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4 out of 5
Degree: Video Game Design
Graduation Year: 2013

I see all of these reviews and wonder what has happened to these people. I have never had any issues this school. I went to school for video game design the first time and before I graduated I had a job. As a direct result of my degree I have moved up in my company and furthered my career. It has afforded me to go back to school for a second degree that my company is paying for. They realize how much of an asset my education has been.

4 out of 5
Degree: Health Information/Medical Records Technology/Technician
Graduation Year: 2017

I am seeing all these bad reviews and I am like really. This school is very intense. They are fast past 5.5 week course. You have to be willing to put in the work. I just completed my second term. It was hard but I learned. My teachers were very helpful and informative. I can email or call my advisor and get a quick response. No later than 1 business day but I usually hear from her way sooner. I been to a lot of online schools and I finally found a online school to fit my busy life style. It's very affordable. Much cheaper than most online schools. Devry wanted almost $500 a credit hour for their program and you are only allowed to transfer certain amount of credits in plus. $40,000 for a AS degree is ridiculous!!!! Rasmussen accepted all my credits that applied to my degree which was about 35 and my tuition is $199 per credit hour. I stumped across this school trying to go to WGU. I am using this school a a prerequisite for WGU. WGU want me to have a AS degree and be a certified RHIT before I can be accepted in the Health Informatics program.

4 out of 5
Degree: Healthcare Management
Graduation Year: 2016

After reading some of the reviews on here, I'm actually very surprised that so many people seem to be having such an issue with the school. The campus I attend is in Florida, and it's a relatively small campus where not many classes are offered on-site. I have been with Rasmussen for two years and will graduate this fall. I have never had any sort of issues with this school. I've always received a response from my advisers and professors within 24 hours and anytime I've had late work or needed help, I've always had an understand professor to help me. The only downfall that I can see is that the semester are short, 11 weeks. If you fall behind a few weeks, it's hard to get caught back up, however it's not impossible. I feel that you'll get out of the school what you put into it. A lot of my program is done online, which works great for my work schedule, and even the on campus teachers are flexible. As far as the cost, yes it's a little on the expensive side, but yet the loan I took out is less than my car loan. I feel bad for those that have had such a rough experience, but it's like any other business, you can't make everyone happy and someone will always have something bad to say.

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4 out of 5
Degree: Nursing Education
Graduation Year: 2014

I am in a 'test cohort' so to speak and have been along for the ride as Rasmussen tries to design their RN program. It has been a frustrating experience to be in the middle of this transition and I feel that I have been slighted in terms of the amount of education and experiences I'm getting at times due to the program as well as some of the staff which I deem incompetent. I am concerned that this program will not earn me placement into the kind of job I was hoping for, which is not what I was told when I enrolled.

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