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4 out of 5

I have been a student at this school for over a year. I have encountered hidden cost and no support system. I have no academic counselor and none of my other counselors are of any help, but yet I pay to have these services. I have to admit that the classroom experince is great. As a sinlge mother that works full time the classes fit perfectly into my scheduler and my professors are very helpful and informative

4 out of 5

I am a student at UOP and I would highly recommend it to any working person that is interested in furthering their education. I agree that the prices are extremely high and the counselors are pushy but that it part of their job. I am also a firm believer in you get what you pay for and in order to get a quality education you hae to pay for it. We talk about the proces but I guess it would equal itself out it you would go to a traditional school because think of the money that you would have to spend in gas, food, and other expenses.

I think UOP is a great school. I questioned when I first started about online degrees and I researched other online and traditional schools and with all this modern technology most higher learning is being done online. Therefore, I would recommend UOP and online classes.

4 out of 5

I have been taking courses with UoP for over a year now and I have to say that it has been the best decision I have made in a long time. My title say's "if you want it". If you sign up for any school in this country, your degree will not just be handed to you! There is no difference in taking classes at a traditional school setting versus online except that you dont have someone holding your hand every second. Us online students have to discipline ourselves enought to want to do the work. I am getting my degree in psychology and let me tell you that if I were not keeping up with the material, and constantly interacting with my instructors (by the way... facilitator is also a word for instructor) I would be failing misearably.

UoP is well known across this country so those that say that other schools and companies don't think it's credible, here is someting for you..... my boss got his degree with Slippery Rock University..... has anyone in this forum heard of that school?..... do you know where it is? Thats what I thought! He has his masters in a field that doesn't even correlate with his current job, and he is making some pretty good money. My point is that schools and companies also care about your work ethic and not just the name of your school.

I feel that a lot of this work I have been doing has been quite difficult, but I continue to push myself knowing that in July of 2012 I will walking across the stage at the University of Phoenix Stadium to receive my diploma. When it comes down to it, you will either push hard to get ahead, or stay behind complaining about everything..... for those that had nothing but bad things to say about this wonderful school; do your self a favor and get out of the way and let us do the real work!

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4 out of 5

I cancelled my enrollment with U o P today after only 3 weeks.

At first, I appreciated the fact that U o P did not require any standardized testing to enroll, but I am shocked at some of the quality of the students that are enrolled at U o P. At my orientation, the young man seated next to me could barely string together a coherent sentence. He proudly showed me multiple prison tattoos.

There are students in my class that have obvious issues as well. The "group" learning is a hindrance. In a traditional college setting, you often must work in groups, but rarely is your grade so dependent on the same group of people throughout an entire program. My group members were all intelligent, thoughtful students, and it still gave me great pause. I could not imagine having to carry the weight of a slacker for 2 years, much less four. I don't know how the students in their Baccalaureate programs do it.

I think that a minimum standard for enrollment set by the GMAT would be a good idea for U o P, although I doubt that they will institute a minimum testing standard since it would curtail enrollment.

The most discouraging experience I had was, after talking to one of the advisers about the quality of the program, the response was; "But we are FULLY accredited!" She encouraged me to call other graduate programs and see if my Master's from U o P would be acceptable if I wanted to move on to a Ph.D. program at a traditional school. I called some prestigious schools, and in one instance (a UC) , the enrollment counselor actually laughed.

I am going to try my chances at another college.

4 out of 5

I had the worst experience at U of P. They stated that they tell everyone all the information they can to make sure that you are successful. They tell you everything they want you to know and nothing about anything that can actually help you avoid problems in the future.

Your financial counselor and your academic counselor will hound you almost every day during your first block of classes but still won't provide you will all of the information until it is too late and you are already screwed over by this school. Save your money and go to a community college cause U of P is just a rip-off.

4 out of 5

From my experience the people who are complaining about this school probably thought they were going to get to sit on the butts, do nothing, and have a University give them a degree. Wake up. You do not get something for nothing. I have eight classes left to my B.A. and it was not easy.

I have to admit the first six months of class were rather lame but General Education classes usually are at any college. Let me tell you that the last years worth of core classes have been tough. You have to put in your time and do the work.

