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4 out of 5

I am a working professional with 18 years of management experience. I need a degree to improve my wage earning potential. I have a family and I am married along with working 40 plus hours a week. My time with the University of Phoenix was well spent but here are a few items that may merit consideration. The first thing is what do you as a prospective or current student expect from this institution? If the goal is to get a degree in an environment other than traditional classroom work then U of P will fit the bill. The second thing to consider is far more introspective. Are you someone who is self motivated and able to adhere to a rigid schedule independently? If you are not then U of P is NOT for you. The reality is that ANY online environment requires major self discipline. The third thing to consider is your degree path in conjunction with what your professional field requires. If you need an MBA with specific accreditation then do the research and find out what U of P offers. If your specific accreditation need is not there then DO NOT assume U of P will fit the bill. The fourth thing to consider is whether or not U of P will even fit with your overall goals. Find out if your employer will accept a U of P degree before you start. There are plenty of online programs available so do the research and pick the one that is the best for your need. The fifth thing to consider is credit transfers. Again do the required research and maximize your opportunities. Most universities and colleges will accept U of P credits because U of P is regionally accredited. My credits will be accepted 100% by the university I will attend to earn my graduate degree. Remember your arm is not being twisted to attend U of P so take charge of your own destiny and figure things out on your own. I had no trouble with my counselors because I asked plenty of questions and I took control of my education. When I had questions or concerns I did not wait until the last minute to address them. I allowed a reasonable amount of time (24 to 48 hours) for my counselors to find answers or solutions before responding back to me. This is an online environment and a business so expecting immediate responses is not realistic. Yes I ruffled a few feathers when the counselors did not meet my expectations. When I am spending my hard earned money that is just the way life is. I got the education I paid for because I put forth the effort. Some of the instructors were good and some were bad but that is no different than any other college or university across the nation. The school develops the curriculum and I personally have no issues with that. In my opinion this eliminates much of the potential for professor bias in the classroom instruction. I have sat through enough liberal indoctrination in my life and at my age I have no tolerance for such frivolous academic nonsense. The course work was not easy but it was also not impossible. I spent 30 hours per week studying for my two classes. The pace is accelerated so be prepared to find a way to make things happen on your own. The group learning environment was personally very tense in the beginning. I requested that my group change until I found one that was up to my own speed and expectations. Once I had that chemistry I simply did not allow it to be changed. Yes I ruffled some feathers but it is my money. The reality is know what you need and develop a plan to attain that need. If you are expecting to have your hand held and a cheerleader right next to you then do yourself a favor and go to a traditional institution of higher learning.

4 out of 5

First, the school would not give me credit for any courses. I have an accounting degree and have been working in finance for the past twenty years. I was told I had to take Accounting and Finance, even with the background I have. Really, it's all about the money the school needs to collect. Second, the learning environment was good enough with resources that are available for research. However, being forced into groups in which every member receives the same grade regardless on how much the student contributed was the most frustrating aspect of the online environment. I just finished my 5th of 16 classes required for the MBA with such disgust in the ability and competency of the instructor and the academic advisor that I have officially withdrawn from UoP. The first four classes I received A's, but the last one I chose not to finish the last week of class, ended the course with a B. So, I am not a problem student with difficulties that I blame others for. I just expected more participation from the students to be satisfied with the groups I was assigned to. I was reprimanded for a comment made to a group member deemed "inappropriate." No swearing, no name calling, just wanted to see him step up, especially in a leadership class. Finally, my academic counselor never once returned my calls. She replied to my request to withdraw with an attached form, followed by a sentence advising me to call her to schedule my next class. Hmmmm. Not paying attention to detail. My overall experience was not one I would wish upon any student, at any level.

4 out of 5

I’m not sure why there are so many complaints about UOP, any problem I have had has been resolved very quickly by either my instructors or by my counselors. Most of my instructors have been wonderful, only one instructor seemed to be a bit strict on my discussion question posts (requiring the posts to be at least 150 words), but that was not really an issue for me. Overall my 1 and a half years attending this university have not only been a great experience, it has also improved the way I feel about myself having a GPA of 3.97. I have never had a financial issue that could never be solved, I have never had an error that could not be corrected, and although some counselors are difficult to reach, they have always gotten back to me to solve the issue or answer my questions. The many negative reviews for UOP do not truly describe my educational experience, but I would agree that online education is not for everyone. I expect to graduate with an associate’s degree in psychology august 2010, my only issue is that UOP does not currently have a clinical psychology program and I will have to attend another university to continue my education.

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4 out of 5

I attended UOP from late 2008 until September 2009. I was excited to be attending the university because they seemed as if they were more put together then most online schools.

