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Student & Graduate Reviews (66)

4 out of 5
Degree: Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services, Other
Graduation Year: 2003

My college experience was fantastic. The program at The Fisher College of Business was outstanding. The faculty was world-class. They had relevant business experience and were fantastic teachers as well. Thanks to Ohio State I have had many great opportunities.

5 out of 5
Degree: Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities, Other
Graduation Year: 1984

The Ohio State University was literally the best I could have made for the combination of academic, social, and varsity athletics. My college experience exposed me to cultures and people that span the world and birthed lifelong friends that I cherish to this day. The College of Arts and Sciences provided me with a degree that is recognized and respected around the world.

5 out of 5
Degree: Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, Other
Graduation Year: 2007

OSU was one of the best experiences of my life. I studied at Fisher College of Business and it opened so many doors. I am 8 years out of college and in my dream job as the Director of Marketing. I met friends and collgueges that I am eternally grateful for. O-h

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5 out of 5
Degree: French Studies
Graduation Year: 1997

I found the department of French and Italian, and Ohio State to be an awesome place for graduate education. It still is and it was then. Faculty were available, friendly, highly well-regarded researchers and inspiring. Graduate students had ample opportunities to teach at various undergraduate levels and that experience was invaluable when I was in the market for a first tenure-track job In addition, there were some funds available for research during the summer, opportunities to teach in the summer if you wanted and a good and friendly cohort of graduate teaching associates. In addition, Columbus is a great city, great art community, great glbqa community and great place for good restaurants and a variety of venues for fun, sport and relaxation.

4 out of 5
Degree: Political Science
Graduation Year: 2011

Both the political science and philosophy departments have professors being published at the top of their fields which is great for having access to the latest most competent information. In the political science department I experienced what I consider to be innovative coursework for the Bachelors level. Courses included a simulated political game over one quarter. A full course on identity politics. And plenty of references in various courses to competing theories. In the philosophy department, the lower level courses focus on giving students a grounded background in where philosophy has been. Also, philosophy professors in my experience had a greater focus on teaching compared to the political science department. I had a really great time and challenge in upper level epistemology courses. Overall, Ohio State has what you want. There are sports fanatics, artists, foodies, OUAB, and everything else you could want. The challenge is finding what you want and auditing your experience so that you don't keep doing things you find sub-optimal. Nothing including your schedule or degree plan is fed to you. But, if you are meticulous about it you can accomplish great things. And the alumni network is superb.

5 out of 5
Degree: Animal Nutrition
Graduation Year: 1970

The university exposed me to the entire range of people, rich and not-so-rich, very bright and some average, but we learned together how to live together for a few years and to understand our role in business and in the community. It also taught the importance of teaming.

5 out of 5
Degree: Administrative Assistant and Secretarial Science, General
Graduation Year: 1979

Perfect program for me. Prior to doing this MS I was working in the field as a commercial fisherman and the degree program helped me learn what was available to choose from , helped me get a job and basically set me up on a career path - 25 years at Michigan State University. I had a prior BS in business and the MS focused my thinking more so coupled with the field time I was ready. Hindsight tells me that OSU was and likely still is a great place to find yourself.

5 out of 5
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: 1989

Even though it has been years, I will never forget my time at Ohio State. Many say it's too large of a university, but I feel it's only as big as you make it. I will add though that you have to take lots of initiative to get what you want. But in the end, it's totally worth it. I always feel at home whenever I visit. Plus, those football tickets are calling your name!

5 out of 5
Degree: Education
Graduation Year: 1966

I studied Elementary Education and feel that I received a solid background to give me what I needed in the classroom. My professors took time to help me understand material I found difficult and, during student teaching I had a wonderful supervising instructor who encouraged me to have thorough lesson plans and to enjoy the children.

5 out of 5
Degree: Business Administration and Management, General
Graduation Year: 2012

My four-year tenure at The Ohio State University were the best four years. The friends and professors I met continually challenged me to be the be better every day. Being a Buckeye is much more than football Saturday's. It's engrained in your soul. This campus engulfs with you with he beauty of what Columbus has to offer. The friendships I have made with my classmates and professors will last a lifetime.

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