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4 out of 5
Degree: Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering
Graduation Year: 2019

Michigan Tech is a wonderful place to obtain your education. The atmosphere is welcoming, the professors are there to make sure you succeed in not only in your class but in your degree. The educational experience the Engineering Department provided and taught me ways I am going to be able to contribute to society. There are many student activities provided to get involved outside the classroom, for example, wellness programs and resources, community service events, campus traditions, and leadership programs.

5 out of 5
Degree: Environmental Engineering Technology/Environmental Technology
Graduation Year: 2016

Having grown up in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, I developed a love and appreciation for the outdoors that greatly influenced my decision to enroll in Michigan Tech's Environmental Engineering program. Many of my classes are taught by professors who have had prior experience in industry who can provide insight from their personal experience as engineers. Instead of teaching straight from a textbook, I have been fortunate enough to have professors who base their instruction off of real-world scenarios that they previously encountered while on a job. Even as a summer intern about to enter my junior year, the personal insight I received over the past two years has been beyond helpful. Now that I'm an upperclassman, if I could go back and give myself advice when I was fist started college, I would have told myself to make weekly learning center appointments with math coaches even before classes start to get tough. The learning centers at MTU provide students with homework help in virtually all subjects on a walk-in basis or by appointment. After struggling for hours on my Calc II homework, I bit the bullet and went to the learning center for the first time. By the end of the semester, the coaches knew me by name and expected me on a regular basis. There is no better sense of accomplishment than getting the highest score on an exam, and I couldn't have done it without putting in the extra time in the learning center. If you are a nature-lover like myself, you will fall in love with the pristine beauty of the Keweenaw Peninsula. Whether your interests are in camping, hiking, waterfall-chasing or winter sports, Michigan Tech has a little bit of everything to offer its students, not to mention free entrance to sporting events, free and unlimited passes to Mont Ripley for skiers or boarders, and a free gym membership to work off all that dining hall food. In the fall, I highly recommend taking a trip north to Copper Harbor and enjoying the beautiful fall colors as the leaves begin to change. Over the winter, you will also have the chance to participate in Broomball games and Winter Carnival. You may have heard of Winter Carnival, but if you haven't, students spend weeks building massive snow sculptures around campus to be judged. Winter Carnival is something that has to be experienced- it's totally unique to Michigan Tech! Did I mention that Houghton received 340" of snow last year? Don't forget your parka and snowshoes! Above all, get involved, get outside, and study hard. Your experiences both inside and outside of lecture are going to stay with you throughout your career, so make the most of every second.

4 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2015

Michigan Tech provides many helpful guides to bring you to success. One of the helpful guides Michigan Tech offers is learning centers. At the learning centers you can go freely as a walk-in or sign up for a weekly appointment with a coach. Using the learning center is at no cost to you. Learning centers is just one way to help students understand material thoroughly.

Fun activities at Michigan Tech are: broom ball, winter carnival, O-week, K-day, and many more. Winter carnival is a great time for Michigan Tech students to get together and enjoy winter! During winter carnival students build sculptures and other fun events.

Michigan Tech strongly encourages students to not only have a great GPA, but to be apart of extra curricular activity such as, professional societies and enterprises. These extra curricular activities can help you gain an edge on earning an internship, co-op, or a job.

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