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4 out of 5

I am employed at a very well known software company, here in Redmond, WA. I am in my 4th class at DeVry and have noticed a very, very bad trend. First off, my math teacher on campus, didn't know how to do tables for calculus. He simply could not explain how to do them, to prep us for the calculus course. Then I get into my logic and design course, and we had to use a very crappy coding basics program. Most of the class ran into a problem with this program, and asked the teacher for help with nothing in return but a "I have family over, I've been busy". That is NOT acceptable, I can't give that excuse.

I ended up figuring out you needed to re-do the entire project and had to become the teacher for the rest of the students who had troubles with it. Next, my culture and society teacher didn't know how to open a .zip file with a rich text word pad document inside. She told me I needed to use Microsoft 7 and that it is a DeVry requirement to turn in assignments. Please, tell me what is Microsoft 7 because I work there, and have not heard of it... hmmm.... Also, their email system sucks- for a tech driven school I can only come to one conclusion- if they can't even figure out how to set up a working email system that gets out emails within the same day (they take a week sometimes) then what are they teaching you? So, I'm not saying all the teachers are idiots, I'm sure they do have some very good ones, but most of them so far have been nothing but a waste of time. I can learn on my own faster.

You can't get out what you put in if you get nothing back. That's just my .02- stay away.

4 out of 5

I went to Devry University. This school was very helpful in allowing me to take only the classes I needed for my Nursing Degree. I was able to complete several of my prerequisites and some other classes.. My financial aid advisors were very helpful and so were my academic advisors. Devry also has a person called your inside track couch. I loved my couch she was very helpful and helped me stay motivated to keep up my classes with A's and B's. Not only that but I am 22 and I feel that this Universtiy is a great place to start off at to get an Associates Degree.

4 out of 5

I've been taking classes for nearly the 18 months towards my degree in CIS. I've been trying my best to do both online and on site classes and prefer the on site.

It's best to take the online classes for your general education subjects (math, English, Humanities, Etc) but stay away for your technical courses. The instructors fail in explaining the concepts and rather rely on the other resources for your learning. PowerPoint and streaming video lectures help, but don't do much if you get stuck on a problem. I took three CIS/Program Language courses on site and passed with flying colors. I take an upper-level Program Language online and it's disastrous.

It took me four (of the eight) weeks just to figure out what was an acceptable submission for a Lab Assignment, despite me submitting exactly how it was explained online.

The online courses grade heavily on the discussion element in which despite having to post at least six topics per week, you can only do so once per day. This is time consuming and often not reasonable for busy people who work, have families, etc. In the end, I don't regret choosing DeVry University but if you choose this school and the online component, be ready to do alot of learning on your own.

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4 out of 5

I attended 2 different colleges before I went to DeVry. One was a private school and one was a state school. Both were crap! I had teachers that did not care about me,and the curriculum was a joke. Then I transferred to DeVry. I get weekly e-mails from different people in the office asking me how my classes are going. They are genuinely interested in my success! I walk into the office and everyone knows my name.

The classes are hands on, and the teachers actually know what they are talking about because they are actually WORKING in the field they are teaching! They are not just reading out of a 10 year old book like most universities. We have a career coach at the University that helps us with our resumes, helps us with interviewing techniques and posts jobs for us weekly! What more do you want?

All of the people complaining here obviously want things handed to them. The University is not going to do your studying for you! If you want success you need to go after it! I admit that DeVry is a tough school, there is more homework, more reading and more studying than the other 2 colleges I went to combined but your going to school for an education right? Do the work, get the degree, get the job that you worked hard for and pay off those loans!

The amount of money that you pay to go to DeVry is well worth what you get back from it. I don't mind spending extra $ a credit hour if I am getting the education, tools for a better future and smiling faces. It's well worth it! Trust me!!

4 out of 5

I'm a single mom. I was interested in this school because of the payment and the flexibility of the school. The first 3 sessions were great. everything was simply laid out that needed to be done and i managed to get everything done. then I failed a class and tried to get help the second time around, only to fail again. They enrolled me for the next session, only for me to be kicked out in the middle, after I''d already paid for the classes and the books!

I filled out an academic appeal to the dean, and after 2 weeks, I was reinstated. they expected me to finish the classes that I was out for basically half the session. My advisor "looked into it and agreed that it didn't make sense for me to continue. I dropped my classes and was told that I could just start fresh the following session. paid up! well NO! This lady called from the school and asked me when i was going to start paying them. I already took out a student loan from chase and that was suppost to cover EVERYTHING!!!

did anyone else run into this kinda problem? if so how did you go about fixing it? just alittle guidence or feedback that this has happened to someone else would be great! thank you

4 out of 5

I am enrolled on DeVry. The classes are good, the teachers all teach from a script ( I have a friend going as well, we have the same class but different teachers and the lessons and discussion questions are the exact same word for word). So its was easy to see they use the same program to teach the class. However, the classes were fine, one of my teacher was very involved and one just blew off all questions and emails I wrote them. I never recieved a reply to anything I ever sent her.

