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4 out of 5

I just completed the Masters program in Leadership and have had some real challenging classes. I have learned very much in the subject of leadership and this will help me now and in the future. I would recommend GCU to anyone looking to attain their degree.

4 out of 5

I have taken 5 classes so far toward my BA in Communications. My biggest complaint is the CLC's in nearly every class. They are very frustrating; 1 or 2 people do all the work while everyone in the group gets the same grade. It sucks! Next, why are there people who can't form simple sentences (4th grade level)in all my classes? Why were they even admitted, and why are they passing? A couple of my classes were very redundant, and I wonder when I am actually going to learn something other than APA or MLA. I get easy A's in all my classes--I would like to be challenged a bit more.

The counselors have been fair, but tech support has never returned my calls. I have not had major problems, but I have to say that writing long essays every week is tiring. I do have complaints, but all in all, I think GCU is not very different from other on-line schools--at least in Communications.

I intend to stick it out because I don't want the possibility of the same issues at another school and I am set in my ways. I think it all depends on who your enrollment, academic, and financial counselors are whether or not you will like the school. Mine are fine, although you can expect to wait a day or two before they get back to you.

4 out of 5

First let me start off by saying that I am a student at GCU (online). I know what you are thinking, how can he be a student and be against the school. Well here is the answer. I started in the Summer of 2009 working on a MS in Leadership. I have taken 6 classes from this school. Well recently GCU has changed the curriculum for the degree. This effects hundreds if not thousands of students online at GCU. The new curriculum only has 9 classes to get the degree and each class is worth 4 credit hours now. When I started it was 12 classes, at 3 credit hours per course . The problem I have is, that as of right now, I have 5 classes to complete before graduating with the degree. If you do the math, I will have taken 11 classes, whereas, someone who just joins only has to take 9 classes. I contacted GCU about the problem and was told that the Curriculum Board changed it and there was nothing they could do. I then told them that it isn't fair because, I paid for 2 classes that aren't even required anymore and that someone who starts the degree can finish the degree in 6-9 months, where it is going to take me 15 months. I am sure this problem effected thousands, because I was told by GCU, that every course got changed. Unfortunately, I took 2 classes for nothing and no one seems to care, but me! I received some stupid drafted up, microsoft excel spreadsheet that determined what courses were transferable and which one's weren't. GCU only seems to care about money and with the changes, they received more money from me. Also, the way I figured it up, I will have 39 hrs to complete the degree, when the degree is only 36 hrs. to complete. I urge people to stay away from this school. Research schools before you get started. Also, the only reason I am staying at GCU is, because I am this close to graduating. If I transferred, I probably will have to lose hours, which would put be behind. Therefore, GCU kind of has you by the balls with this situation!

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4 out of 5

I would highly recommend staying away from GCU. I have had problems from the very beginning. My academic advisor was changed 3 times before my classes even started and I think I'm on my 6th finance counselor. I completed one semester there in which I found the classes redundant with each other, the professors very unresponsive to questions or not leaving feedback to discussion questions at all.

All you do is write papers week after week after week. There are no tests at all and your papers can be full of fluff and you still get a good gade. I purposely wrote a paper that I though pretty much sucked, it met the assignment criteria, but all in all I didn't put forth much effort. I still got an A on that paper. Granted it wasn't the 100 I had been earning but a 96 because instead of exceeding expections I only met them.

C'mon now, I'm the student and thought the paper I wrote was bad. That certainly doesn't say much as far their standards are concered.

Then I decided to not attend the next semester and I requested to drop before the deadline, which was done, however in doing so, they cancelled my federal student loan that should have paid for fall and spring. I then get a letter that over $3,000 is due and payable immediately or I will be turned into collections. I called my finance counselor, only to be directed to yet again, a new person and explained that only the spring funds should have been cancelled.

It has been a terrible game of cat and mouse to get this resolved. Today is April 16th and I have been working with them since January to get this fixed. Now the problem is that they finally re-requested my funds and due to the problems I have had, my student loan guarantor wanted me to endorse the checks to be sure that no other funds were taken that I didn't want, so I did that...and now the school has lost those checks and can't find them. We are talking almost $6,000.

NO ONE really seems to care. I am about to catch a flight down there and not leave until this gets resolved. I am ready to request a stop pay on those checks and have new checks issued, maybe to me only and then I can pay them - then at least I know where the money is and that the school has gotten paid.

This school is so unorganized, unprofessional and the curriculum is a joke. I've take jr. college classes that were much more challenging. Might I suggest CSU online (Colo State). It's called CSU-Global and get this...they guarantee your tuition rate for as long as you are enrolled. They are half the price of GCU too!!! Go figure - a school that actually seems to care

4 out of 5

Solicited us at work, made me feel like I needed a second masters to get my teaching cert. They pushed me through all the paperwork and charged my card in the blink of an eye. Their program has more classes than anyone else, they won't transfer credits, the classes are difficult and not relevant to teaching and worst of all they misinform you of the refund policy then keep all your money. It's their word against yours, so guess who wins.

4 out of 5

I am enrolled in the M.Ed Curriculum & Instruction with Technology. Before I enrolled at GCU, a representative from Mindstreams came to my school to talk to teachers about going back to school for a Master's degree. Well, I hadn't considered it because I have one Master's already. Then after thinking about it, I decided to obtain another master's in education with technology. Mindstream recommended GCU because it was supposed to be the number one online school.