To the people who said the instructors were never there to ask questions of every instructor I ahve had has given us dedicated time to get in touch with them and most have provided phone numbers to call.

In summary, if you want a degree anywhere, get off your butt, do some work and quit whining.

4 out of 5

I would like to offer a counter point to some of the nasty and mean spirited comments I have just read about the quality of a University of Phoenix graduate MBA program. I am currently at the half way point of a straight thru 19 month UOP flex-net MBA program, and I love it. I believe, that for mid career individuals like myself, who decide to return to school after many years there is no better program, especially if your current job requires frequent travel.

I spent over one year studying for my GMAT's so that I could be accepted to some of the "better schools". Unfortunately, I did not do that well on the exam. I knew, without a doubt that I was more than capable of succeeding academically, but without the required minimum GMAT score I was not eligible to attend. However, I was not to be deterred and I began looking into the UOP program. Unlike other schools UOP judges you on your 'actual' academic performance, and not on what yout GMAT suggest your performance will be. More and more colleges and universities are either considering or converting to some form of "Open Enrollment." UOP was perfect fit for me. I have been extremely impressed with my academic and financial counselors. I find the faculty to be extraordinary, and my classmates are some of the most dedicated and hardest working people I have ever met. These people are juggling busy work schedules and families while putting out top notch academic work. I have not had a single issue with any of my learning team classmates. In fact, each and every team I have been on has been exemplary in every regard. I would be honored to work with them in any setting (academic or professional). For those folks who have had a negative UOP experience, that is unfortunate. However, for those folks who are committed to doing the hard work, and persevering to the next level, and who may not fit into the "traditional student" demographic I urge you to pursue a UOP degree. The value of their me, do not be discouraged by the cynical nay-Sayers who probably could not hack the personal discipline that it takes to succeed in the UOP flex-net and on line MBA programs. Trust me, it is much easier to just go sit in a classroom and 'hide out'. It is a whole different story when you actually have to show up for class and present your thoughts and efforts in a public forum day in and day out.

In short the UOP program rocks, and I for one am grateful for the amazing people I have come to know, respect and admire. Oh, and yes one more thing, from a purely practical "business perspective", there is a reason why UOP is the largest university in the country - IT WORKS - Simple stuff, they have a great business model and they have successfully executed it. That is pure MBA!

One other thing, I am pulling down a 3.67 GPA. Funny what 20 hours per week of hard work will produce?

MBA Candidate- Class of 2010'
Boston, MA

4 out of 5

University of Phoenix proved not only to be a horrific waste of money, but also a significant waste of time. What I found out after taking 12 classes was that they not only do not transfer to public universities but also that they are not credible to many businesses. I am currently taking my third semester of a full class load from a local university all online for 1/9 of the price.

4 out of 5

I have attended the University of Phoenix since 2006 and am about to finish my degree completion next week. I attended mostly on campus classes and had only three courses online. I have loved every moment of my educational experience with UoP! The financial aid counselors have been knowledgeable and clear, my academic counselor has been the absolute best!!!

This is not a school that you can skate have to put in the work, and hard work it is. I did have a couple of instructors that were less than wonderful, but you will get that at ANY school you attend.

For all those 'haters' out there, if online schools are lesser degrees, why does Harvard offer online degrees? Yes, you are responsible to log in and participate in the online environment...can't do it from your home computer? Go to the library!!! You have the educational experience you want to with UoP and you will get out of it what you put into it.

4 out of 5

I am a student at the school online. What is said about the school not being credible because it is online is BS. First I would like to say that on your degree it does not say Bachelor's of Science in __________ COMPLETED ONLINE. There are campus based schools. This means that there is no way to tell whether or not a student graduated online or on campus.

The school has taught me A LOT. I do papers, more than traditional school. The school I previously attended was one of the top 10 schools in the nation for education and difficulty. I believe that I am getting the same amount of knowledge.

The difference is that you do not have to listen to the teacher's BS off topic tangents and annoying questions by other students. You can read the lectures on line, read the book, take a timed test, write papers, participate in a large amount of discussions, etc. I know NOTHING about IT- software engineering and I am learning A LOT.

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