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Student & Graduate Reviews (4)

5 out of 5
Degree: Social Sciences
Graduation Year: 2016

I have enjoyed my years at NCCU. As this is my second degree attained and I plan to receive my Masters degree at NCCU. I have enjoyed my instructors, advisors and any other faculty or staff member. I also enjoyed my field experience within my program.

4 out of 5
Degree: Cultural Studies
Graduation Year: 2015

I began attending North Carolina Central University in 2008. In 2010, after three years at the university I changed my major from Education to Spanish. The work was rigorous and I could almost never get in touch with my Education dept advisor when I needed them. Spanish was not much better. Most of the advisors for foriegn languages speak English as their second or third language, making communication an issue. I placed out of Elementary Spanish I, II, and III but could not find out how to take the necessary tests to get credit. By the time I got the info I needed, the tests no longer mattered. The Spanish degree program is run by a department chair whose primary fpcus is English. so she and her staff are practically useless to foreign language students. On the bright side, I highly recommend the office of Student Disability services, since they were great advocates and a wonderful relief and source of help when neeeded

3 out of 5
Degree: Information Technology
Graduation Year: 2011

My Bachelor's Program at NCCU was a good experience. Coming into the program I was very knowledgeable about IT from my overall interest in IT and the field so I was well prepared. The program is very broad so it allows you to find what path do you want to take and possibly make a career out of. The faculty in my program were really receptive; they work hard to make sure you are learning and helping you decide what you want to do in life before you leave college. Most of the courses that I took were hands-on and allowed for interaction with other students of various backgrounds and nationalities. Overall great experience.

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4 out of 5
Degree: Clinical Psychology
Graduation Year: 2014

NCCU is an amazing school and like every other college in America it has its short comings but the pro's outweigh the con's at this HBCU.. Downside: surrounding area is a bit scary after dark it is what most people would consider the hood but during the day I have always felt very safe there is a strong police presence so in the end you are safe if you are cautious and use common sense. The library is not open 24/7..that is the only thing I don't like about the school. Bright spots: I can only speak for the departments that I have dealt with Psychology is awesome if you get the right teacher (every department has its crazy professors) Dr. Livingston and Dr. Cunningham are the top 2 teachers in the department if you get the chance to take one their classes do it. They actually care about what they are teaching you and in many cases they will bend over backwards to help you in and out of the classroom. The theater department is in my opinion the best department on campus we truly are a family. Which means that we have our spats and issues but at the end of the day we pull together to make sure the NCCU theater is a shining light in the Durham community. The last department that I can vouch for as positive is the music department ..although there are A LOT of egos in the end they also pull together to truly make NCCU proud no matter where we go. Overall NCCU is awesome and we are continuing to soar high with our first permanent female chancellor leading the way to a bright and promising future.

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