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4 out of 5

Hello, I'm 19 and I just enrolled into ITT tech. Now by now I should know when someone is scamming me. Every time I walk out of their building here in Arkansas. I feel a sense of accomplishments. But after that high goes down... It doesn't hit me until today... Is this school really worth 50k? I understand by now I should have been more question-pron before signing things. but I have a big question that i need answered quick? Is this college even serious as seems?

First off.. I applied shortly after i graduated in 2010. We had to put their number on block due to harassment. I walked onto their campus with a purple folder with all my documents I needed to get into ANY college. they did not once ask me for my high-school transcript, shot records, or anything. as far as they know. i could be lying about graduating.

im starting to get a bit scared now. can someone help me im reading all reviews and im so late on my decision i know but i need reassurance.

4 out of 5

I dont have much to say but I think ITT Tech is a good school. You just need to use all the resources they have. You cant expect to succeed if you want your career handed to you. I have been there 7 quarters and is now working for HP due to my dedication. I have perfect attendance and a 3.8 GPA.

Yea I do agree it is expensive but I feel I will always be someway in debt in life so why drop out of school then be confused on what college is right for me. I just jumped in head first and plan to keep heading for higher expectations. You live life once and yea you dont want to be held down with high student loans but look at it as an investment into your future. Stop complaining and set your goals.

Either you sink or swim. Review the school and decide for yourself. Reviews aren't going to make a decision for you.

4 out of 5

I attended ITT and graduated in 1999 with an associates in electronics engineering. I wouldn't say the school was the best but it was good enough to get me into Boeing, where I worked on the space shuttle program, c-17, f-16, f-18 etc. I have to say that for a school that many people complain about, that school also help me get a job that helps lead a comfortable life for me and my family

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4 out of 5

I'm just graduated Dec 10, 2010..I do have a recent post on page 2 titled a 7th quarter student. I still come on here and read some of the recent post. Sometimes I get disgusted with some of the post that I do read.

I don't laugh at the ones that say they quit during the 1st or 2nd quarter and get on here and complain. Hey everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and some just don't to say nothing at all.

My experience was not all that bad and at the same time it wasn't all that good. Just because an instructure quits during the middle of the quarter it doesn't make any sence to complain about it. You just have to adjust. Get with a few other classmates that want to learn. It's not hard to read and study.

To me thats part of life. If your on the job and your supervisor gets fired or quits and a new sup comes in and has a different aspect on the job and you don't like him/her. What are you going to do, complain and quit, get fired or adjust?


Whats wrong with re-learning something. Sometimes you learn more ways to do thing. Just because your taking a lame Intro to PCs class and you feel that you know everything, trust me you don't. But, thats just me. Trust me I felt the same way until I learned something new.

Me personally, I don't like listening to someone else's experience. I do my own research and way the pros and cons.

I guess when I heard a few of the past intructures that I had, they would mention that we are receiveing more info then they did when they was enrolled in school, because all they receieved was all theroy. They didn't get actual hands-on experience like we was getting.

How many schools do you know, (if you've done research), actually give you lab traing dealing with Linux OS, or running Servers virtually using virtual machines. Or, help you fine tune your resumes and give you feedback after you do mock interviews, to let you know what you need to improve on. Some of the things that you will learn is that when you actually utilize the tools giving to you and do job research some of the companies out there don't even know what a virtual machine is. Do you? Do you know the cost cutting measures that virtual machines provide? Possibly no, because you read so many bad reviews from people that didn't get past the 2nd or 3rd quarter.

Just because you go to school and get a degree doesn't mean jobs are going to flock to your feet. that with any school. Go to your career counselor and set down and talk to them. at the same time you find and apply for jobs. People are not going to help you if they say your not trying to help yourself.

I talk to my career counselor and also, did my own thing. The career couselor got me like 2 or 3 interviews. What I did for myself I got myself 7 interviews. People are not going to throw jobs at you. For the work I've done myself I finally found a job and has already satarted before I even initially graduated. Did the career counselor help me? No. I helped myself. So, after 8 months of being unemployed. I finally got a job. Not because of school but, because of my own personal drive.

