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5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2016

This school has been a great challenge for me and I believe a challenge is one thing that everyone needs in their life. I have been very happy attending this school because I work nights and this school provides me with the ability to get my studies done at my own availability at any time of the day. The textbooks get sent directly to your door and they have their own book store or you can order from someone else.

The administration and financial offices have great customer service. This school is awesome for the people that want ot further their education, but have a very busy life. I would definitely recommend this college to anyone that wants to help themselves to a great opportunity.

1 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2011

I was very disappointed with Strayer University. I am a professional and chose it predominately due to its online option. However, the school is deficient in so many areas from the over used curriculums to the unprofessional instructors and deans to the poor administration.

What I found most disappointing is the overused curriculum. It is so outdated that the assignments can be purchased online verbatim to what is required in the curriculum. And the school has reduced its administrative costs by not providing the instructors internet checks for plagiarism. The instructors give little to no instructions.

Grading of assignments only involved uploading the correct answers without any personal notes or suggestions for improvement. In one of my last classes the professor never entered my final grade into the online tool - blackboard. When I contacted him, he said not to worry he gave me an A. I told him I was more concerned with the evaluation of my work, and needed to know the scores for almost 30% of my assignments he was behind in grading. He said he no longer had the information and left it at that. I contacted the Dean and he said there was nothing he could do. To make matters worse, after the commencement, my transcript still had not been updated with the final grades so I had to contact the Dean again. It took almost a month for it to get corrected.

Providing negative input on my Alba Marta has the potential to diminish prospective employers’ views of my education, but I'd much rather suffer that than have another individual stumble on such a useless school with the assumption that they will get the education they are paying for. Strayer University gives online schools a bad reputation.

2 out of 5

This school was one of my absolute favorites because they are flexible, took majority of my transferred credits and offered great courses for my field of study. However, the atmosphere is a bit too relaxed and the staff is not "straight up" with the students.

The Business Office/Financial Aid office is the ABSOLUTE worse! They are very nice, but no one really knows what's going on with Financial Aid. This quarter is about to end and I still haven't received my disbursement. I'm told that my application for FAFSA was ok, and I have my confirmation statement of funds for this school year from Strayer.

However, online it shows that my disbursement is being held for long does it take to be reviewed? I've been getting the "run around" for the past four weeks from the manager in the Business Office. Is there someone else I can talk to before taking this matter to a higher official, perhaps the president of the school? How can I talk to those in the Central Financial Aid office besides the one at my home campus? HELP ME!

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2 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2010

I earned my first Masters from Strayer in Education 2010. My first experience was a great one. I decided to go back and get a second Master in Human Resources. That's when things took a turn. Strayer placed me in wrong classes and now those classes don't count so now I have to retake the classes.

Secondly, my tuition has yet to be disbursed and I have not received my financial Aid check for my living expenses. Strayer has become extremely commercial and does not care about the students and the financial aid department is horrible. After this quarter I will officially retire from Strayer University and will not return. It has put a bad taste in my mouth.

2 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2013

Strayer University is not a good school to attend. In the end, this school will cause you more drama and pain. It will be DRAMA every quarter with something. If its not admissions, its financial aid, or the professors. Stick with traditional schools. In the end, this is the best route to take.

2 out of 5

This started out to be a pretty good school. I was told that I would be able to receive my full degree going to physical classes. Due to the recession they were unable to keep enough teachers on staff to accomodate.

I attempted to attend an online class and the instructor wanted our work in by Thursday and we were supposed to have until Sunday. I tried to contact her but she did not respond. I dropped the class the Monday after the 1st week and they would not refund all of my money - I was out over $300.

I had four more classes to take to receive my Master's degree so I figure I would attempt the online classes again. When I contacted the school they had changed the curriculum for my degree and they wanted me to take six more classes instead of four.

3 out of 5

The fact is that Strayer University charges $1,665 per class. The funding that you can receive from the government does not cover everything.

They do calculate the cost of your books into the financial aid, therefore, you don't have to pay out of pocket. The bookstore they use offers great service and timely delivery. You simply use your voucher from financial aid when ordering your books. They have decent enrollment, academic and finance advisers. If you do have an issue while attending the 'office' is not quick to resolve the matter or do much to make your feel as if they value your business.

The classroom environment utilizes Blackboard and the due dates for assignments are on Sunday's. The late policy varies dramatically from teacher to teacher. It is your responsibility to register for classes each semester unlike some of the other online universities in which they have a set schedule for your. Each semester you take two classes that last eleven weeks each. The course content is good and the pace is steady. There are one to two weeks off between semesters.

The quality of the teachers varies dramatically from class to class. I typically had one great teacher and one horrible teacher per semester. Overall, the price that they charge is not worth the dramatic variation in teacher quality. The main complaint with the teachers from myself and fellow classmates was that they typically do not email you back and when they do they don't fully answer your questions. This issue with the instructors caused me to transfer schools after one year at Strayer University. I would not recommend it to any friends or family members.

4 out of 5

I noticed a posting on here where someone mentioned that the cost of attending SU is more than what the governmetn will lend you to take classes.

Yes, the tuition does cost more, but the school is not flawed, the government is. Strayer's tuition is in line with many other schools and even cheaper than some. Yes, it does cost more than a community college but you can earn your Bachelors or Masters Degree here. It is a University, not a college. Also, this school transfered in a lot of my credits from the community college, 26 of them to be exact. This offset my tution a lot and it only ended up costing me a little over 23,000 to graduate with my Bachelors Degree.

For the Masters program, the tuition is a lot less than what the government allows, even affording me a refund check. However, I sent that refund check back, realizing it would be added to my student loans.

While I havent had a perfect experience, overall, it has been good. I have had a few teachers here and there that I had issues with and the Dean was not at all helpful but when all is said and done, I would still recommend them.

If you really want to know about any school, you need to educate yourself and not listen to opinions of others. People will embelish or will exaggerate thier negative experiences. Clearly the person who wrote about the tuition being more than what financial aid lends, did not educate themselves on how FA works.

It is unfortunate for that person but I think for the most part, you will find that most students do not share that opinion and if they do, they should educate themself and not rely on the words of others.

4 out of 5

Strange how everyone at Strayer is your friend when the money at their end is in question.But once they get paid you may as well wait until they are ready to pay you.Not only is the tuition high the customer service is lacking.If hind sight is twenty twenty the next time I'll attempt to study business where they actually practice what they preach.Its a corporate mind set and little else.Money first students second.If left up to me I would request that the State investigate these concerns.

4 out of 5

My overall experience was sketchy at best. I needed financial aid for tuition and to help my out while attending classes. Financial aid was always messed up and had to go in and readjust and fix problems that continuously occured. It was such a pain. The semester would be nearing the end and I would just be recieving my financial aid check. Staff is available to register you for more classes but not available when you need help with an instructor or advice. The dean is a real "gem" not helpful at all. Shows no interest in helping.

opening up "tickets" to have issued resolved is a real pain also. Takes forever for someone to get back to you. Beware of all of the negative feedback this school has rec'd. They recieve negative feedback for a reason. It's way too expensive for them not to be more cooperative. Look into community college they are offering online courses now and are way cheaper!

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