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5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2004

I am a University of Phoenix MBA grad from 2004. This was the fourth school I attended, including my Bachelors Degree, and I have to say, I was very impressed. The program was challenging, like other schools, but I spent more time in pure study, paper writing, preparing for tests, and class assignments than other schools, because I didn't have to go to the library, spend tons of time researching, register for classes, or sit on the phone waiting for administration. I attended most of my courses oncampus, and then finished up online.

It has been eight years since I graduated, and I have found my degree at the University of Phoenix invaluable to my career. It has opened doors that weren't opened before, qualified me for income levels that weren't within reach, and given me the know how to succeed in challenging work environments.

My teachers were impressive high quality professionals, who work in the field they teach (I learned accounting from a practicing CPA, for instance), and most of them cared about my learning. There were two teachers in my program that I didn't like, but that was the similar to my experiences with teachers elsewhere.

Administration was much more impressive than the other schools I went to. They were eager to meet with me, and I never had any problems or waiting time to get an appointment, or get them on the phone.

I took five courses from a Cal State MBA program, and only three of them transferred, but again, in my undergrad I experienced similar difficulty.

My learning teams were terrific. I still keep in touch with a few of them. We had challenging assignments, and my teams weren't always perfect in completing them, but it was a great learning experience for me, working in groups like that. In retrospect, it helped prepare me for working with people in my career.

Reading some of the other reviews, I was surprised to see some of the comments made about the University of Phoenix. Issues brought up seem to reflect problems with the students themselves. I did not have a perfect experience with the University of Phoenix, but, in comparison to the three other schools I went to, I had a very good experience. I recommend the University of Phoenix to all my friends without reservation.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

I have been going to school at UOP for about 2 and half years because of the detail degree that I wanted as an environmentalist. Now I've read the entire review section and I certainly do not see nor hear what some of the people here are talking about. I think the school is great, my G.I Bill kicks in on time and I've never had any issues with the academic counselor or anything for that reason. I was never pushed around to join their school or anything for that matter.

I'm repeatedly getting phone calls form my academic counselors to see how am I doing, but I do not see anything wrong with that. I've already been promised a promotion at work once I graduate in April 2012 and I truly honored to say that I too am a Phoenix.

P.s, I'm retired military and UOP has treated me with upmost respect troughout my entire stay. Highly recommended

3 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2013

I happen to be lucky and have a parent who was willing to pay for my masters degree so I could move up the pay scale at my school. I look at UOP as buying a masters degree. The classes are not challenging. The only challenging part is having to work in teams. The first team I had was great. Each of my members seemed to be very educated and hard workers.

After that, it was a different story. There were always excuses and I always ended up doing the project. Many of them said they had work or challenges at home. Um, isn't that the whole point of taking online courses? Because you have a home life and work? I wanted to earn my A so it didn't bother me too much, because like I said, the assignments weren't challenging. If you are alrady a teacher, the courses are basically about the job you already do.

Being forced to work in a team did not make me happy. The whole point of taking online courses is to do work on your own time. Having to work with a team kind of threw that whole plan off. Then, I had to work with people who had no idea what was going on at all. There were several times I had to teach people who to do a PowerPoint, which made me wonder if UOP checks to see if students have a bachelors degree at all. At sometime you would have had to done a PowerPoint in a class.

My opinion, if you can get someone to pay for the classes, then it is a good deal and easy degree.

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1 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

I transfered to Phoenix online and realized once I started getting into my classes that it a rip. Your classes have a so-called teacher but online you should at least have power point, notes or something to help you learn the material. If you even ask questions they want you to ask other stundents. Im sorry but for 2000 a class I want to be taught not my money to just be taken. who ever reads this, take my words and do not go to this school. I read reviews and didnt listen, now I wish I did.

1 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

Beware if you decide to waste your time with this School. These people candy coat everything to sucker you into there little scheme. I am a stay at home mother and wanted to better myself, so I enrolled in to this facility.

The administration were pretty cool and really worked with me. Most of the Professors were great, but after about nine weeks of getting all A's and B's in all my classes up to this point, I had A professor who who basically made fun of me in a post for asking a question. This really pissed me off! After this incident she started saying that I plagiarized a final assignment and then three assignments after she had already graded them. Which I received at least a b on. She said she used the plagiarism checker and that I copied my words from some website, that I have never seen nor have I ever heard of it before. She sent me the link to the website that I was accused of copying from.

