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Trident Technical College Reviews

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Student & Graduate Reviews (3)

4 out of 5
Degree: Science & Math
Graduation Year: 2017

I attended this technical college while still in high school. Because of this, I participated in very condensed courses. They were 7-9 week classes, so I always had to make sure I kept up with all of my assignments, or otherwise I would very quickly fall behind. Despite the reputation technical colleges get for lack of educational quality, I genuinely believe that I received a fantastic education in the sciences at this college. Some teachers were fantastic, whil others are memorable. But overall, Trident Technical College was great.

4 out of 5
Degree: Science & Math
Graduation Year: 2014

There are several satellite campuses for Trident Technical College. The school was made that way to make it more convenient for students to attend school while working and succeeds, because it means that you can schedule the classes you need at the campus that is closest to you. Though specialty courses would be taken at the campus that caters to them. I have attended at two of the many campuses, the Berkeley and the Main campus. Both campuses are friendly in atmosphere and the staff is kind and helpful with the success of students in mind. For class, like every other school, you do have the occasional teacher who doesn't really care for the students and is just there for a paycheck. However, Trident has implemented a review system for the students to try and fix that issue. So there are more teachers there for the love of teaching than the money. There is also the mix-mode option for classes, which is a class that is spent half in lecture with your instructor, half online for assignments and such. This option is a combination of the two opposing options of fully online, which makes attending easier for a student that has issue attending a class with a teacher for whatever reason, and a full lecture class, which has a student sitting in a classroom a couple hours for given days of the week. The only down side to classes at Trident is the way the classes are set up. Each class is seven weeks instead of the standard fourteen. Which can be helpful in some classes like English perhaps, but is purely unreasonable for classes like Anatomy and Physiology. This is so, because for classes in which it is required that you know the information intimately in a way such that it is known inward and outward with its applications, functions, and procedures, the seven week class is too short for retention of all that knowledge. Many classes, such as those for medical and engineering, have now become feeder classes, in which it is rather difficult to retain all of the information required beyond the final exam date without an amazing memory and determination that exceeded the actual class. Even teachers find it difficult to manage under the seven week class system because they feel rushed. Whether it be fortune or misfortune, the seven week schedule is the only down side to attending at Trident, be it for attending one of their specialized programs or for getting an associates degree to transfer to another school. Trident is a great school to attend. Just be sure that your credits will transfer to the next institution, if that is your plan. Luckily, Trident even has an evaluation transfer page for that. Just talk to your advisor.

2 out of 5
Degree: Nursing
Graduation Year: 2015

The whole school in general is just a mess. The financial aid, your left in the dark. Getting in seemed ok, but after a while, a bunch of incompetent dumb dumbs took over. INSANE. For the nursing program, hit or miss. I had some classes that just didn't have their stuff together at all. HOT mess. Others were outstanding. The program is very challenging, but it prepares you with a 98% chance of passing the NCLEX. You will hate them, and have a bad attitude. But in the end you will see it is worth it. (They do not try and trick you) I have been there.

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