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2 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2013

The Health Unit Coordinator program is a JOKE. This is a one semester program where you learn the basics of working on a nursing unit, such as patient charts, medical terminology, and transcribing physicians orders. I thought the teacher was a bit unorganized, class got cancelled a lot, and there were several cases where we (the students) questioned her on some of our wrong answers on tests we were handed back, and she realized she was wrong. The program also had an internship which placed each student at either a local hospital or nursing home, and I felt a lot of what I was taught in class was outdated. At my externship I was on a computer all day, in class I was doing everything on paper which was nothing like I was doing in the "real world". Let me just say that the job placement assistance at this school is non existant, and this refers to the entire school, not just my program. Their job placement program consists solely of this stupid website which is something like College Connection or College Central. So I registered, searched for jobs, and there were 0 jobs for my program. As there were a lot of search options, I searched several other programs to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong, and it took the searching of 6-7 programs before I finally found a program that had something posted, albeit 2 jobs. Here's the bottom line with my program, as well as any other program that takes 1 year or less. We live in a world with extremely political workplaces, or in other words "It's not what you know it's who you know", with that said think about how much on the job training it would take to equal your time in college: If you attend 3 days a week for 3 hours a day, or 4 days a week for 2 hours a day (this is about right for this program)... 1 full [8 hour day] of on the job training=1 week of school 5 days/1 week of on the job training=over 1 month of school 10 days/2 weeks of on the job training=2.5 months of school, which, with all the instructor inservice days and a one week break is just shy of being a full semester. This makes it very easy for a friend of the hiring managers to call in a favor and be given the job, I even had an interview for one of 3 job openings at a certain hospital, only to find out (by accident) I was simply being interviewed because they were required to interview x number of people, but they had the people picked out before even posting the jobs, I wasn't a serious applicant. In closing, I know this kind of sounds silly, but I truly believe it, I think my instructor should have spent less time advertising for and encouraging people to join the NAHUC (a Health Unit Coordinator organization that collects membership dues but does little in return) and more time teaching you how to get a doctor or hiring manager to sleep with you so he'll get you a job at his hospital.

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