I have to agree there were a lot of similarities in my word but no way was it word for word or even close to being copied. I wrote her a very not nice letter and told her that I didn't get this far into my schooling with almost a perfect GPA by cheating or coping someone else's work and that she should kiss my A**, then I proceeded to ask her how she liked that for academic writing? I dropped out and have refused to answer any of their calls, because I did try talking to a few people about this particular Professor when I first had the problem with her making fun of me in a post, and their response was " I'm sure she didn't mean anything about it.

So now I owe them money and I don't think I can get another loan to go to a better on line college. Not to mention I have found out that the degree that I would have gotten would not have been accepted by several places!!! Seriously, UNOP quit LYING TO YOUR STUDENTS!!! THIS SCHOOL SUCKS!!!

1 out of 5

Everyone holds their own opinion, and I do appreciate when someone takes the time to write a review-good or bad. I wish I had seen this page before enrolling in their online program. This was my experience.

I obtained my AS online, so I knew the commitment and sacrifices that would need to be made in order to get my BS. I chose UOP because I was told all my prior credits would transfer and I could graduate in 2 years. I am withdrawing after this first class is finished. I have been a student for 5 weeks and still I have no official count on my credits since someone “overlooked” the mailing requesting these items. Financial aid is still not in place and due to this I am responsible for the $1700 for the entire class. Every class has a “team project” that is due. There were 4 members in my team and it wasn’t until two days before the assignment was due that one of my team mates said she was “too pregnant to help”..I’m not kidding! These projects are 20% of the final grade. Fortunately, the remaining members, and myself, were able to pull this together in time.

However, her portion was not done well since we had to research and try to combine while we all lived in different time zones. Do your research when looking at universities; it’s all about the numbers.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

I am 6 classes from finishing my Associates in Hospitality Travel and Tourism. I am seeing a lot of reviews that the school is overpriced, and too demanding. If you are doing an associates program it was almost the exact same as I paid for a previous degree; my advisor was there regardless (and I had the same Academic and Finacial advisors the whole time). My instructors worked with me when I needed it and was ready to give up when I had an illness.

In an associates program you take two classes at a time, yes you have deadlines and attendance requirements, I worked third shift during my program and never had a problem. When you work until 7 in the morning, going to an 8 am class isn't easy, but I went at 1 - 2 a.m. when I was at work.

2 out of 5
Graduation Year: n/a

They will tell you what they want you to hear by asking the appropriate questions. Then get you in to find out that they have no idea what they're talking about and how their classes really operate. They're very overpriced and too demanding. Going to you local university or community college is highly recommended from me.

1 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2010

I am a graduate of UOP 2010 with my associates in accounting. I did it in the 20 months they advertise full time student. For me, I didn't have the best of experience.

1. When I had questions regarding material, the standard reply was "The answer is in the reading." I later found out at the end of my degree the teachers at UOP are not teachers ... they are facilitators there to guide your discussions. That's it. The worst part is that the school frowns on seeking outside help... i.e. tutors.

2. The school is also overpriced beyond belief. To think now I spent that kind of money on a book and my own drive really bothers me.

3. As for Financial Aide and Academic Advisers. I only had 2 good ones out of 10 and they lasted about 6 weeks before I was having someone else thrust upon me. They really don't know much other than the saying it will get better, i understand your upset but just get through this class. Financial Aide advisers can't answer your questions and they have no clue whats going on with processing.

If your looking for a good associates degree, I would recommend your local community college. They have online classes and are tons cheaper and with a better support system. ( This shows in their enrollment to graduation ratio seen on FAFSA)

IF UOP is your last resort I wish you the best of luck.

3 out of 5

There are better options from more prestigious schools online these days. Tuition is over priced considering the name that the school carries in the industry these days. I am scrambling to start graduate classes as soon as possible, so that I can dismiss my UOP degree before the Apollo Group goes under.

I now have over 30,000 in student loan debt. Although I do have a very well paying job in the finance industry, I feel that my undergrad holds me back from building stronger networks, as UOP doesn't have the name value of a Boston University, or similar institution which all have online programs at comparable prices.

The UOP is pretty much considered in the same category as DeVry or Kaplan in so far as prestige. A degree mill looking to make a quick buck. I am glad that I attended and received my degree as it did help my career, but it wasn't the best choice and I could've gotten a lot more if I had just did my research.

Hope this helps.

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