and noticed a very bad trend in each and every one of them. College is taken very serious to me, and I want to make the best out of it, but the online portion is just a joke. All you do is read the assigned chapters of the textbook and then typically do a single assignment for that week over it.

I think reading is a very key factor in learning, but I don't want to pay a hefty tuition to read a textbook and be expected to learn. So far I've had a good experience with my Professor's, of course a few lazy ones here and now, but they are generally okay. It's hard to really get to "know" them as the only real communication you have posting in the discussion three times a week. You can e-mail them if you have issues with the assignment, which again, most are ready and willing to help you.

I'm currently maintaining a 4.0 GPA and am on the dean's list for having at least a 3.5 GPA, but honestly it's not that much work at all. I get on Sunday's to do my homework, and that even includes reading the chapters and any tests I might have (or labs). I have to post my discussions by Wednesday, and they have to be on three different days, but those are pretty sad too.

The best attempt I've seen at teaching the classes is through what they call "iConnect". You watch a presentation with an instructor explaining the slides, sadly though, I've yet to have my actual Professor teach through iConnect, most sound like they're assistants. I've had one very informed iConnect instructor since taking my classes which was for my CIS-115 class.

Honestly, if you really want to make the best out of college, I highly recommend going to a local University to obtain your degree. The online classes are way too easy for the price you pay for them. If they lowered the prices, I'd suggest taking them, but otherwise, save your money and make something out of your degree.

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