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4 out of 5

I am currently in the MBA program and have to say I am very impressed in how rigorous the program is and how knowledgeable the professor is. I like the online environment. I must say I have to study just about every day in order to keep up, but I am learning a lot!

4 out of 5

I am in my last semester at UMUC and have mixed feelings; however, the majority are negative.

1. It took them 4 months to go through my transcripts from previous schools and tell me what courses they would be accepting.

2. Some teachers are great, the majority have been aweful. No interaction in online courses whatsoever. Many of my instructors just post the assignment and you get a grade on the work submitted. No instruction, no feedback, no guidance, no insight. I could buy the textbook myself and save $750 for the course.

3. Their transcripts are $10 per copy, when asked why they said it was expensive paper.

4. They have barred me from enrolling in courses multiple times because they were waiting for payments that had already been made but not processed yet.

5. They have messed up my "degree progress report" multiple times making me change what courses I needed to take.

6. I will be completing my degree with a 4.0 GPA, but will NOT be graduating with honors because I have only taken 30 credits with them. How can I have met the requirements for a degree, but in those same credits, they are unable to tell if I am worthy enough for Summa Cum Laude. I could take lower level electives to obtain more credits but I feel like they are just after more money...

If I wasn't so far invested, or had the foresight, I would drop UMUC in an instant.

POSITIVES- I have had a few GREAT instructors whose courses were invaluable.

... is UMUC a diploma mill? Well it has taken a lot of work to finish my degree with a 4.0 and I have attended large state school where the work load is comparable, or easier on occasion. But people on the outside may perceive it as a diploma mill and perception is all it takes.

4 out of 5

The course are easy. Ridiculously so. The software they use is awful, I kept having to use IE instead of Chrome or Firefox and I had to take the same online survey 5 times to turn in my damn work. But that's not the real problem.

The real problem is the complete lack of support they offer. My spouse's loans kept not coming; a month and a half after the semester started a supervisor looked into her case and the problems magically cleared up. Also, if you're a teaching student like she was they don't help you set any of your on the job training up. They just give you a form letter and tell you to call around.

Seriously, do not go here. If you want a degree community colleges are cheaper and provide better service. If you want to learn go to an established institution. This place stinks.

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4 out of 5

UMUC claims they are a military friendly school. I planned on enrolling spring of 2010 online. Not only UMUC keeps asking for the same documentation over and over again, there are no follow ups from UMUC. Therefore once you had submitted documents multiple times, they never once contact you to let you its recieved or whats still outstanding. Not only they had failed to process my documents, my salliemae loans I had to make because they did not report I was enrolled as a student. VA never recieved my enrollment status either so I was unable to recieve my GI Bill.

When I was taking Advanced Business Communications and Advanced Business Management, the professors did extend my due date by two days as I was on active military duty and was unable to submit assignments out in the field. So their solution was telling me to get a wireless card and laptop and submit my assignment on time. So I was unable to submit my assignment on time and I had a huge grade reduction. By law if military personnel on a mission, there is an extended grace period that has to be allotted. I even provided my military orders evidencing my duties.

Additionally I had sumbitted all my transcripts from colleges and my military. UMUC did not provide an degree report therefore I was already enrolled at UMUC when they did not credit me my military trainings and college credits. When I inquired about it, they could not give me an answer. I went to FT. Meade liason and the advisor submitted an email in addition to dozens that I had sent and no one got back to me.

I requested a transcript from UMUC and they had transferred me to four different department just to take my credit card information. Everytime I get someone, they ask the same questions again for verification. I'm paying them money and its like they don't want it.

I thought it was just me but it turns out several other military members I personaly know had similar experience. Total waste of time, and disgrace to the college accredidation community.

4 out of 5

I think you should attend this school if you enjoy the stress of not knowing if you can take a proctored exam because it got lost, for the third time.

I really think you'll like this school if you like finding the wrong materials listed, ordering them, opening them when they arrive, then finding out that you need something different and being denied a full refund because you opened the book.

I really think you will enjoy the program at UMUC which denies a student's request to take a late exam when she has moved from Germany to Washington and has given prior notice of 4 weeks, resulting in an F in the course, and which then, stopped offering said course, meaning that you cannot repair your tarnished GPA, if you like that kind of thing.

