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Student & Graduate Reviews (4)

5 out of 5
Degree: Computer and Information Sciences, General
Graduation Year: 2016

Probably one of the best 2-year colleges in the country. The classes are usually really small, which means that you get more face-to-face time with the teacher and they can adapt to every students needs. Campuses are all over the Salt Lake Valley so I was able to pick and choose classes and times easily according to my schedule with work and other demands of life. I highly recommend this college if you are going to get your Generals done and over with so that you can go on to a 4-year college. Also, the tuition is super cheap.

3 out of 5
Degree: General Studies
Graduation Year: 2014

Meh. None of the employees were particularly helpful, most instructors were decent enough, but trying to register and get into the classes you need was a nightmare. I was doing the biology program, and in one semester they had cell bio at one campus, then ecology at another, and then another bio class I needed offered at a third campus. To top it all off, they had the hours in the worst fashion possible. I work full time, and the hours were just so awful. One course was early morning, another was afternoon, and a the other was at night. I wasn't the only person, and biology wasn't the only program, with this kind of issue. The only reason I would consider going back here is because it's hard to find science programs online that are 1) accredited and 2) affordable.

4 out of 5
Degree: Linguistic, Comparative, and Related Language Studies and Services, Other
Graduation Year: 2012

I am a non-traditional student in that I am over 50, so I wanted to go to a smaller campus to get my feet wet for my first time in college. Salt Lake Community College fit that bill perfectly. I became part of the TRIO program and my advisor counseled me and helped me stay on track and graduate. I wanted to teach ESL but there is no specific program for that only 1 class, so I got a general AS degree and transferred to the University of Utah to finish with a BA in Linguistics, now I am enrolled at Westminster College for my Master's in teaching. My experience was a very positive one.

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5 out of 5
Degree: Education, General
Graduation Year: 2012

Salt Lake Community College is truly a worthwhile economical decision for any student wishing to obtain a college degree or begin credits towards a degree. I began at SLCC after transferring from out of state because it was a cheaper option for me as a student than first attending a 4-Year college. SLCC had a wide variety of classes for me to choose from with some of the best professors I have ever worked with, the caliber that you would find at 4-Year institutions. I loved the small scale of the class to teachers and the wide range of extracurricular activities the school brought to my life. I also enjoyed the campus and felt it was safe and relaxing. It was definitely a highlight of my college experience and I would recommend it to anyone in the Salt Lake area, not only for its affordability, but for the well-rounded education you receive and the passionate staff members working there.

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