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University of Washington - Tacoma Reviews

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Student & Graduate Reviews (3)

4 out of 5
Degree: Business Administration and Management, General
Graduation Year: 2011

I loved my college experience! The campus is located downtown Tacoma with easy access to public transportation (to basically anywhere). The campus is relatively new and still expanding. Class sizes are small, and the teachers were engaging. I would highly recommend this college! It would be easy to get a part-time job around campus. No car needed. There are plenty of fun places to hang out around campus - the Matress Factory or the UW YMCA. There are also several museums nearby, the water front, and lots of outdoor activities (parks, bike lanes/trails, hiking).

3 out of 5
Degree: Agriculture
Graduation Year: 2010

In general, UWT was a rewarding and accessible choice for me. They offered a variety of class schedules to fit my needs and many of the professors were more than willing to assist students to ensure they saw the maximum benefit from their courses. Some teachers however left a lot to be desired and would refuse to teach outside of their prepared slideshow and refused to slow down and explain concepts that many students didn’t understand. I ultimately abandoned my minor because the teachers within that program either took a more passive approach to teaching or didn’t put a high priority on the “one-on-one” small class size teaching style that the Tacoma campus advertised. Overall, I loved this campus and many of their professors, but I would definitely caution new students to review their professors online before taking certain courses.

4 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

I attended the University of Washington (Tacoma Campus) from 2006 to 2012, with the first 4 years being on campus and the last 2 via email communications. The program was the Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences program for the Masters Degree. I was enrolled in school part time, electing to take night classes in order to accommodate work full time. The class room portion of the program was actually well done. The night classes were quite accommodating, and the professors knowledgeable and many going out of their way to meet with students one on one to ensure success. If there was a grip the teachers directed to us as students, was that our quality of writing was not graduate-level. This did lead to a few instances of sub par papers being composed by us and teachers spending more time to help us with our writing than with our learning. The IAS program however is severely flawed, and I unfortunately I had to experience it at its worst. The composing of thesis and forming a committee is not setup for practically. While the program is “interdisciplinary” and places focus on framing arguments, presenting research and your case, the professors are anything but. If your thesis doesn’t fit into the norm of what the professors are proficient in, they will close their door on you. So even though the program is interdisciplinary, the professors are not. I had the unfortunately set back that my thesis chair passed away during my thesis composition. Unfortunately no professors would immediately step up to join my committee and the heads of the program would not assist – placing strictly the onus back on me to reform or hoping I would drop the program. This was not a sympathetic way to go about this, and the lack of empathy made me feel devalued as a student. I was able to eventually able to reform a committee, with one member begrudgingly joining who even vocally expressed that he thought I would just drop out. In the end I did prevail, but it was a journey made harder by the ineffectualness of the program to assist me, especially in such exceptional circumstances. I feel the classroom portion of the degree helped me immensely by making me a more well rounded individual in terms of my body of knowledge, but the actual structure of the program is rubbish and not setup to be successful to the students.

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