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4 out of 5

I am a student at The University Of Phoenix and DO NOT recommend this school. My reasons are varied and numerous. Let me begin with the fact that you are the student,professor and evaluator. Like most schools you are presented with a syllabus and expected to meet the requirements. This is where the similarities end.

With UOP you are offered no lectures,no sense of any real participation outside of answering some other students often ridiculous post with a faked attitude that you actually care what kind of opinion they really possess. Considering some statistics say that UOP enrolls over 300,000 students currently it takes away from the sense that you are more than another paycheck for them.

I often trudge through the subject matter with limited reading of the material. Usually,I just fake my way through the answers and get an better then average grade. This is not to say I am incredibly smart,it is to point out how trivial the instructors grade and more importantly, how mediocre the schools standards for satisfactory participation are represented.

Another point I would like people to consider is what they expect this education to get them? If you think you are gonna walk out of UOP and get a great job,you may want to do some research. A previous poster mentioned that he hired MBAs' and was usually horrified at the numerous grammatical errors,poor spelling and lack of sentence structuring he saw on their resumes. He went on to state that if he contacted an UOP graduate, he was usually turned off by their lack of professionalism. If you are already employed and looking to "beef up" your resume or advance in your current job,UOP may just be for you.

If you really want an education,you will have to dig hard into UOP. They will give you resources and lower expectations,but you can make the most out of it. I would not stake my future on a UOP degree. Many established schools offer online programs. I am withdrawing after I finish my current block of instruction and taking my educational benefits money to a "Brick and Mortar" institution. If you can do this,I suggest you do.

4 out of 5

I have been a student at UoP for 14 months now and I am 2 semesters away from getting my AA degree. The work itself is not hard. The teachers are so overbooked with classes that many times they do not even grade your papers for an entire week and barely respond to discussion questions.

The academic advisors are a nightmare! They are not helpful at all. I was having problems with my Algebra 1A course and barely passed. When I called them for help their only suggestion was to hire a highschool student to tutor me. The financial advisors are no better. They lose your papaerwork, do not tell you how to fill it out properly, and are basically worthless.

I have seen others complaining about this school being money hungry, I am in complete agreement with this. They are only concerned with getting your FinAID and loan money, and are not quick to send out our disbursements. They currently have been sitting on mine for 10 days now. How much time does it take to post a debit memo?

My overall experience with UoP has been mediocre to say the least. UoP students are paying a lot of money for a "do it yourself" education.

4 out of 5

Disappointing. The classes are unbalanced with assignment loads but rest assure, there will always be plenty of learning team presentations, varying from 3 to five presentations per class. This class we had to write 6 papers, 2 learning team presentations, and one individual presentation. Busy but not effective to boost the learning.

Teachers are assigned often in the last minute. Some have read the syllabus but most have ot before the class starts. We started out with 47 students and were split up into two classes. Ways too many students.

Learning teams are great but stressful. I just got kicked out of a team because I voiced a concern in regard to the team. There is ways too much emphasis on learning teams and only that much you can get out of it.

I will not recommend the University of Phoenix.

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4 out of 5

My experience at the University of Phoenix, was the best decision I made in my adult life.

While it took time to land that perfect job; the expectations to meet deadlines and work within a team environment are critical skill sets, needed for success in a professional envioronment.

The administration is caring and the programs are demanding; now if your looking for short cuts, you won't last long. I strongly recommend this college and I'am A PHOENIX

4 out of 5

Next week I will be finishing my first year at UoP and so far everything has gone great. I knew that an online education was the only option for me and was sold once I talked to my enrollment counselor (who by the way still calls me to see how things are going and to see if I need any help).

My academic counselor and my financial aid advisor calls me as well and they are all very nice and helpful. The work varies as far as being hard and time consuming but it is no different than what my daughter is having to do at a state university. Do not expect to pay for a degree and not do the work. That is not going to happen here. I still have to read ALOT, do extensive research, and follow APA guidelines.

The only set backs that I have found is that I have to print out my own books if I want a hard copy. The books can be saved to your computer but for research purposes I find that printing them out is better for me.

The other set back is that you have to learn to manage your time wisely. You have a syllabus to follow for each class and you must participate a certain number of days each week to be considered present. This is basically how you get your attendance and makes sense. Even though I am not sitting in a traditional classroom, I must still communicate with other students by posting to their discussion questions. This allows you to explore other peoples points of view and learn from other students as well. The instructors are available for me to talk to just as a traditional university and have been very helpful.