An old saying that stuck with me from middle school. " If you surround yourself with people that are motivated to learn and succeed in life you would then prosper as well, but if you surround yourself with people that show no willing to learn and have no motivation in life you yourself will not succeed in life." Always remember misery loves company.

If you decide to enroll into ITT Tech. Have your own reasons of going, if you don't, don't build your opinion on the mast majority of the negative reviews here. DO YOUR RESEARCH. thats what any class instructure, professor or even your supervisor would tell you.

4 out of 5

I should have realized that any school that advertises at 3 am is not going to be a serious school. I'm nearly done with my associates in Software Development and when I am done I will be nearly $40,000 in debt. I knew that it would be that much when I signed up but I also believed that I would be attending a school with the latest technology and information. That is the exact opposite of what I have recieved. EVERYTHING is out of date even FREE programs. And the curiculum is from about 5 years ago (which is rediculous when it comes to software). They JUST got optical mice for the labs!

I've got a lot more...

I have had several (not all, but several) teachers that are sickeningly bad. They are unprofessional, unapproachable, and uninterested. In a recent programming class, on the last day after our final, myself and several other students were still struggling to finish our final projects. We were asking the teacher to help us to get them to work. The TEACHER could not get them to work AT ALL. So I asked him if this was the first time the school had done this project, he said no. I asked how it was possible for him to not know how to do it if he had to deal with it in past classes, he said and I quote, "I think in my last class no one did it."

It was the final project and no one did it. This did not surprise me as he was giving answers like that all quarter. That is a serious symptom of poor teaching ability. What really bothers all of us is the fact that every quarter we're supposed to fill out these teacher evaluations but despite ripping these teachers apart for their inability to fulfill their basic job requirements, they just keep popping back up quarter after quarter, year after year.

And keep in mind that for every 100 students that graduate (just with an associates degree) they make $4 million, which does not include all the people that dropped out after a few quarters. They can afford better instructors.

For the love of god please do NOT go to this school for a computer course if you are not comfortable with computers. SEVERAL students that started up the same time I did had literally NEVER touched a computer before going there. I don't know why they thought they could jump right into programming but DO NOT FALL FOR IT! They have ALL flunked out, many without jobs, and are now struggling with thousands of dollars of debt.

Here's something that's really crazy... You don't actually buy books, they include books in the tuition and every quarter you just pick your books up. Except every... EVERY quarter they run out of books! My friends and I just figured out why this is (we believe, no evidence obviously). I think they plan on a certain percentage of students failing or dropping out every quarter and undercut how many books they buy for the next quarter. So when people DON'T fail we don't have enough books. A few friends in my math class right now are trying to keep up without books!

Don't think I just have a problem with the school because I'm not doing well, I'm a 4.0 student with perfect attendance. I wish I had the energy to go into all of the other reasons not to enroll but I hope this is sufficient for anyone reading this. It is a horrible rip off. As soon as I'm done with my associates I am out of here. I'm just hoping I can find a decent school that will let me transfer some of my credits. AVOID ITT TECH!!!

4 out of 5

I can't imagine why ITT Tech is getting all these bad reviews! I am in their ASNursing program and I love it. My professors are all very experienced and knowledgeable. I have found along the way that if we have trouble with something (me in particular with IV placement) the instructors will stay with you after class or on weekends for as long as you need until you get it.

My instructors are all veteran RN's. I can't find enough nice things to say about this school. I noticed a couple of people complaining that ITT Tech is not accredited by the NLN and there is a perfectly logical reason for it.

I attend classes in Tulsa and UNTIL the 1st class graduates you can't get NLN accreditation. I have spoken with reps from the Ok. St. Board of Nursing and the program is approved and believe me that is no simple feat, Ok. State Board is very tough on the programs and their nurses in general.

