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5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

I'd like to start by saying I was most interested in Kaplan University because they were one of the very few that provided majors in education in the online format. So far my classes have been very relevent, and the professors have been some of the best I've ever had in my education experience.

I have personally never had a problem with the financial aid office. I found all of the advising staff and other personel to be very friendly, professional, and knowledgable. I am aware that this is a for profit school, but I also think that Kaplan returns the favor in terms of value. My federal loans are smaller at Kaplan than they were at a brick-and-mortar school, in addition, tuition includes books! That is one expense I am glad I do not even have to worry about with this school. Yes, some of these books are e-books, but they are all in PDF format and easy to save on your pc. Also, because Kaplan is owned by the Washington Post, most of the books are extremely useful to my major and tools that I am likely to use in my career. So although the school is for-profit, they compensate by providing high quality services.

Another redeeming quality of Kaplan is the format of the classes themselves. In my previous experience with online courses, there was a lot of reading and a discussion board. With Kaplan, there is an online learning enviornment, web resources, and a 1 hour lecture per week per course. I find these "seminars" have improved the online learning experience for me. The professors are great, and the power point lectures really help to set me in the right direction as far as that weeks assignments. I recieve very fast responses to questions outside of the "seminar" as well, the professors are all promoting my success. I would reccomend Kaplan to anyone.

4 out of 5

I am one term away from completing my Associates Degree at Kaplan and am debating whether to stay or finish my Bachelors elsewhere. Hence my journey to this peer review website.

Honestly, I am shocked at the amount of negativity at Kaplan. From the start I have had an admissions adviser who still e-mails me and immediate contact from my academic advisers. For example, I e-mailed my registration suggestions for the next term today. I heard back from two different advisers already in the same day. I also have a financial aid adviser who always get back to me within a reasonable amount of time.

I entered college with the determination to do the best that I can. Kaplan is no different than any other University. It is up to each individual to make the most of their experience.

In addition, I have received some great recommendation letters from past professors in endorsement of scholarships. Contrary to what many may believe, going to an online school is not easier. It still requires dedication and perseverance, yet at the same time has the same travails such as financial worries and trouble with communication as the top-rate universities. Do not attend an online university if you are expecting an easier route.

4 out of 5

I would not recommend anyone to Kaplan. I was dismissed at Kaplan because I was in my last class which entenship my job stated that I can do my entership and when it were time to do this some at my job sign papers that my name never on it.

Kaplan never spoken with me concerning this they ignore me and dismiss me and I only had 90 hours to do. NO ONE SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE THIS a good student made good grades this is my career now I am doing appea.

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4 out of 5

I switch to KAPLAN what a mistake even thought all my loans and grants covered my first year through another school according to Kaplan they were not they charge over ten grand for just 7 months of school and they claim even though I have proof I owe them money... They are money hungry and their is not one personal adviser you have a department full of I don't know let me find out people? I found out this school was on the worst list of school by students. Needless to say I drop and switch colleges. Be aware...

4 out of 5

I am a current student at Kaplan, and I love it. I am shocked that so many people have negative things to say about the program. I have not had any issues with Kaplan. I have only had to call tech support one time (in my first term) and they helped me. I didn't have a long wait time at all.

Finincial Aid depatment has never left me on hold long. All of my e-mails have been answered with in 24-48 hours of me sending them. I have found that the class work is easy. I expected more a lot more work with this being college.

I spend about 4 hours a week (average week) per class. I have loved all of my professors. All of mine has taken the time to expain mine and classmates issues during the seminars. There have been a few times where that was all a professor done, and didn't get to the powerpoint they had prepared.

I love Kaplan and plan on returning for my bachelor's degree in health science when I complete my associates degree in medical assisting. I am sorry that many people have had bad things to say about Kaplan. I love Kaplan and reccommend it to anyone.

4 out of 5

I was 3/4 through my Bachelors in Paralegal Studies at Kaplan and on the President's List. I had several medical issues that last year and figured out that I was not superwoman and should take a medical leave of absence. My Advisor approved it.

A month later Kaplan University dismissed me. I had straight A's and had failed a class due to the medical illness. I appealed the dismissal and just found out via email after I asked for an update that my dismissal had been upheld. They refuse to give me any names to contact. I would never recommend Kaplan. The communication is the worst and they DO NOT LOOK OUT FOR THE STUDENT.

4 out of 5

I am a graduate student at Kaplan and very happy with the program. I was shocked to read all the negative reviews. I have even had nothing but good experiences with the financial aid department. The work is challenging, the instructors are very helpful as are the advisors. I am really sorry so many people had such bad experiences.

4 out of 5

Read all of the bad reviews, they are completely true. The school is such a mess and forget about getting any kind of answers that will make you feel like your issue is resolved. It's all about MONEY!

I am so angry that I decided to attend Kaplan. Please take the advice from the other son this forum and learn from our stories.

Find a good community college and get your degree. I am truly disgusted with Kaplan.

Thank for making my degree just a piece of paper.

As for the rest I can not express in words in front of good people.

4 out of 5

I'm shocked to read some of the online reviews here. I graduated with my masters from KU in 2006. My experience at Kaplan was awesome! I received an excellent education there and worked very hard.

There certainly wasn't anything "easy" about any of my classes, as I’ve never researched and written more in my life until I went through this program. All of my professors were very knowledgeable in their fields and extremely helpful.

I have gone through campus-based degree programs as well and must say that I worked harder and learned more through my online program at Kaplan than any other college I’ve attended. I never had any issues with financial aid or any other issues for that matter. I’ve also never had any problem getting a job or advancing in my field with my credentials. Kaplan is an excellent choice!

4 out of 5

It took me 3 months to get my financial aid resolved and then I started the class late and I had a very inconsiderate and non helpful professor.

He did not give me a chance to catch up my assignments after it was not my fault I entered the class late. It was the TERRIBLE communication of the FINANCIAL AID OFFICE. It is like is there money and they are paying for you FINANCIAL AID that was given to you by the government. I recommend NOONE EVER attend this school. I forgot to add how horrible they treat their students that support the US MILITARY and attending online school from Iraq and Afghanistan with very poor internet connection.

The professors did not care...They had no consideration and would just fail you or give you a bad grade...Please don't waste your time...Find a school that you can enjoy and graduate without all this drama!!!

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