Overall I have had a very good experience here and am looking forward to earning my degree. Once I recieve my Associates Degree, I do plan to continue my education here at UoP and go on to earn my master's.

4 out of 5

I have been a student at the University of Phoenix since August of '09, and I am three classes away from my associates degree.

I had previously earned 15 credits at a traditional college, but I couldn't pay for gas to get there anymore. All of my credits transferred to the University of Phoenix with no problem.

There is a lot, I mean a lot, of work involved with the program I'm in. You with have to have the self-confidence to attand your classes and turn in your work, or you will fail.

If you can't work hard, or are not committed, do not join this school. But if you are serious about being a student, and you can make it to a traditional class, this is for you.

4 out of 5

I am currently pursuing the DOML (Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership)which is a hybrid online and classroom based program. I have been nothing, but impressed by the curriculum, instructional design and interaction in the courses. I attended four doctoral level (700)courses at a well-known university and though it was a highly respected university, I did not get as much out of the educational process.

The University of Phoenix has met my expectations for academic rigor and learning that can be applied immediately. I have even compared my current syllabi from UoP courses with those from previous doctoral studies and see similar if not higher standards for research. I am currently serving as a consultant with the military in Japan and what I learn in the classroom is instantly applied to service men/women everyday.

I initially thought online learning was not for me, until I experienced the design of the UoP program. I also was initially confused by some of the negative comments online and wondered about their experience because my expereince has been well-worth it. What I now know is that UoP is for self-directed learners that are passionate about their education, but may be limited by the traditional confines of the brick & mortar (B&M) program. If someone is looking for an easy process or less rigor, please do yourself a favor and don't enroll with UoP. If some people expect an easier process from UoP and find that they are worn out by the extensive research, reading, papers and APA standards then I can see why some might complain.

Final-final note...there is a difference between getting a degree and being educated. Enter UoP with the mindset to be educated, not to simply have a degree. This paradigm shift may prove helpful to you in your studies.

Now...back to my future.

4 out of 5

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to find UOP for my doctorate program. The staff from the school were professional, my committee members were great and my mentor was outstanding. All students in the doctorate program must have a masters and be part of an organization that fits thier displine.

I completed my program in three years which is quite an accomplishiment considering how rigurous the program. All instructors have doctorate degrees and are working in the industry. It should be said that in order to be successful, a student needs to be self motivated and an overachiever.

4 out of 5

I am a graduate of UoP online with a Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Organizational Innovation and an additional concentration in Management. I am scheduled to begin my master's online. My experience has been very positive.

The online class week begins on Tuesday and ends the following Monday at 11:59 PM Mountain Standard Time. The requirement is to log in four out of seven days a week and make 2 substantive posts each day. The policy manual states that if a student is absent two times in a five week class, the student is automatically dropped. For an online class this means if you do not log in for two weeks in a row without contacting your facilitator or your counselor, you are automatically dropped. It seems some people do not read the policies. The university will not randomly drop someone if they log into class and keep up with their postings.

I have always scheduled my classes to have a week off in between each class. I am on financial aid and have never been contacted by a collection agency demanding payment before the next class. This is because I use my financial aid to pay for my education, not to cover my utility or other bills. That is what financial aid is for, to pay for education.

If I have ever had to call tech support because of a problem with the web site, I have always found them to be very helpful. If the site is experiencing problems, they will give an alternate way of logging into the forums. They will also give a ticket number to list if you contact the facilitator. Problems with the site are usually very few and far between.

I have never had a problem with my academic counselor or financial counselor returning my calls. In fact, they call me at least once every two weeks to find out how I am doing.

For those who choose to complain that you did not learn anything, you get exactly what you put into the learning experience. If you choose to put nothing in, you will get nothing out. If you expect to get through without reading the books, you will learn nothing. Remember we are all adults taking these classes and we need to act like adults. That means taking responsibility for our actions.

4 out of 5

I've attended UOP for three years and I must say this is the most unprofessional and MONEY HUNGRY School I've ever attended. Not only was I not able to continue my courses due to owing 700 dollars, but they already had my 2011 tuition. I asked for a payment plan and they refused to work with me. If anyone asks if you would like to attend UOP the response should be heck NO. They are not concerned about student getting their degree as they are with getting your tuition. Bad Customer Service, Bad, bad, bad student advisor. All do to them being student themselves!!!

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