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5 out of 5

For me this has been the best decision I have ever made. My counselors and everyone else I have come in contact with are very helpful, and quick to help if I have a question or a problem. Some of the classes are harder than others, but people are different. What comes easy to me doesn't for someone else. If you want to earn something as big as a college degree, you have to WORK for it.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2013

A lot of people moan and complain about little things that happen in the school. No school is perfect, including Grand Canyon. However, that being said, I really enjoy this school and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Sure, they've made mistakes, but they have always been more than willing to correct those mistakes in my experience. The classes are enjoyable and challenging, and the cost of the school is a good value. I have 10 classes left in my degree program and I'm planning on going to the Graduate level and pursuing a Master's degree and two doctoral degrees from GCU.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2015

I have been at GCU for about a month now and I have had nothing but a great experience even before I started classes they were great I transfered from another school and I wont name names but that school sucked big time I had nothing but a bad experience.

I like the fact that GCU is christian based and that I can go as far as getting my PHd if I wanted to. The classes are 7 weeks long and you have to post on day 3 and day 5 then respond to 2 of your classmates on 4 different days and you have access to your instructor for 12-8pm AZ time.

My graduation team cares about me they care about the fact that my goal is GRADUATION and they want me to get there so they are there helping me every step of the way. They call to check up on me and see how my classes are going and how I am doing. They answer all my questions and if they cant answer it then they find someone who can. You should choose GCU because they care about you and where you are headed in life. GCU ROCKS!! enough said.

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5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2014

It is hard to grasp some of the comments against GCU. Yes, you have to work hard. Yes you have to log in for assignments and discussion questions. But the currculum is first rate, the teachers are awesome, and the knowledge I am gaining is invaluable. Anyone who does not want to work hard for a degree should not be in college. Being able to go on-line is better for some than having to go to class several days or nights a week.

Education is not supposed to be easy. GCU is a marvelous University and their staff is top notch. Yes, sometimes their financial department is a little lapse, but no one is perfect and they worked hard to help me get my stipends. God Bless GCU for offering such a tremendous opportunity for me to get my teaching degree.

4 out of 5

Went back for online BSN, made false promises, did not transfer in my credits as "block" credits like they said they would. Did not give 2000.00 hospital discount like they said, they counselors are completely incompetent and lack any communication. The instructors out of the entire program I can count 4 who were worth anything, the rest could care less. I would not recommend this program to anyone, DONT DO IT!!!!

4 out of 5

I completed my BS in Public Safety and Emergency Management at GCU in December 2010 and graduated with a 4.0. That being said, you have to WORK for it. You must be a self-starter and stay on top of your work, if you procrastinate this school is not for you. I have enjoyed challenging classes with excellent faculty (all but one) and found the classroom environment to be easy to navigate.

I am now pursuing my Master of Science in Professional Counseling and doing well; again, it's hard work. The faculty and academic advisers were superb BUT the only complaint I have is the Office of Financial Aid. The FA counselors frequently change, no one seems to know what's going on, they can be incredibly rude, and you may as well forget attempting to get your stipend.

Those of you that are saying people are in school only to get the stipend? There are those of us that are adults with families that have to have those rightfully awarded funds to be able to go to school and manage continuing to work and the bills as well. However, don't hold your breath or believe when a check has been sent until you are holding it in your hands-my husband and I have both gone through a class without a book (no e-book available, though you pay for one anyway) because we have not gotten stipends in time. Could I have purchased my textbooks from the school? Of course, and at 2-3 times the cost of Amazon. Budget is important to us, and GCU does NOT help in that department.

My overall experience has been excellent, with the exception of FA. I also have an undergrad from another university that was earned traditionally, so I do have experience with which to compare my GCU experience and the education I have received from both was/is excellent.

GCU is a great experience and a great education-just don't expect anyone to take care of anything for you. You will have to work hard (15-20 hrs/week on schoolwork) and stay on top of your financial aid counselors, but overall it's worth it! (Though I can't figure out how a couple of people in my graduate classes graduated high school, much less obtained entry into a grad program...deplorable spelling and grammar-ugh!)

