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2 out of 5
Degree: Healthcare Administration
Graduation Year: 2012

The instructors are allowed to grade as they "feel". Each class is run and operated by the instructor, not the university. If you have an issue with an instructor or have a concern like question specific assignment criteria or grading practices Tough luck! I maintained a 3.96 GPA until my last term. I took a lower level elective (200 series)and questioned the grades I was making, as I could not get above and 81. All of my grades had been 96+ in all other classes prior to this.

Nothing happened and I was sent a conduct letter threatening to kick me out of the school my very last week of a bachelors degree when I complained to the dean of the department. When I emailed the teacher, repeatedly, she said I insulted her by questioning her and my grades then became worse. I called student advising 5 times and was told to work it out myself since the school has no influence over individual instructors and how they grade or communicate. My 3.96 GPA tanked my very last week because of this class and I even received an academic warning letter from the dean of another department for the "tone" of my emails with the teacher.

All of this happened my last week of what was supposed to be a joyous time. The school never asked my side and didn't care that I tried to resolve the issue 5 times with their advisers prior to my "blowing" up in the last email with her. She was equally nasty but used a better writing style to communicate it to me. The bottom line is that I tried to get help starting in week 2 of the 10 week term and was told tough, take the grade and move on with life, despite it's impact on my near perfect GPA. My graduation will always be shadowed by the disgust of this event and the university's unwillingness to help.

DO NOT ENROLL HERE!! ONCE THEY HAVE YOUR MONEY, YOU ARE STUCK!! I had numerous problems with financial aid as well. Idiots!! I had to get an ombudsman to review my account 3 time in 1.5 years there because the financial aid people screwed my account up. All 3 times, the ombudsman found accounting errors to my benefit. Getting help and anyone to listen to you is IMPOSSIBLE!!! I will never recommend this university to anyone, ever!!! I am not lazy either and had no, I mean zero difficulty with grades prior to this single lower level elective class! Disgusting that they blamed and threatened to suspend me my last week without ever asking my side of the events!. I am an honor student and graduate, Suma Cum Laude.

3 out of 5

I attended this school under the Kaplan promise, which means it will be free if unsatisfied. In the beginning I was very satisfied maintaining a good grade. In the very last week the instructor accused me of plagiarism.

I received an excellent grade on the rough draft and my final paper was directly from the rough draft. I specifically listed my source and gave my source credit. I am so glad I didn't have to pay for this horrible experience like many of these other students--I feel very bad for them.

5 out of 5
Degree: MBA
Graduation Year: 2013

I have completed my first 6 courses of the MBA and I do not use financial aid. This makes all my financial payments easy and not an issue, ever. It seems that the people who have problems with this school are those who use financial aid to pay for the program. I am not sure and cannot say whether things have improved since the past reviews here in this regard.

The courses at Kaplan MBA have been very challenging and there is no room for procrastination. Based on most students working full time while completing the program can maks this much more difficult than a full time MBA student program. This tells me that those who complete this program have to be hard working and dedicated for a full 2 years. That is not an easy task for most.

The professors have excellent real life experience, plus the Phd’s to go along with the credentials. They have all been fair, helpful, available, and guiding throughout. The material has been very well organized and up to date, for the most part. Topics and references are just as good as those on any MBA program. I think you get back out what you put into the program.

Even if you are one of the top students in the country and can actually be accepted into the best schools, and afford those schools, only those who achieve some of the highest grades will get the walk in 6 figure salaries. The rest of us will have to prove ourselves, and work very hard to climb the career ladder.

I am very happy with the program, and only have one complaint and that is some students in the program do not have the same work ethic as I do and when it comes to group projects this can be a bit of a bump to get over. I am sure that you could pay 10 times the tuition at the best schools and still run into the occasional not so team orientated group member.

The material covered is excellent. I really find the use of many articles from the Harvard Business Review to be top-notch tools and the books used are some of the best offered. So, I will continue to complete the program and am actually excited about the knowledge I have gained on every course. It will never close a door and will help to make a better life for sure.

I love the fact that I can be anywhere in the world and complete the program.