At first, my Academic Counselor would call me all of the time to check in and make sure that I was doing well. BUT when I had questions for her, it would take forever to receive a call back AND then we would play this phone tag game. When leaving a VM, I would let her know to call me after 4pm (which she had done during the honeymoon phase of our relationship) but she still insisted on calling me during my work hours KNOWING that I wouldnt be able to pick up my cell to talk to her. What is it that she wasn't understanding?!?! UGH! Then when she would call me, she would act as if she never got my initial message stating the problem.

The second problem was the finance counselor. She was nice but seemed clueless as to what was going on. I always had my questions ready and she could never give me a straight answer. I will say that she was helpful especially when it came to making payment arrangements BUT I am still trying to figure out why I still owe over 1500.00. I still cant get a straight answer on that one and that is one of the reasons why I have decided to leave.

The last problem is the learning teams. I have taken 5 classes with them and almost half of the learning teams I have been involved with have been horrible. The last class I had taken was the turning point for me! There was 5 of us on the team and if one person wasn't sick then there would be something wrong with someone's computer and etc, etc. I understand everyone has issues but it seemed a bit much when they happened every week.

When it came down to the project, we set a date as to when it should be submitted for peer-review. Three of us handed them in on time and the other two were full of excuses. The instructor never recieved the finished product. The 3 of us tried to reach out to the slackers via team forum or email and never got responses. I pleaded with the instructor not to give us three a failing grade. It took the instructor 4 days to get back to me but I ended up with a B in that class. STUFF LIKE THAT I CANNOT TOLERATE! I do not want my grade to be dependant upon someone else handing in work or etc!

You also have to deal with the time difference of some of the teammates. Sometimes they wont be able to log on until they leave work which may be the time that I go to bed! Or - they may work 2 jobs and not be able to log into the team forum until the weekend and to me, that prolongs any projects that your team has to work on. The whole thing seems a mess to me!

I honestly do not think that the learning teams are necessary, but my opinion will not make a difference. A lot of people that I have spoke to have stated that they will not apply there because they do not have the time or energy to deal with learning teams. The education was fine but the learning teams are a mess. If you are considering attending UOP, please consider the whole learning team thing and if that meets your needs.

4 out of 5

I received a BSM a few months ago, and I can honestly say the road to achieving this goal was paved with a few rather rough bumps.

The biggest issue was dealing with the learning teams. Being active duty military I learned to identify conflict management/resolution techniques to deal with the many "ideas" from group peers (this kept me sane). Each class was the same ol' thing: forming, storming, norming, and performing; the problem was that by the time the group came together it was well into the 4th week and by that time all the group cared was about submitting a "final project".

UoP will not let you start a class unless they have been paid first...and if a student needs to drop a class (for an emergency) in the first two days after an electronic post was made, that student pretty much has to speak with Congress to get the money returned...

I do have to thank UoP for making a better writer out of me - the amount of papers that students have to write is a little excessive, not a bad thing but excessive. I will be pursuing a MBA from a different institution.

4 out of 5

I'm currently a student in their MS of Psychology program. I'm only 3 courses in, but in all of my courses I've received an A- or better. Initially, I was proud to be enrolled at the University of Phoenix, but now I find myself mumbling the name of the school when asked where I'm pursuing my master's degree. When I enrolled I was under the impression that this school offered flexibility but I was mistaken.

UOP values group work and "checking in." They tell you upfront that you're expected to log in and write a substantial post twice a day 4 days out of the week. In addition to "checking in," you may be placed in a group of idiots - I hate to call others names but its true! I've experienced group members who are control freaks and lack common sense, and who have truly made me question how they were allowed into a Master's program.

In a group of 5 people we had two group members decide they wanted to turn in the project early (without the consent of the rest of the group) and the professor accepted it! When I asked for them to show the rest of us their final product it was full of misspelled words and grammatical errors. UOP provides aids such a plagiarism check and grammar check but they decided not to use such. Their rationale: they wanted to turn the project in early. *blank stare* There’s absolutely no incentive to turn projects, papers, discussion answers in two days early – no extra credit, getting a head start on the next assignment, nothing. So can you see why I feel my name-calling is justified?

My experience with the faculty and staff has been good overall. My financial advisor seems to be a “goober,” but other than our run-in, the counselors/advisors have been very helpful. My professors seem overly qualified – which is a real plus!

Long story short – group work has been a nightmare and it bothers me that group work is such a big part of the curriculum. I work full-time in a corporate setting – I’m fully aware of how to operate in a group setting. The concept seems elementary. In addition, the school is expensive and it makes me question if the frustration is worth it. It seems like anyone can get in. I’m thinking of withdrawing from UOP before I’m in too deep.

Walden University’s program is becoming more and more appealing, plus it’s $10,000 less than UOP! Of course, I'm assuming this is based on the program you choose.

