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Student & Graduate Reviews (3)

3 out of 5
Degree: Physical Therapy
Graduation Year: 2012

Though it was over priced, I got a fairly good education. The most important thing in college is self motivation. If you have the will to do the work and create your own opportunities, it doesn't matter where you go.

4 out of 5
Degree: Social Work
Graduation Year: 2013

Great masters program for working professionals! Instructors and online staff were all helpful and supportive of all students despite the distance learning environment. Highly recommended for self-motivated students seeking an alternative to the classroom learning environment. Courses were well-structured and organized.

4 out of 5
Degree: Social Work
Graduation Year: 2016

This program seems more concerned with protecting themselves from litigation by non-compassionate conservatives than protecting liberal, moderate, compassionate conservative, pro gay rights and women's right students from emotional and psychological harm in discussion forums and group work. This school is around 80% female and a male student in our class expressed his very strong anti-abortion views in a discussion board. Several other students chimed in to express their support for him and congratulate him for speaking up and wrote things like, "the life to save is the life of the unborn". Despite the fact that this student was displaying textbook passive aggressive behavior and writing things like "I'll be a damn good social worker", "those people should be more responsible with their sex lives"....."many people can't have kids"....."I don't care if I sound like a misogynist"..., I was told that after expressing my concern that this student was unprofessional and acting unethically, I must have a phone conversation with him with our professor on the line and work out our problems with each other. This was beyond degrading and psychologically abusive. I was expected to give my personal phone number to a raging anti-abortion advocate and listen to him further express his feelings of entitlement to bombard us with his views on discussion boards. For every 5 incredible social workers they graduate, they go out of their way to dismiss intolerance as belief systems deserving of respect and coddle and nurture a future generation of "social wreckers" in the process. In another course, I was in a women's rights task group and one of the members decided to make a web page advocating for women to have free access to fertility treatment and another member felt female genital mutilation was an issue she couldn't imagine how to advocate against that she should provide resources for people who want to get FGM without judgement. The fertility treatment advocate actually tried to take credit for my work at the end of the course and claimed my webpage was her own. Even though you may be working full time and have a family while you take courses they expect you to do group work with people who are lazy, and don't want to work if it is inconvenient for them and display textbook passive aggressive behavior on-line. If you don't want to put up with this because you have no time and you expect maturity and accountability in graduate students, they will isolate you and publicly shame you for not working this out with those students. I suspect there are faculty members with radical ideas that should not be implemented as classroom policies who they refuse to call out for their psychologically abusive learning tactics. I love this school but I worry about being apart of something that fails to recognize their complacency with intolerance and excessive coddling of passive aggressive and socially loafing students.

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