This school enrolls you on merits instead of forming a waiting list. We were all required to take the HESI A2 exam prior to being accepted, if you are one of the top 30 scores you are in, simple as that! If you want to be a nurse I would definitely recommend this program.

To the other complainers remember one thing. The instructors don't do the work for you and it is not their responsibility to see to it you make it to school or take your education seriously, thats on you; you have to show up and you have to roll with the changes.

If you are truly committed to your education you should have no problems at ITT Tech. It does cost more than a traditional college but all private schools do. You either want to wait in line or get to it. The extra money was worth it to me to get started right away. There are scholarships available for all programs but YOU have to see to it you apply for them, the instructors don't do it for you.

4 out of 5

Went to ITT for 2 semesters. I was not allowed to test out of classes that I already had knowledge in. I have over 10 years experience with computers and I was forced to take nearly all my beginner classes. The only reason I agreed to attend school at ITT was that they offered to pay for any certifications you wanted.

After the second semester started I went in to schedule my NET+ test and was told that they no longer offered the certifications. I went to the dean and explained that that was the main reason I was there. I was told more or less oh well. The certifications where stopped the day after you could get your money back for the semester.

I learned absolutely nothing going to school here other than its a waste of time and the teachers that are hired have no idea what they are doing. 2 semester at this school and I now owe 12,000 dollars. Never once received any paper work from ITT about my loan through the school. I just found out yesterday that ITT sent me to a collections company. Our programming teacher could not even spell "end", over and over through out his demonstration for a computer program he used "in". Later he had no idea why his program would not work.

20 students myself included left ITT's St. Rose campus due to these issues and tons more. Do not go to this school unless you are looking to pay for a degree. You can pay your tuition and just show up every 3 classes and make an A.

4 out of 5

I'm sorry that people don't give things a chance. I have gone to a community college and I didn't like the students or the teachers. At ITT I feel comfortable. No pressure, I get one-on-one help, and I don't have to worry about an 18 year old that is straight out of high school that dosent know how to act. I don't have to take a bunch of bull shit classes I don't need.

So if you wanna get in and get out, maybe give it a chance. If you don't like it, don't go there.

4 out of 5


4 out of 5

Personally, I think if your going to a technical degree for anything except what the school is founded on your not that smart.

I completed a A.S. in Software Application Programming, right out of high school, I didn't know a lot about financial aid or schools for that fact. I went there solely because I thought computers was a good all else fails degree. I don't know.

Everyone is right, the ITT I go to is one of the best ones in the nation in Henderson, Nevada. I like ITT for the fact that your able to have a 1 on 1 experience with the teachers, and the good thing is to be honest they do pass you which is really good if there is only 10 students in your class and there is only 3 that want to learn, bc the teachers have a lot of knowledge and I can only speak for myself, but I love to learn and I spend most of the 4 hours every class asking questions. You can't do that at most colleges.

I then went into the military for 6 years. Now know good colleges will except your degree or credits but mility schools will, which is awesome, but I decided to get out of my job in the military with a top secret clearance go back and get a B.S. in information system security, when I decided to from programming to this degree I had to take 6 months of prereqs which I thought sucked at first, but then I found out what I didn't know and it definitely paid off.

I can say if you don't know what you want I wouldn't recommend this college for the fact if you dont want to do Your going to be paying out the ass for something you dont want to do, but if have read books maybe take a community college course with computers and love it. You will learn a lot.

The grades are not just given to you, trust me I wish they were, so I could just focus on the certification tests bc if you want a job in the it field you need certifications but you don't know if you dont have the degree you wont get more than an entry level job without the degree bc they look for well rounded people, unless you plan on getting every certification there is you need a degree, now to get a M.S. its a little harder, but there is colleges that will take the degree and go straight to the M.S. degree.

If any of you are reading comments from bitchy people that can not read and write. Well your in a world of hurt. Life is a bitch and then you die. All you can do while your hear is make the best of it. Hope you all the best of lucky, because now adays thats what you need to survive is luck or work harder than 20 times harder than everyone else to make it. Good Luck!!!!

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