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4 out of 5
Degree: English Language and Literature, General
Graduation Year: 2011

Attending Hampton University during my undergraduate matriculation was the best decision I made at the time. As the university's mantra states Hampton University is the "Standard of Excellence". The academic rigor was accompanied with professors who were invested in the success of every student. I would suggest any, and every, student to attend Hampton University!

4 out of 5
Degree: Sociology
Graduation Year: 2017

Hampton University is one of the top HBCUs in the country. It has been around since 1868 and has not failed to provide African American students with high quality education. Going to an HBCU gives you a chance to discover who you are as a person in a time that is key to developing as well as get you ready to make a name for yourself when it is time for you to get a job.

5 out of 5
Degree: Psychology, General
Graduation Year: 2006

Hampton University is a fairly small and intimate university where they value developing great citizens of tomorrow. My time at Hampton U. was phenomenal not only did I gain the knowledge to further my career but I also became a self-aware and self-sufficient individual with the eagerness to achieve. I carry the values from Hampton U. in my everyday life. You gain lifetime friends and preparation for life. The courses are rigorous yet the professors are welcoming to personally assist each student to achieve. While at Hampton U. I felt at home, as their slogan states "your home by the sea". It has a comfortable setting right on the water, where one can distress and sit by the water to reflect, study and socialize. The most important thing Hampton University provides is security and safety, my family felt safe sending me 500 miles away from home, simply because I was at my "Home by the Sea". Hampton University is simply the BEST!

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1 out of 5
Degree: Nursing Education
Graduation Year: 2016

I was welcomed with smiles, excitement, and empty promises. Unfortunately the Va Beach campus is poorly run. Most teachers have an attitude and don't desire to help. Nursing is hard but the added stress of the teachers, their attitudes, and lack of desire to teach or even assist you is unacceptable. Classes are unorganized, syllabus is not followed, and things are constantly changing! Several students entered with low gpa - spent over a year in classes only to be told they couldn't move forward because of their cumulative gpa. It's just sad. Only one teacher cares and truly desires for you to succeed. Overall teachers are condescending.

4 out of 5
Degree: Political Science and Government, General
Graduation Year: 2015

From a highly structured freshman year (including curfew and professional dress codes) to internship opportunities and professional connections, Hampton University has prepared me mentally and academically to be a confident young professional. I have had multiple reputable internship opportunities and have been more than prepared to compete with my peers from big ten, predominantly white institutions in my internship setting. Not only do I believe in my personal professional success, I believe in that of my peers in and outside of the journalism school (Biology, 5 year MBA and Architecture, Pharmacy etc.) Professors are knowledgeable of industry trends and give great advice on life as well. I have had two of the same professors twice and they know me well and are invested in my performance. 12-2s, celebrity concerts and a beautiful waterfront make for an exciting social atmosphere, where greeks stroll and you may even see President Harvey walking to his home or office. I have studied abroad and met students from all over the world. Being from the Midwest, HU is far from home. The gated, water on three sides campus, where visitors show ID and purpose of visit upon arrival, made my parents feel safe leaving their only child. Critiques of Hampton U include, an administration that usually takes a several phone calls to reach can be frustrating, and the Cost of tuition that I believe would be more reasonable with increased scholarship opportunities to non freshman who have remained on the deans list. Overall, HU has a rich traditional history, sternly invests in character building and is a big family (big brother/big sister program), where you know the names, hometowns, and majors of your fellow Hamptonians. As a member of the Student Recruitment Team, I see first hand the investments HU makes in introducing, touring, and enrolling smart students to be molded into the Hampton Men and the Hampton Women that go on to continue the legacy. The mantra “Standard of Excellence” and “Home by the Sea” are TRUE and I am glad I chose Hampton U.

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