It is obvious that a lot of students use financial aid to do the programs and there is no doubt that similar issues can happen at other schools. I know it does not have the reputation of a Harvard or Stanford, but the education is good quality and the MBA is something you will be proud of, especially with how hard you will have to work to attain the degree. If you have the skills this degree will move you up the ladder.

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5 out of 5
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2012

I went to Kaplan University and had no problems the teachers were great and I learned a lot. I read lots of negative things but as a mature individual my time at Kaplan was wonderful!

I went to the regular college and I have to say Kaplan work was harder and more structured. In conclusion there are some things I would like to see done differently but that's with any school or organization.

I can honestly say I learned a lot at this school and nothing is given , every grade I received was earn through hard work!!

3 out of 5
Degree: Paralegal

I attended Kaplan for 4 years. I received a Bachelors degree in Paralegal Studies. That was 4 years ago. I am $30,000 in debt with student loans and cant get anyone to hire me. They did not even offer internships for my degree.

3 out of 5
Degree: Criminal Justice
Graduation Year: 2011

When I first heard about Kaplan University I was excited because I just had a baby and my husband was overseas, I figured it gave me the chance to continue my education and do what I am truely in love with doing and interested in doing...which is Criminal Justice.

So I chose the online portion of the school. I didn't have any issues when I first started, It was a dream come true for me. I only struggled in math, since it was never my favorite subject, but the professors were awesome. Some had an attiutde but most were fantastic towards me.

Then towards my last two terms at Kaplan I would get 3-7 phone calls a day telling me I owe them money, I never understood why I owed this money it wasnt even in my little folder in the website where I logged on. They told me it was for the money that my tution never covered. They never contacted me to inform me that I had to owe them money. I still have yet to get my degree.

They are still calling me to this day since last year, I have emailed the papers they are asking me for more than I can count, They keep giving me the run around about how they are only receiving one of my attached documents. Which I know is bull because I have proof I have sent them both several times. I cannot take the calls anymore. I get emails off and on telling me that my account will go to collections if I dont pay, but I can't pay if they wont get their heads out of their butts and tell me whats going on.

I would not tell anyone to go to this school because of their services there. My God be with you and whoever decides to go with them.

5 out of 5
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: March 10, 2012

I'm a Kaplan University student and just graduated with a Bachelor in Psychology but there is one thing I am not happy about and I think they need to change their policy.

I think having to pay to receive your Degree in the mail is really not right because we all work hard for it and it should be natural that after completion an graduation it would come to you automantically but it doesn't soI don't know whe I will ever see it.

I thought if they cared about us as much as they the President a message on acebook but have gotten no reply. I am really hurt about this and feel let just a number to them as everything cmes with a cost. Yes this is good school but they d hve isues tey need t work out.

3 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2009

I actually graduated successfully from Kaplan University, but not without a fight. The instructors were rather incredible, as I expected; however, the services (i.e., financial aid, student services and admissions) were deplorable. I maintained a high GPA and took my studies seriously; however, the school could care less. The advertisments for this school states that it offers a personal touch; I just felt like a number. That number being $$$$.

The cost was rather outrageous and I am in debt considerably. The best thing about the degree program was the fact that it was over sooner than standard programs.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2010

I attended and graduated Kaplan University online for my Masters Degree in Higher Education. The admission advisors were extremely knowledgable and helpful. There were not pushy and much more honest than many of their competitors. This low key approach is what made me "bite". The instructors were all qualified and went the extra mile.

Student services were adequate but sometimes seemed a bit rushed. Overall an excellent experience. Many of the negative comments that I read might be from younger or undergrad students who do not realize that online depends on self motivation and maturity. There is a great support system but no one is over you like on ground. Great for the adult learner.

4 out of 5

I attended Kaplan for 10 whole months, and yes that was long enough. It was my first online school I did not know how much they were actually charging for the degree program ($33,000) for Associates in Science Business Administration.

I was researching the info and actually along the time trying to find a cheaper school, financial aide told me I was going to run out of money and would need extra loans from an outside source. kaplan had not warned me about none of this. This classes are 10 weeks long, the advisors were good. They called and checked on me periodically and kept me motivated but soon I transferred to CTU ($7,000) cheaper and I will be graduating in may 2012.

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