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2 out of 5
Degree: Veterinary Science
Graduation Year: 2010

In 2008 I started college at Globe University to become a Veterniary Technician. I did my homework on the Globe by checking job placement statistics for the school, cost, and the teaching techiques. Job placement was at 85% which I considered pretty good. I was told I would receive grants to cover the a big chunk of the cost, but it was only $1.000 a quarter. I was also told class was very hands on which was perfect for my learning style. The worst part of the experience was the teaching. The majority of my classes were spent listening to the students and teachers gossip about various things instead of teaching the things I actually needed to know. I spent more time teaching myself and completing assignments than being taught. It if wasn't for the fact that as a review for tests the answers were given I'm not sure anyone would have passed. I was attending a school that was brand new to the area and should have taken that into consideration. To this day I have not put my degree into use. Am I blaming that on the school? No. I have decided being a Veterinary Technician is no longer the right path for me. Please consider sitting in on a class before attending school. It could save you thousands of dollars and/or wasted time!

5 out of 5
Degree: Marketing, Other
Graduation Year: 2012

I never thought about going to school online because I thought it was "the easy way out" or many people told me that "you don't learn as much". Since I've graduated from Globe University I have learned more about my life as an individual and as a student. I taught myself how to become self-motivated and determined; I loved the one on one feeling I felt even going to school online from my professors. The last couple months before I graduated I moved out my original state from WI to CO and even though I was farther away the staff still helped me with my moving process and changing my address as well as making me feel welcome to attend the graduation ceremony in Utah if I wanted. I thank Globe University every day for giving me the opportunity to better myself and education.

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