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Student & Graduate Reviews (297)

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

I will graduate from Kaplan University in February 2012 with my Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services Administration. I am currently applying at area Department of Social Services for a job. They have assured me that since Kaplan is fully accredited, that my education will be accepted; all credits are also fully transferable.

I do not plan on getting my Masters Degree at this time - I am confident that I will be able to get an entry level position with DSS, and be able to work my way up in the agency quickly! I'm very satisfied with my choice.

5 out of 5

I was reading the reviews on Kalplan university, and it started to make me really nervous about my future. I'm not one to believe everything I read, without doing the research on my own. I read all reviews and took them into consideration. I also took into consideration my experience with Kaplan so far. At the moment, my personal experience has been a good one. I have attended college on campus, and I can tell you there is a difference. First, online you are accountable for everything if you lack motivation, you will not do well, if you think its easy, you are highly mistaken. Every institution has its flaws,whether it be online or on campus.

So that being said I did some research, I called every place of employment in my chosen field of Psychology, from 10 miles down the road to 3 hours away. I talked to every person that did the hiring in the facility. I asked them "when you are hiring someone are you less likely to hire someone who has gone to online college vs campus?" Their answer to me was no, as long as its accredited it does not matter, and as long as you have ment the requirements for your internship and board; they really don't look at what college you went to.

So that being said, do your own research call places that you would be interested in working at, talk to the people in the human resource dept, and ask them the same questions.

4 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2009, 2011

I graduated from Kaplan in 2009 and in 2011 with an AAS in Paralegal Studies and a BS in Environmental Policy Management. With the exception of a few professors, I had really positive experiences with my professors. All were very helpful and accomodaating. Even to the point of changing a grade, after a misunderstanding regarding submitted assignments. The only reason why I say my degree isn't truly valuable to my career is because I started with the intention of working as a Paralegal, but with my IT background, even though I work for a major law firm, I work in IT. I've since decided to get my MBA with a tech focus.

Now as for financial Aid. This department is horrible and if you do not stay on top of them, you will have problems. Dealing with financial aid was a nightmare and almost a full time job. However, my education was important enough to me, that I managed my accounts accordingly. It is the only way you can be sure you are not getting shafted.

Academic advising was horrible initially, then I got a new advisor Dennis Munro and he was the BEST!

Overall, I think that completing my degree at Kaplan was a good experience. Employers like to see that applicants have the discipline to complete a degree, because it shows that they know how to follow through,regardless of where the degree was obtained.

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2 out of 5

I will be up front in that my last semesters I slacked off some and take responsiblity for being dismissed. The teachers for the most part were wonderful and most of the work load was fairly challenging. But they have a horrible lack of communication within their own departments and with their students. While attending I had to submit the same FA doucments multiple times, I know because each time I had my mom fax them where we worked and even she grew tired of having to fax them in.

I am starting Kaplan College in Vista, Ca and they have been more helpful as far as working with me then their "sister" school online. I am a fairly patient person and easygoing and understanding but their incompetence, mostly rude people (minus two) and constantly transfering me most definetly fried my nerves. I requested information from the fiancial aid department to be sent to my new school, I was told the work order to be faxed was submitted three times. I called them back a week later only to find out all had been cancelled because some department hadn't finished something.

The lady that helped me was beyond rude, I finally asked why I wasn't informed that those work orders were cancelled. She kept telling me I don't know. Also I called the registers office to request a copy of my transcripts so I could get some credit at Kaplan college and wasn't sure how to go about it. After rudely being transfered multiple times I was frusterated and I apologized to the girl taking my call inadvance if I snapped at her, since she wasn't to blame for others incompetence. She was just as rude as the rest. Emailed me a transcript request form while she asked if I had anything that needed to be taken care I said yes I have another question and as I was starting to ask. She said you should have the email have a nice day cutting me off and hanging up. All in all their lack of communication, mostly rude and imcompentent people and constantly having me repeat my information and story and transfering me way more then neccessary makes me glad I am done with them.

I am pursuing my degree later elsewhere. For those who did have a good experience with them I am glad and wish luck to those who plan on attending. Hope this helps others

Sincerely B.

2 out of 5

This school i thought would be a great investment towards moving closer towards my f goals. Lets just say the staff is future very unorganized especially the financial aid office which messed up my financial aid package several times. When you call the admin office you are bound to get conflicting information over an over again....Been an student for Kaplan was very disappointing an I never had the support I needed from there end. Please again look into these online schools before signing up because this school was truly an waste of time and energy.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2011

Kaplan offered me an awesome opportunity to complete my college degree with a bachelor of science in information technology which has allowed my career in the technology field to blossom. I now make more money at my current job as a Technology Analyst.. The knowledge that I have gained at Kaplan University has truly given me the freedom to work where I want and the power to command an appropriate salary. Thank you Kaplan University School of Information Technology for changing my life.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2010

I had no issues with this school. The teachers were great for the most part. I think I had one i didnt care for. I see someone wrote that 35% graduate from this school. Thats probably their own fault for not studying. Test were open book which I think is ok. No one ever remembers everything, Its knowing where to get the info. I put alot of time into my classes and my grades showed it. I used my post 9/11 GI bill and never had any calls or emails saying I owed money. In fact the school let me start before my GI bill was submitted. I gave them basic info and they took care of the rest to activate the GI bill.

3 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2011

Prior to writing my review I want to mention that I did graduate Summa Cum Laude from Kaplan with my Bachelor's Degree so I am not biased based on not being competent enough to attend college.