4 out of 5

To begin, I was pressured into applying to this school. They made GCU sound like the best school in the world, despite being a Christian University. I sent in my application.

Then they told me that I was under a contract to complete 1 term of classes with them, and that they would be charging an outrageous $650+ per credit hour, with about a mile long list of fees to go with it. If I had been informed this to being with, I would never have gone here. But I was told what funding I would get, like scholarships and discounts, so it really didn't make it that much more.

The first two classes were laughable. I passed them with straight A's without even opening the text books, which are also outrageously priced, even for a college. The third class was so offensive and ridiculous that I had to drop. This is me paraphrasing something that was submitted to the online classroom:

"Student: I don't understand why people suffering from depression and schizophrenia don't seek help. They would be just fine if they had God in their lives.

,p>TEACHER: Yes, I know. People who haven't found God often suffer from things like that. This is why we have Psychology." No, I am not joking.


Finally, when I left, I thought everything was fine. I transferred back to my community college. Then I was informed that they still had a hold on my loans, and were refusing to release my transcripts. I had to make about 7, SEVEN, phone calls, because my messages were never returned, take out a personal loan to pay the balance for my third class, and almost had to file a complaint with the US Dept of Education. This entire process has taken a year. I am now told that I was under contract for 3 classes, and that they will now reverse my loans and I will have a balance of close to $10,000 for 2 classes. It is possible that they will not release my transcripts at all, and that this so-called learning establishment will have screwed me out of a proper education until I can pay off that $10,000.

4 out of 5

I had a completely awful experience taking online class with GCU.

It was bad enough in the "classroom" that we were assigned group projects for online class and that trying to get my group to communicate to get the job done was like pulling teeth; I feel like that stress took years off my life.

(and yes, I got an A, but I don't feel like I learned much that was real, I wanted to take their classes so I could make business decisions based on good practices and hopefully some formulas, not by using my gut all the time, I was already doing that.)

WORSE was that they suggested that I could fill out the FAFSA to see if I could be awarded any pell grant money to help reduce my costs as a cash-payer (my place of work had agreed to pay for courses). I had an extremely difficult time trying to get in touch with my assigned financial advisor and eventually gave up, only to discover, months later, that the amount that I had asked my work to pay was a pittance compared to what I actually owed in the form of a direct loan that they had accepted on my behalf, WITHOUT my authorization, and they refused to do anything to fix the issue.


4 out of 5

I can't begin to tell you how horrible my experience was at Grand Canyon University. They have the worst communication which is extremely difficult when you are going to school online. They changed my program in the middle of my degree and couldn't tell me my new requirements for graduating. They almost didn't find me a student teaching spot in time. They are completely uncooperative. Biggest mistake of my life was attending this university. They are constantly changing your adviser so that nobody knows your case. I could go on and on for days about why this University is terrible, but please, just take my advice and don't go there.

4 out of 5

I have read most of the reviews of my school and I would like to say that no school is perfect. There are many "traditional" schools that have the same bad reviews regarding financial aid and supportive staff.

During my time at GCU, I never had any major problems. My financial aid was always straight, and they never changed up my courses on me. I never had a problem with counselors because I never really needed to speak with them after starting my classes. I really don't know how much you really need to communicate with your counselor about after your initial classes began.

This University is not a diploma mill mainly because the classes are actually quite challenging. I learned so much in each class that I have benefited professionally from my education. Also, its a real university, which was one of the reasons I was comfortable with attending. As I have said earlier, every University has its downside. When finished up my Master's in Addictive Counseling, it took so long for them to document on my transcript that I had to start callling every single day. Each time they would send me to a new person. That was very frustrating. Finally, I recieved my diploma in the mail THREE MONTHS later. That was the one major problem that I had.

But, again, most of my experience was good. I have decided to further my education and pursue my Ph.D in General Psychology at GCU because I loved the teachers and the education was very challenging. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone.

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