The reason I do not recommend this school is the finical aid. it is the worst experience I have ever had to deal with. I faxed duplicate papers to them over 8 times and they still would ask for it again. I talked to MANY MANY MANY finical aid advisors, I called them a min of twice a week for over a month. None of them remembered who I was, none of them knew anything about anything, none of them knew what was up with my aid. I never had the same person call me back and I had to explain myself and my case each time I called. They put a hold on my school and I was unable to take classes. I got 2 calls a day from DeVry trying to collect from me because I " dropped out". They even sent me bills for $5,000 for just 2 classes. They cant organize ANYTHING to get a student into classes, but they can sure send out a bill in a timely manner !!

This school doesnt care who you are or what your life is like. You are a nobody to them. They want your cash, bottom line.

4 out of 5

Funny how some reviewers have been able to sue for more than $10k in small claims even if the max there is $5k.

One reviewers obviously works for DeVry. The job placement rate is around 90%, not 99%. Anyone can check that on their website.

DeVry clearly states the cost of tuition on their website and in the papers they give you so there would be no need for the reviewer to call financial aid to figure it out.

I went to Devry Irving for a BSEET and graduated in 2000. Everyone had a job in their field by graduation time except for 1 or 2 students. Most students that had a job were working non tech jobs so the numbers don't really get a big boost from people already working in the field (unlike what one reviewer claimed).


My class had around 40 students in the beginning but only 15 managed to graduate. The dropout rate would not be like that if Devry was just a diploma mill. They give you lots of homework, which for me was easy and boring to do but lots of people struggled with it.


The teachers were moslty good but there was a lot of apathy. There was a lot of cheating going on and nobody cared. I guess busting cheaters is not in the best interest of a for- profit institution. Many employers required a 3.5 gpa or higher from Devry grads so I guess they had taken notice.

The tuition price of Devry has doubled since I graduated. The starting salary and placement rates are slightly worse now so it is not the good deal that it used to be.

I would not say that the education is worth the cost now so don't go to Devry unless somebody else is paying for your tuition.

4 out of 5

I use military tuition assistance and they lied to me in the beginning, which took me 3 sessions to figure. After I never got my monthly stipend from the VA, I emailed and called financial aide over and over. No one responded and no one called me back. I finally talked to the VA and my paperwork was submitted all wrong. I called the Devry 1-800 number and finally got a hold of someone and it turns out my student advisor lied to me and I was not going to get my stipend at all now.

They also changed the way they processed the information to the VA and didn't tell anyone.

The prices of the books are OUTRAGEOUS!! They also made me take classes that I already had. I am transferring to the local university and I just hope that my credits will transfer. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS SCHOOL!

4 out of 5

I went to DeVry Years ago for Engineering. I had ups and downs in that progam mainly because of my study habits but also because of the teachers I encountered.

These teachers had a group amongst themselfves judging and agreeing who was woth helping and who was not. Sound malicious don't it?

They had a strategy to control who could go far in there program unde these teachers. One way was for the teachers to choose books that a student identify with in reguards to what the teacher taught. that way a student could easily get lost if the teacher did not give the extra help needed to understand the lesson and go forward. Nightmarish!

I observed this heavily while in that program. it was hard not to be helped and to pay so much money for the classes just to be robbed of a dream that was suppose to be a goal.

After 3 semesters with this type of stuff going on i had to dropp out. It hurt!!! The world just lost it's best engineer (I always told myself that).

I reported my theory's about this type of evil plot of judgement calls on students these teachers felt not worthy to get their full help to progess.

So just to say for those who's been do good or bad at Devry i am here to tell the truth. THIS STUFF HAPPENS!

Some complainers are just complaining but consider that some are legit. This is a evil, selfish, malicous world. Nothing is perfect!

Now to finish my positive side of this story.

I am now back at Devry after a 6 year heart broken stay at home feeling my world has been turned upside down.

I got a email one day from a rep at Devry asking me if I wanted to pick-up the pieces. I thought i should at least go meet him at the school and tell hm what i think and what they should do if they really cared about their students.

Ended up that he gave me a plan that i wanted to try. A program change and a confession that most of the engineering teachers that i new are all fired!

now i am in my 4th semester Technical management/ project management. Things here at 100% better! I been on the deans list and now on the presidents list. WOW!!!

I am telling you people this because I now know if we all just give our best to what we do and complain when it is a true complaint, then we can have some type of control of our outcomes.

Always be truthful to the what and why and how's of your situations. Take charge under the truth and attack every obsticle that hold you back. Remember, there is nothing perfect in this world and trying perfects out intentions.

4 out of 5

I am currently enrolled in Devry for my Masters. I signed up only two days before classes started. The staff bent over backwards to get all my paperwork, transcripts ready.

I love my online class. All assignments are given on Sunday and are due the next Sunday (one week). My professor is extremely active on the discussion topics.

So quit your whining (especially undergrads) and get off your rears and study.

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