4 out of 5

I have been a student of UoP for 1.5 years with the intention of graduating with my Bachelors in Business Management.

I am very pleased with all aspects of my online courses. Yes, initially things were confusing with becoming familiar with how the online forums worked. But once you become familiar with them, things become very simple for most.

I have a very helpful academic advisor. Any questions that I have about ANYTHING have been answered in a very proficient manner. And timely, I must add. My financial aid advisor is very helpful too. I have not had ANY problems with finance discrepancies falling into my lap like others have mentioned in these reviews. I personally feel that if you stay on top of what is going on at all times, you will not be thrown a curve ball with unexpected costs for tuition etc...

The classrooms tend to be very professional at all times. I have had a couple of facilitators become a bit "gruff" with me in message statements in the forums, but with this said, the facilitators (professors) want to see you succeed. And they do NOT set you up for failure. The facilitators are VERY helpful and prompt with responding to any questions or concerns you may have about an assignment or anything else. You can even call them at home. I have had to call a facilitator once during my 1.5 years of attending classes at UoP, and not ONCE did she sound upset at the fact that I had to call her at home with some questions.

With this said, you must be a self motivated individual ,with not a lot of "spoiled food" on your plate. Yes, I have a full time job and an at home life, and at times I do feel frustrated and overwhelmed with school, but you have to just have a talk with yourself and tell yourself you can do it. What I mean about "spoiled" food on your plate is that you must approach online schooling with a clean and open mind. There were a lot of social activities I had to give up in order to make my schooling journey a success. Get rid of the drama in your life and prioritize and you will succeed!

In addition, I find all of the negative comments about UOP very hard to believe.

4 out of 5

I have been attending UoP for three and half years. I will have my BA in accounting in June 2010 and frankly wonder what sort of reception I will get when I begin applying for jobs.

That is what initially drew me to this forum, but after reading a dozen or so responses I wanted to comment on the learning team experience.

I have always tried to maintain an attitude of "taking the high road" when it came to the learning teams. Encouraging others and remaining positive in the online experience has helped me to develop a few friendships of mutual respect. We are all working toward an accounting degree and have flowed into the same classes for past six to eight months.

This is the trick: your counselor can help you keep the same people in your learning team if you request it. Sometimes the "professors" will also let you pick your team members.

After working with the same team members over and over we know each others' strengths and weaknesses. Who procrastinates but always comes through, or who pitches in at the last moment to redo an assignment.

UoP can be rewarding and you definitely get out of it what time you put in. The alternative is going to school at night for eight years instead of online for four years while working full time.

4 out of 5

I have attended UoP for a little over two years now. I have about a year and a half left before I graduate with a BS in Business Information Technology. I can honestly say that I have learned a lot and this college has done what any other college would have done, which is to open my mind and give me a broader view of the world.

UoP has its faults just like any other college or business. It also has strengths, including some well written academic books and a great way to learn math. The pace is fast and you have to work hard to get good grades. Some teachers are great and some are not so great. The web-site is laid out well and easy to navigate although, the virtual library is a bit cumbersome to navigate and it is slow.

My biggest complaint is about the learning teams. Businesses are pushing universities to teach students how to participate on teams, but in college, unlike business, there are no consequences if you choose not to participate or participate poorly. In business, you could lose your job. In school, you get the same grade your team members get whether you have participated or not.

But if you focus on why you are in school, to learn, and don’t worry about what other people are or are not doing, you can get through. I always start the team assignment in the first week and am ready to turn in the entire assignment at the end for those times when no one participates or the participation is poorly done. The classmates that have good writing skills are few and far between.

I will graduate from UoP with a degree that I worked hard for and deserve. I will learn everything I can from this school and it will be just as good of an education as I could get from any brick and mortar school. There are people in this world who will never accept an online education as legitimate, but there are just as many people who will think no degree is legitimate if you didn’t go to the same school they did. But, if you need the support of faculty to get you through school, this is not the environment for you. You have to work independently and motivate yourself in order to achieve. If you are not self-motivated online universities are not for you. If you are, UoP is just as good as any other school.

4 out of 5

I honestly don't know what a lot of you are talking about. UofP provides a very challenging experience which gives you the opportunity to grow professionally and personally.This is college and it is not supposed to be easy, it is supposed to be hard. I have only been going to this school for a few months and I am satisfied with everything.

I NEVER have a problem getting in touch with the counselors or advisors-in fact they contact me WAY TOO MUCH just to check in on me and to see if I have any questions.Every teacher that I've had has been very involved in all of the classwork and is always available when I have questions.When you compare the price to some other schools, the price of UofP really is not that bad, because I've come across schools that are a lot more expensive than this one.Overall, Phoenix has much more positive aspects than negative, and I would recommend this school to anyone.


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