I really think you will like it when they change your proctor without notifying you and charge you a late exam fee once you finally figure out who your proctor is.

And if you liked all that, you'll love it when they say they require an online companion to the text book, which turns out to be a different, and more expensive, online companion than they had listed, and you can't even get a refund for the first one.

Happy learning.

4 out of 5

I am going to keep this short. I enrolled into this school for the Computer Information Technology BS program. To tell you the truth it all looked good on paper. The course outline and the great speeches had me hooked and ready to enroll so I did. I completed a total of four classes at this school. I am a very optimistic person which is why i took 4 classes at this University but each experience got worse and worse.

The teachers for one are so distant and non interative. I will give an example. The class had a assignment that was due on a friday. I asked the teacher through a question using the schools email system on the prior monday. I usually wouldnt get a response at all or until thursday the day before the assignment is do.

With eac class I would take it would always seem to be the same scenario a consistent lack of response from teacher and just about zero help. There were even time when I would call the professors and get nothing more than a voice mail message saying that thier mailboxis full please call back and try again. "WOW" is the only way I could discribe it without using foul language.

Four classes and the best they can do it take my money and leave me out in the wind. For more than the obvious reasons I no longer attend this school. Dont waste your time or money The personnel are only interested in helping this school make a fast buck off of a unsuspecting soldier. Thanks a lot UMUC!!!

4 out of 5

As an undergraduate, I attended Troy University. I love Troy University and enjoyed those 4 years. During this same time my wife was an undergraduate at UMUC. We would sit at the kitchen table and work on our homework together. We have different majors but it was obvious to both of us that UMUC had a better program. They required more writing and research.

They also required every exam to be proctored (online classes) while Troy only required proctoring for about half of my online exams. When it was time for me to select a graduate school, I jumped at the opportunity to attend UMUC.

Thus far, their graduate studies have not let me down. If English is your second language or you have problems writing, don't bother because you will drop out. Great school!

4 out of 5

I give UMUC 5 Stars! I came in as a junior, having had previously received my Associates at another school. I have attended 5 schools in my academic career due to moving with the military for a family member. UMUC not only moves with me :) but is the most difficult curriculum that I have encountered of all five schools. Great job UMUC- I will be proud to be an Alumni someday.

4 out of 5

If you are considering UMUC you need to take into account what online programs have traditionally been very successful, and which ones have not. You must also be aware of your schedule, study habits, and needs. This school works well if you are independent. They have been extremely responsive and helpful when addressing financial needs, graduate advising, and registration recommendations. They answer the phone well after normal business hours.

I am in an IT program and can say that it is the toughest thing I've done, but if you apply yourself you can. For those who claim this is a diploma mill-it's not (ex. I had 2 days to learn binary). For those who point to other's misspellings or English problems- if those people are withdrawing that should be an indication that UMUC is difficult.

Graduation percentages vary for multiple reasons- amongst them the fact that a lot of people are testing out online learning, in the military, overseas, and the majority of students also have families and/or jobs.

If you are looking for a computer science/ IT class this is a good choice. I cannot vouch for other areas since, as stated earlier, there are some types of education that do not work well online.

4 out of 5

I dont think it is fair to say it isnt Boston University or Stanford University. It is what it is, if goal is to obtain credentials, then go for it. If it is to earn a prestigious name for the credentials, then chose an Ivy League school. If you need to get education that you are given materials to study, to understand the coursework without hand handholding you through the entire process of getting that degree; then choose UMUC. It isnt junior college, it it's not high school.

As a grad student, I chose my program and read the sylabus, systematicaly wrote down my coursework ending in a 3-year course I intend to follow-through. On-line studies are hard if you are technically challenged; obtain the resources before you get into the program, read ahead before the classes, challenge yourself to be two-classes ahead of each class per week and you will get that 4.0 that you hope to get without breaking a sweat! this is an adult school with expectations you are an adult if you get into the on-line courses.

Overall look at the school for what it is. It is not a deploma mill as others would describe it. They can't even if they wanted too as it is a public university and not a private institution. Thus stringent government standards have to be met to keep their accredation. If 650,000 soldiers are taking their courses in this university, then they must be doing something right teaching on-line courses. If its good enough for the Armed Forces, its good enough for me!!! just think about it!, this is UMUC, it is what it is; you can not compare this to Princeton, or Harvard...its apples and oranges...

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