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Student & Graduate Reviews (7)

4 out of 5
Degree: Journalism
Graduation Year: 2017

I began the online Master's in Journalism at Regent in 2014. I found only about 2/3 of the classes have been beneficial, which for as inflexible and tight a degree it is, was incredibly discouraging. The Journalism Technology Tools class was at a first-year undergraduate level. The Internet Marketing and Story, Pop Culture, & Worldview courses were taught in an approach irrelevant to the degree. What perhaps was most discouraging was the amount of required time towards peer responses. The bar for Regent's program seems to be set very low. While I would spend time to respond to classmate's work, I'd often in return get, "U rite perty. You is done a good job!" Not that any of it mattered, as beyond mandatory responses, we weren't required to really interact or even follow up to responses. Its a sloppy attempt to facilitate a classroom dynamic when there is none. Throughout the courses, however, I did enjoy the rigor of many of the assignments. I was satisfied with the challenges some of the writing courses presented. However, the final year was a chore as I lost my two favorite professors, Dr. Michael Patrick and the late Dr. Bruce Swaffield. In the end, I was left with a degree that I felt I earned but was dissatisfied by the process. If I were to pursue another online degree, I'd look elsewhere.

5 out of 5
Degree: Theology/Theological Studies
Graduation Year: 2016

The program was intense and demanding. No paper mill here! you will work hard for your degree. The professors were demanding but helpful and understanding for the most part. I would add that, no matter where you go, please keep in mind that a degree and an education can be, and are many times, two different things. The education part is up to you, if you are only interested in getting a degree (like is some kind of union card), then that is what you will get, no matter where you go. Now with that out the way, if you want a solid education, Regent can provide their part for you, the other conponent is up to you. I believe that the school is a great place to study.

3 out of 5
Degree: Religious Studies
Graduation Year: 2012

it was very satisfying. Hard at times, but very worth the effort.

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1 out of 5
Degree: Law
Graduation Year: 2016

This program is a JOKE. I will be reporting to ED and Accreditation how much a JOKE this "Masters" program is, just a ploy to get funds. Diploma Mill. Admissions are LIARS. Whatever it is you want to hear is what you get to get you to enroll. WORTHLESS.

5 out of 5
Degree: Special Education
Graduation Year: 2012

I loved/love Regent. It has a great atmosphere - very positive and uplifting.

5 out of 5
Degree: Organizational Leadership
Graduation Year: 2014

I transferred into Regent University's online program in 2012, after starting at an on campus school in 2000 but not graduating. I took 72 credits through Regent to complete my bachelor's degree. The good: My initial enrollment into the school was easy. Although I was applying at literally the last minute for fall semester, they managed to get me into the program. The semesters are divided into two 8-week sessions, which I prefer, because I could just focus on one or two classes at a time. I felt like the workload per class was appropriate. It was challenging and worthwhile, but not killer. The assignments for the entire semester are always posted at the beginning of each term, so I was able to schedule my time accordingly. The great: The professors! I really feel that the professors at Regent care about students. They are interactive with classes and provide feedback, which was something I was worried about when I first started online. The not-so-good: I had an issue with transfer credit that I was supposed to receive for an AP class, which nearly pushed my graduation back a semester. Fortunately my advisor petitioned the school and I was able to get my credit in time. So if you plan on transferring in, just make sure it's all squared away early on. The other not-so-good thing is the course rotation schedule. Some classes in my program are only offered once a year, and also some general education classes fill up very quickly. I was wait listed several times, however, I did eventually get enrolled in everything I needed. It's just something to be aware of from the beginning, so you can get the right classes each semester. Also, I have realized now that I have graduated that my particular degree program in "Leadership Studies" seems more appropriate for someone who already works within an organization where they hope to move up the ladder. For someone like me who is trying to gain entry level work, it seems to be too broad of a degree without a focus on something specific. I feel like I'd have better luck job hunting if my degree was in "business administration" or "human resources." I feel like I learned plenty of great information and knowledge that would that would be very useful in the workplace, but I'm not sure if my specific degree communicates that to potential employers. As the other reviewer pointed out, Regent is a Christian based school, so you will have to take classes in theology and Biblical studies. Also, Christian principles are integrated into the other classes as well. Personally, I enjoyed this aspect of the school, but for someone who isn't a Christian or does not care about Christian integration in their classes, this might not be the place for them. Overall I would recommend Regent. Other than a few minor issues, everything went along smoothly. I really enjoyed my classes and felt like I received a quality education.

4 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2015

Regent University can be a tough school if you don't put forth an extra effort no matter what your major is but it prepares you beyond the level of hardwork that you will be undertaking for the rest of your life.

There is a LOT!! of book reading, studying and research(seriously, it's no joke) than other universities.

I went to another university for three years and also a community college for two years before I came to Regent and I have to say that Regent's curriculum is the most intense I've had.

It is a christian college so you will have to take at least one class in Old Testament studies and one class in New Testament studies, also a few christian leadership courses, but it's not that bad. Some of the information was actually helpful to me in understanding my faith. The religious study professors are very nice and understanding of your personal life.

They'll work with you if you need to make up a test or an exam or need more time to turn in a report. Their animation labs are really good and the animation professors are awesome.

Depending on what you study this school can get pricey. For an animation major the price is better than most schools. Though they do have a computer lab I advise getting your own computer (preferably Windows) and a hard drive.

The people are really nice here and very focused on what they want to do. The environment is nice and feel pretty safe here. This is not a party school although they do have a lot of fun social gatherings. There are a lot of activities and some good organizations here to get involved with. You have to get involved with things. Don't sit in your dorm an expect the fun to just come to you. Get out and sign up for things and come to meetings to what ever you're interested in.

Okay let's face it, no matter where you go your going to have a complaint because, every school is going to have at least a few things wrong with it. No place is perfect. You take the good with the bad. As the student you have to decided what "bad" you are willing to take and if the "good" outweighs it. Just remember that you are not going to be there for the rest of your life, just until you get your degree.

In conclusion I would recommend Regent University if it has the major you want to study and you are very serious about what you want to do.

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