Now I am wondering if there is a connection with Mindstream and GCU. I have never been able to get my financial or academic counselor on the phone without trying several times. They never return e-mails. (I have had one e-mail returned in the year I have been enrolled.)

Once I got a call from my academic advisor and I about fell over. It was busy instructing my class at the time, but I stopped my class to talk to this advisor because I knew that I may never get an opportunity to talk to him again. I mentioned that they have not examined my transcript from my former master's degree. The reply was that they never received it. Now I know they did because I had my former university send a certified return receipt to GCU. My former school sent me a copy of the signed receipt.

The classes are all the same. CLC papers with one or two people doing all the work. Everyone in the group gets the same grade. If everyone participates, you find out that most of the students cannot write past the 6th grade level. Therefore the workers clean up the paper. The same topics are addressed in every class. The assignments are the same in most classes, with a little variation.

So far, I have done very little with technology. The emphasis is more about the APA writing style than on content. About half of the professors are competent and the other half incompetent. One instructor did not seem to understand that multimedia is more than online projects. The required textbook for my current class has nothing to do with the class content. I do not think many of my papers have been graded. I just got an A without reason.

They are always improving Angel, so you cannot get onto the classroom site. They have these meet and greet forums to voice your concerns. Supposedly you can get feedback from the university, but once you give a negative response, they take you off the forum site.

The university changed from a 3 hour course format to a 4 hour course format. They have not really informed students about how it effects them. Some students believe that they are enrolled in all 4 credit courses from now on and they will graduate early. Some students believe that GCU will not confer a Master's degree upon those of us who started the program in the 3 hour program. I don't think either theory is correct, but who knows. GCU will not even accept their own classes if one decides to transfer to the 4 credit model. I have written my academic counselor about this and have never had a response.

I don't think I have learned one thing that I already didn't know. The classes have not been challenging. The most challenging thing is wondering what APA error will be found in my paper.

I am wasting my money and time. If it weren't that I am almost finished, I would transfer.

4 out of 5

I have been attending GCU online for 2 1/2 semesters now and I have loved it the entire time. I am aquireing my BSN and have always been apprehensive about online classes, but GCU has always made me feel great about this type of education. When I read the bad reviews that are posted I am shocked. I have had nothing but great experiences with everyone from registration, financial aid, councelors and instructors. If there has ever been a disagreement or question about something, it always gets resolved quickley. Every time I ask my counselor a question via email, she calls me on the phone, she says that she wants to talk to me. Every school has little glitches here and there, as long as the education is worth what I am paying, that is all that matters.


4 out of 5

Once the very friendly counselor got me to post a bio that was it. If you post it during his explanation and demonstration you are in the class. You must withdraw within a week (they may not tell you that!) or else you get to pay for it. It cost me over $1500 for a class that I never took.

BTW, you can go nuts listening to the elevator music while you grow old on hold trying to get in touch with their "financial counselors". That is one department that is not in their phone directory.

GCU is out for your money. Bunch of thieves.

4 out of 5

I have just completed 48 hours of graduate work in Addictions Counseling, I have a 3.9 GPA. I have just learned after 5 months of looking for a practicum site that I will not be able to complete my masters. GCU has failed to develop a presence in my state and the interships here are filled with grad students from the in-state schools. I even offered to quit my job and take an out-of-state intership if they could help me locate one. They told me I can not have a confirmed degree without the practicum, and their suggestion to me was take a leave of absence until I could find praticum. I received a great classroom experience, the professors were great, my advisor was wonderful.

My advice is if your program involves a need for a practicum to complete your Masters make sure you have a site that will accept you before you start. I take full responsibility for not asking enough questions and asking GCU to tell me where their students had successfully secured an intership in my state.

I am now beginning a second Masters without a praticum requirement hoping to transfer some of those classes to a General Masters in Psychology. If I transfer schools I can only take 3 of my classes. Ask questions and proceed with caution. I hope my experience will help someone else.

4 out of 5

I am almost finished with my 4th class at GCU and I have been quite pleased. All 4 of my Professors have been great. Each with their own set of expectations and grading policies which were explained in the course syllabus. My current instructor even posts examples of what he expects from an "A" paper! Group projects leave much to be desired if your partner(s) do not pull their share of the work. I feel I am getting a quality education, I spend close to 20 hours per week for 1 class between reading, researching, writing my essays, and the discussion postings. There is a great APA software program that saves time and your references! APA University Success Professor recommended it to me and I am forever grateful. My Financial Aid counselor is awesome, she checks in with me prior to each new term, updates me as changes are made and has always returned my calls and emails the same afternoon. My academic adviser is helpful, he too returns my calls right away. I did suffer through an advisor and financial aid counselor change last June, the suffering came from my not being notified, but once I found out who I had been re-assigned to all has been well. As with any program, the quality of education one gets is directly related to how much one puts in to it. You can read through the text as assigned or shortcut by searching the internet, up to the individual how much they really want to be educated. I put in a lot of time because my desire is to be knowledgeable in my course of study.

I am currently trying to convince my husband to enroll at GCU too.

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