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2 out of 5
Graduation Year: haha

The bottom line is that once you are in, you might as well finish here. Very few of the credits are transferable too a normal Univeristy.

I tried to transfer to FAU in Boca Raton FL and was not able too. This simply is a hoax to lure military veterans into the web. They take all of your Post 911 or Montgomery GI money and give you Bullcrap credits for your military service so it will take less time.

That is their model. Appeal to vets by offering them credits from their active duty enlistment and push them thru essentially "validating" them with a BS piece of paper. No real learning transpires.

1 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2010

This school is a joke!!! All this so - call instructors are extremely UNDER QUALIFY!!!!! the level of education in this institute is -10 . Threw away my money,time and energy, unfortunetly it was all a waste of time that truly a regret.

5 out of 5
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2014

I have been attending UoP for a few months. I completed my first two classes Oct.22 2012. I really enjoy this school. Tuition is high, but I am hoping that it will give a great start off with my career.

My financial advisor has been very helpful. My academic advisor has aslso been very helpful. I started to transfer to a different school; due to the fact tuition is so high.

I have decided to stay at UoP. The classes aren't as easy as what some people think. It is actually a good challenge against yourself. I really enjoy being a student at UoP. I have been thinking about moving somewhere, so I can attend classes on campus.

Search over 211,000 programs:
4 out of 5

The staff was so nice and extremely helpful while I was enrolling. I thought everything was perfect. That it was the greatest choice I ever made! Then I started my classes and found myself flying through the course. It was so easy and it was the exact same thing every week-read, answer question, do a worksheet that took five minutes-and my week was done! Then I started having issues with my computer. My computer couldn't handle the software and programs that the University required to do my assignments. So I emailed my professor about it only for him to be rude to me. I called tech support and was on the phone for 45 minutes only for them to tell me the problem could not be fixed. The best part about all this, computer issues are not a valid excuse as to why you can not turn in an assignment.

After 7 weeks I was done and decided to transfer to the community college in my home town. I called the University to ask about dropping my classes for the next semester and getting my information transferred to the new school. I was concerned about my loans and defaulting on them so I talked to the academic adviser who told me a horror story about how transferring out of UOPX would screw up my loan and I'd end up owing tons of money. When I asked her specifics though she had no answers!

So I called the school I am transferring into only for their financial office to tell me that in fact everything UOPX told me was wrong. That unfortunately she had worked with tons of students in my situation and in her experience UOPX would never answer any legitimate questions about how they work and that she had never ever seen a student transfer out of that school that didn't get screwed over!!! She also informed me that students at UOPX often end up with loans taken out by the university that they had absolutely no idea were taken out in their name! I'm done with the University of Phoenix and DO NOT advise anyone to go there!

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2013

I attend the San Diego campus. Great learning experience so far. (One teacher was not challenging). I attended a Florida state School and finished my AA before attending the University of Phoenix. This school has more research involved than most state colleges including my own. (Friends in multiple schools).

I am in the Business administrations program as well as working a 30 hour a week job in international logistics. This leaves no time to do anything but work and study. If you work full time, you should not even consider the program. (Unless you want to make a 2.6 and not learn anything). I only say this because it would be near impossible to digest all of the material. I have had students in my group that did not pull their weight. I made sure that they were reported and did not receive credit for their lack of enthusiasm.

With this being said, good luck to everyone that is trying to better themselves. Without goals there is not much worth living for. GO ROMNEY!!

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: October 2012

In addition to researching colleges for a master’s program, I decided to check to see what everyone is saying about UoP. I want to insert my experience with UoP to help everyone decide what is best for him or her. I attended UoP from January 2009 to October 2010 for an Associates of Arts in Human Services Management. I also went from November 2010 to October 2012 for my Bachelors of Science in Management which helped me gain more money for my current position as Team Lead of a department in a federal government agency. I spent four years as an online student.

I have never attended college before 2009. With UoP, you will become a better writer in some form or another because papers, papers, and more papers will occupy most of your time. I assume that this is the way of most colleges. You also learn how to utilize major software programs, such as PowerPoint and Excel as some courses require you to turn in homework using one or the other. I absolutely give high kudos for the Center for Writing Excellence as this has a plagiarism checker and grammar/spelling checker you can use before submitting papers. I am going to miss this terribly when attending another college.

My bachelor program consisted of the same routine-tons of papers, reading, and checking in four days per week to reply to discussion questions that were due on various days. You must develop your own system of studying and turning in assignments as this eliminates falling behind and help you maintain other priorities in life. Of course, life has many surprises and I found myself overwhelmed with those issues AND homework but I just stuck through it by doing the best I could. This meant if I knew I’d be working late (I work full time) and my paper was due the same night, I’d turn it in late the next day and sacrifice 10% taken off my grade than not turning anything in at all. I only used this method as the very last resort. I also made sure I kept up with the weekly Discussion Questions and four- day participation to fall back on those measly points so when things go wrong, that was 100% for sure. It’s not up to UoP to figure out how to make juggling my education and life. It was up to me. For this, I can’t feel sympathy for those who complain about too much homework or not enough time to read. This is not a UoP problem; it is up to the individual to balance education and personal life.

