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4 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2011

Just completed the UOP Criminal Justice and Security program. It took me two years. You have to really create your own mess to run into problems with this program. I had 12 different instructors and they all had their own style. Some were very strict while others simply managed the flow of the class. Anyone writing negative reviews about a school is probably a below average student to begin with. I am glad to have taken this challenging program.

3 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012 (planned)

The curriculum and faculty are amazing. The delivery of the curriculum in five week blocks is rigorous but applicable and relevant. It is the academic and financial advisors that are disappointing, unsupportive, unresponsive, uncompassionate, and just plain unhelpful.

Private loans are not available to University of Phoenix students (at least in California) which makes it difficult to make up the difference that federal loans do not cover. The only response you receive is that if you do not pay you do not move on. This is disheartening for someone who is motivated but is supporting a family on one income. I can only hope that I can transfer to another program that can offer more scholarships or a better financial aid package.

4 out of 5

I am finishing up my Associates degree in IT and going on for my Bachelors degree. So far, my experience with the University of Phoenix has been good. As with any other college, instructors vary, as do learning styles. Each class is different, but I feel confident that I am learning what I need to learn to become a web developer.

From Amy: Tips on what you could mention in your review. What was the coursework like? What were the online learning tools you used? Did you have positive classmate and professor interactions? How was your overall experience? Thanks !

My answer: As far as coursework is concerned, it equals that of any other university. You will be doing a lot of reading, writing, quiz-taking, and discussing. You will be expected to participate in class discussions and turn in your homework on time. There is a grace period of four days for submitting overdue assignments, but 10 percent will be taken off your grade for each day your project is late.

The online learning tools consist of videos, tutorials, a full online library, discussion boards, and interactive programs. Enrichment classes are offered as well.

Instructors vary, but the majority of my instructors have been wonderful! I have not had any trouble with classmates so far, either.


The work is not "easy". The first few classes may offer little challenge, but after those, expect to feel challenged. Do not be fooled: the work is just as hard as it is with other universities. The online school may be even harder because it requires more self-discipline than offline schools. Is it worth it? You BET!

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4 out of 5

I have just completed my first block of classes and could not ask for a better school. Everybody from my instructors to tech support is so helpful and nice. They all want to help me reach goal of earning my degree. As a student you have to be willing to do the work required, however everyone is will help you and is there to cheer you on. I have never felt once that I have made wrong decision about choosing to continue my education with the University of Phoenix.

I am thankful for the University of Phoenix and all of the wonderful staff. I am proud to say that "I'm a Phoenix"

4 out of 5

I have attended Axia College and obtained my associates degree and I have 3 weeks away from obtaining my bachelors degree from UOP. My entire college experience has been all online. I think that for the most part that I have had a pretty positive experience. What I liked most was that it was very convenient.

Other online schools require you to log on specific times of the day. UOP requires specific days for assignments to be turned in, so you have all day to get it in rather than a specific time period. UOP gives you the entire course syllabus at the start of the class so you are able to view your workload and the due dates. I am doubling up my classes now to finish sooner but I wish I would have doubled up the easier classes at the start of the program.

I think if you are able to mentally handle doubling up classes that it is completely worth it because it eliminates an extra 5 weeks. The worst part is that you only get 2 weeks a year to have an official break which is Christmas time. You probably will have assignments due on any other holiday but you can get it done beforehand.

The learning teams vary because some teams will contribute equally while others teams will be heavily reliant on you to pick up the slack. The farther you get in the program, the better the learning teams get. I think most people who slack off usually leave at that point. If you do not enjoy writing papers, then online school is not for you. There is usually one paper due every week and sometimes two papers.

If you are bad at math, then I suggest you take a ground campus class. I think that the hardest courses to complete were the statistics courses and a finance course because you have to learn a complex type of math on your own. You are required to participate 2 times a day for 4 days so be prepared for a lot of discussion. I think the overall experience was positive because I had the convenience of going to school while I am working and taking care of my kids. Online school has made it possible to achieve my bachelors degree soon. :D

4 out of 5

I've taken several classes from UOP during the past two years. The work load and the performance expectations vary with the respective facilitators, but that is normal irregardless of the school. My advisor is outstanding and I have indicated to her changes I think would improve their programs. 1. Daily feedback by instructors on some of the students' participation posts. 2. Weekly feedback on assignments no later than 4 days after the last assignment is due. 3. Answers to questions need to be provided within 12 hours (Currently 48 hours).

4 out of 5

I have been going to the Univeristy of Phoenix for over 3 years. I have done online classes over seas, and currently using my GI bill. Nothing but great things for the Univeristy. I have never had any problems, and when I did, they were right there to help out as needed.

Teachers would stay and help after class, or was willing to meet off campus when I was going to campus to meet me and help out with subjects. As far as the financial department, awsome service, no rip offs. I accidently over paid, and they reimbursed my money without having to bring up the problem. Sucks for people who have bad expierences, but it could be just them. 3 years and going, and I feel they are a great school, maybe not IVY league, but good support for students and military personel.

4 out of 5

Really, you are a writer? Every other word in your post was misspelled. You refer to your class as "Fondamentals of ED", was this a freudian slip?

This is one of my issues with this school, if you can get the financial aid, you can get in this school. I'm not even sure that a "GED" is required! If the proof was in other student's ability to write a sentence using basic grammar, then no.

As soon as I finish the classes that I am already financially committed to, I am done with this school. I compared the curriculum from my old community college to the curriculum for the same degree here at UoP, not only did I lose credits, but this program is padded with classes that waste my time and money. I should have looked harder before I started. But like someone else pointed out, "that's on me". Buyer Beware !!

4 out of 5

I started attending UoP Sept 2010 and never experienced any of the problems that are expressed on this webpage. I get that you don't have to take an entrance test so there might be people online that are not on the same level as you. The only thing I can say about that is that's on them.

I'm enrolled in the Masters Program and everyone is required to have their undergraduate degree before entering. So with this in place, this should weed out some of the crazies (for lack of better words). I get that your grade consist of 1 group project, but that is less than half of your grade.

I am just glad I haven't had any issues and if I can get through the rest of the program without breaks I will finish 7/2012.

I hope everyone experiencing problems are able to get them resolved.

4 out of 5

I have read many negative reviews of this school and just as many positive ones. It seems that, as with everything, it's a matter of perspective.

Out of 15 credits I earned at a traditional college, 11 of those credits (including 5 math credits) were transferable and applied towards my GenEd requirements. My loan money has been applied appropriately and I have been sent documentation from the school and the government which matches precisely with what I was led to believe. In fact, I am finishing my degree for about $3,000 less than what I was originally told and I have received all of my financial aid funds.

My counselors have stuck with me and guided me throughout the whole process, even recommending right from the start that I purchase the books for my core classes on because I may need them later in my career.

Overall, this has been a good experience and I am looking forward to getting my degree in November. Also, I have contacted several of my local city and county offices and have been told that online degrees are being taken seriously and given the same attention as traditional degrees.

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