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Student & Graduate Reviews (5)

4 out of 5
Degree: Communications
Graduation Year: 2006

Texas Tech University: I love my experience there. As much as the town itself is not terribly exciting the university culture and atmosphere makes Lubbock a nice, fun home. My education was excellent. I don't believe I ever took a class at Texas Tech that did not truly teach me and help me become who I am today. I was never just checking boxes to get a piece of paper. I had the time of my life in undergrad at TTU! University of North Texas: I got an applicable, inexpensive education. UNT was an excellent school for me because I made it that way but at times it was a battle. I loved some of my professors and they have made it possible for me to accomplish goals I didn't think were really possible. I was proud of attending a university that acted upon their philosophy such as living green... limited the carbon footprint of the university. UNT really does put their money where their mouth is.

2 out of 5
Degree: Art/Art Studies, General
Graduation Year: 2015

Not what I expected, would have enjoyed a lot more from my college experience. Had no help finding something to help me get started after college.

1 out of 5
Degree: Physics, Other
Graduation Year: 2017

The professors hate dealing with students. The grade you recieve is based solely on the professors personallity and how much they like you. Financial aid is a complete joke. They lie to get students to enroll, then drop every promise they made. The classes are either so easy a toddler could pass or so hard a PhD canidate could not pass, there is no in between. The advising department is as useless as can be. Nothing about this school is positive. they want your money but they do not want to provide the education.

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3 out of 5
Degree: Mechanical Engineering Related Technologies/Technicians, Other
Graduation Year: 2008

Great adviser, fairly good teaching because it wasn't a Tier One Research university like it is trying to become now. It will probably be going downhill when it does. Solid engineering programs that cater to the Oil & Gas industries and they hire well from there.

4 out of 5
Degree: Finance
Graduation Year: 1990

I would recommend Texas Tech. It helped me understand that learning is a lifetime experience.

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