I had negative experiences with UoP just like other students. I went nearly four years with no complaints until the last three weeks before the completion of my program. I noticed others complained of the VERY same thing. Somehow, I ended up with owing money toward school because the financial aid screwed up my numbers from earlier this year. Not one financial aid counselor caught the “mistake” for almost a year until now? Now I cannot receive my degree until I pay money that I already had at some point (from student loans) to cover all of my classes. The extra money was returned to the government because it was supposedly not needed. Very suspect. My investigation is still ongoing. I’m just saying…

The other negative aspect of UoP is the learning teams. Well, we make our own educational learning experiences but the learning team contributes as well. Learning teams only apply to the bachelor programs. Most of the time, my learning teams went OK with occasional “o-m-g” moments. BUT…there were some students who were pros at riding the coattail of others to receive good grades and turned in sloppy work or contributed nothing to assignments at all. This was absolutely hell. I see the purpose that UoP wishes to accomplish with the LT environments but it doesn’t work for most students. It’s the #1 complaint I notice from most of my peers. I absolutely hated the LT thing. LT put me behind on work because I had to wait on others, LT controlled if I can have a day off from school work, and LT affected my grades. Completely unfair and useless because if UoP is for the working class, then most of us already have experience working with teams at work.

Also this school is insanely expensive but it is sooo worth it! I am glad a friend referred me and she told me the same thing. Despite the massive homework than your traditional brick and mortars, the slip up of financial aid, and the endless annoyance of learning teams, I will now announce my verdict. I will absolutely do this all over again. I love UoP’s learning styles, the system of logging in, the libraries, the Center for Writing Excellence, and my positive experiences with the teachers who often went out of his or her way to compliment my papers. You see, I allowed room for some mistakes and those annoyances were not enough to sour my entire experience. So for the person reading my review, understand that you may…ok, you WILL discover a challenge with UoP whether it’s the students, the financial aid, the teachers, or your personal activities. I found in some reviews that some just made bad choices and did not exert enough drive to overcome obstacles. Some of these complaints are legit and some are just hilarious. Ok, hope this helps!

2 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

My enrollment counselor lied to me, my financial aid adviser was changed NINE times during my associate's degree program, I was lied to by my finance advisers..all but two..., no warning or notice when they changed advisers..most of the advisers didn't even know they had extra students added to their caseloads.

They messed up on financial aid and accepted over-payments then ONE WEEK before I graduated they posted a bill for over 3000 dollars. I finished school a month ago and still do not have my degree because I am waiting for the issue to be resolved.

Filed two complaints with the BBB, one was resolved, the other was not and the school informed the BBB that it was so the case was closed.

They say they will return calls within 24 hours and I actually had to go to the campus, sit there for two hours, and refuse to leave until I talked to someone because they didn't return my phone calls for three weeks. (I called every forty-eight hours except on Sunday because they are closed on Sundays. One of the tutors told me to skip the reading and just look up what I need for each assignment.


5 out of 5
Degree: Nursing
Graduation Year: 2012

I have completed the program. I found it to be very difficult. It requires a lot of discipline from the student. It is harder than a brick and mortar program. But with any school online or traditional you get out of it what you put into it. If you are expecting an easy way to get a degree this is not the way to go. If you are dedicated in getting an education and challenging yourself the University of Phoenix is a good way to go.

5 out of 5
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2012

I started UoP in 2007 and have obtained my AA in Business (2009) and my BS (with concentration in Project Management in 2012). My financial and academic advisors were great. The helped me plan my classes, obtain the grants that I was eligible for, and encouraged me when I felt I was about to throw in the towel.

The online classes enabled me to reach my goals without ever leaving the house. You do have attendance to keep, but the structured classes assisted me with time management. If you are seeking information about the online learning environment, I recommend contacting one of the many advisors for information like I did.

5 out of 5
Degree: Healthcare Administration
Graduation Year: 2012

If you do not have the two mentioned above then yes you are not going to make it through any on-line program. I worked full time, moved 1000 miles for a new job and still finished my MHA in 2 years.

It was hard, I had to be dedicated, self disciplined, and stay on top of all the work necessary for me to get an A. I know other people who have tried to do this type of degree and they quit. The course work is hard, a lot of writing, excel, power point, and research. If you are serious about your degree you will succeed.

My advisers were totally awesome. I had one for financial, education, a life coach, and may other helpful people who really did care. Even when I thought I would not survive I got the strength from my life coach (a part of your tuition from UoP) to complete my degree.


The University knows the struggles of working, family, and school. So they have given every resource to us as a part of the program, which if you use will be very helpful. But you must use them to get the benefit. The help is their and the professors are very dedicated. Most of them work full time and have families just like us, so they understand time restrains.

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