I will start with the positives about Kaplan: First, I did receive scholarships and grants which knocked down the high cost of Kaplan’s tuition. My sister-in-law also attends and she received the same thing. You just have to know where to look and what to ask. Do some research beforehand about what is available to you. By the time I graduated I spent at least as much as I would have at a traditional school, if not less.

Second, the classes and professors are wonderful. The professors are very understanding of situations that may arise for their students throughout the terms. As long as you keep in touch with them, attend class, and complete your assignments you should have no problem.

I am neutral about the online campus. There were a few technical issues throughout my two years attending Kaplan, but nothing that was not fixed within 24 hours. Also, Kaplan renovated their ecampus at the end of my time there so I cannot give an accurate review on their new campus. However, from what experience I do have with the new ecampus it seems a lot better than the older one.

Now for the negative aspects of Kaplan:

I had read reviews prior to enrolling about how nightmarish Kaplan’s Financial Aid department is. Let me tell you, they grossly understated their concerns. The Financial Aid department is horrible: they will require you to submit multiple copies of the same documents that you have sent previously. They will make many excuses why you have to do this. Secondly, they will mix up your documents with other students’ documents. I was reviewing my account documents one day and noticed a tuition voucher for another student (with my same name) in my file. This voucher not only showed me how much she was receiving in credits for her tuition but also gave me her phone number and address. I contacted Kaplan immediately via telephone and email to remove this document from my files and they told me it would be taken care of. After a month the document was still in my file so I decided to have my attorney draft a letter asking to remove it from my account (thinking that this might get their attention). This situation occurred in November, 2010 and her information is still in my account as of today, August 18, 2011.

Next, I want to warn you to keep records of anything you do with Kaplan. In March of this year I signed up to complete an internship that was required to obtain my degree. Kaplan’s requirements were that the internship be requested at least ten weeks prior to the student’s last term. My last term began on June 6 so I made sure that I applied for my internship well ahead of time. I did this over the phone. Two weeks prior to the time my internship was to begin I went to the ecampus to confirm one more time that my internship was lined up (I was excited about it) only to find out that there was no record of me signing up for the internship. I found this strange because in the time between my phone call up until this point it had shown me enrolled for the internship. I called and they said they had no record of me signing up and it was too late to enroll now. I was furious. I told them to listen to the phone calls between us and it would show that I had applied for the internship (at the beginning of every phone call they tell you the call is being monitored). They said they had no recordings of this incident. To make a long story short, after many, many, many phone calls, emails, and a very upset student I managed to get my internship lined back up so that I could graduate.

My next problem with Kaplan occurred two weeks prior to the graduation ceremony. As with the internship, I had signed up early to attend the graduation ceremony in Chicago. Two weeks prior to graduation I received an email stating that I did not have enough credits to graduate. I was in my final term, my internship, and had more than the required credits to graduate. I called an academic advisor who told me there was a mix up on my account in the registrar’s office (surprise, huh) and that they would put a rush on it to fix it. Fortunately, they fixed it in time for me to attend the ceremony, even though I never received my graduation packet in the mail and followed up with them every day to confirm that it would be waiting for me at graduation.

I have attended a few colleges and have never had as many problems with administration as I have had with Kaplan. I was relieved to finally graduate earlier this month so that I would not have to deal with them anymore. However, now I am receiving emails and phone calls informing me that I need to turn in my financial aid documents for the upcoming term or I will be blocked from signing up for classes. When I responded that there is no point in me turning in these documents since I just graduated they told me that if I do not turn in these documents that there will be a delay on me receiving my diploma.

How frustrating!

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

I began Kaplan University after attending TESST College of Technology to acquire Computer Knowledge that would further assist me in the Criminal Justice Field of Homeland Security and Emergency Management toward a Master's of Science Degree. I have had very educated Professors who have been helpful and knowledgable.

So far the Admission's Office and Tech Support Team have been very helpful. Only 2 persons out of 100 may have been unhelpful in the Finanacial Department but it was during a Computer Transition Process that is very time consuming and difficult with usually an unforeseen problem, that was eventually resolved. I have completed 25 credits so far and have ejoyed the progress of my pursuit. Kaplan is a great University, I have attended several well known colleges that I may have had a lesser experience.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

I'd like to start by saying I was most interested in Kaplan University because they were one of the very few that provided majors in education in the online format. So far my classes have been very relevent, and the professors have been some of the best I've ever had in my education experience.

I have personally never had a problem with the financial aid office. I found all of the advising staff and other personel to be very friendly, professional, and knowledgable. I am aware that this is a for profit school, but I also think that Kaplan returns the favor in terms of value. My federal loans are smaller at Kaplan than they were at a brick-and-mortar school, in addition, tuition includes books! That is one expense I am glad I do not even have to worry about with this school. Yes, some of these books are e-books, but they are all in PDF format and easy to save on your pc. Also, because Kaplan is owned by the Washington Post, most of the books are extremely useful to my major and tools that I am likely to use in my career. So although the school is for-profit, they compensate by providing high quality services.

Another redeeming quality of Kaplan is the format of the classes themselves. In my previous experience with online courses, there was a lot of reading and a discussion board. With Kaplan, there is an online learning enviornment, web resources, and a 1 hour lecture per week per course. I find these "seminars" have improved the online learning experience for me. The professors are great, and the power point lectures really help to set me in the right direction as far as that weeks assignments. I recieve very fast responses to questions outside of the "seminar" as well, the professors are all promoting my success. I would reccomend Kaplan to anyone.

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