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2 out of 5
Degree: Political Science
Graduation Year: 2010

The reviews written about this school before I attended were bad; and, I ignored them. Tens years after I started UST new student reviews I read on other websites are just as bad. And, these reviews are about the same exact negative issues. The school has never fixed this problems. And the school never tired to address the issues. There is no student life, social life, events. You don't see students socializing. This is a commuter school. One class can cost as much most entire semesters at other schools. Your freshman 4 hour science class will cost more than $4,000. And you won't learn anything different in Geology at UST that you wouldn't have learned at community college. The educational quality just isn't there. It wasn't there when I went to UST. And it isn't there today! UST is overpriced, and for no reason. Go to other student review websites, and they all echo this reality. Now to get to the elephant in the room. This school is homophobic. This school hates homosexuals. That shouldn't be that big of an issue until your realize the class room sizes. In freshman/sophomore classes you will have 15 students in a class. By the time you get to your senior classes you'll have 8 students in a class. The professors REALLY get to know you. And they notice who the different students are. They have no problem destroying your gpa, discriminating, and demonizing you out of their blind hatred. I had to fight this school for months to give me a diploma I paid as much as a house for, because they hated who I am as a man. I completed all my classes. They would not give me the degree arbitrarily. It was one of the worst ordeals of my entire life. One of the best friends I made in school was a girl who encountered the open an casual racism of UST. Students would say to her, "you know usually i don't like N----s, but you act white so I like you." She heard, "I don't usually have black friends; but, you act so white... to me you're all white" (In place of all right). The funniest part was that my friend wasn't African American. She was a darker skinned Latino girl. They couldn't even tell. The casual racism was all over. My Puerto Rican friend had identical stories. The head of the department I studied in was outrageous. He spend school money on two refrigerators full of beer he drank with students. He'd teach night classes, throw back 5 or six beers, then drive his 45 minute drive home ever single night. He was such a role model. I never drank with the man. But, I can tell you about so many of his sexual escapades in college. I could write about threesomes he had. I could regale you with the funny story about his girlfriend walking in on him having sex with an other girl (and him laughing at her). How do I know all of this. This is what he talked about IN CLASS instead of teaching ANYTHING. When I went to grad school I had no idea what a standard deviation was because his stats class was just him talking about chicks he used to bang and getting drunk. Then He'd get buzzed at night and drive home. This was a christian education. Please before you go to UST take 1 class at community college. Take 1 Class at UST. The quality is the same. UST is too easy because there is no quality to the school. The courses are terrible. And they cost $3000 to $4000 EACH. Can you imagine getting called a f-g--t by students, told your not like most n---s by other students, and paying $3000+ for a class that you don't learn anything in and instead just listen to a 50 year old man talk about threesomes he had in the 1980s... welcome to ust

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