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Virginia College
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Student Reviews

my school vc
Degree: Science, Technology and Society
Graduation Year: 2015
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I love the smaller classes. My advisor rocks. She is always there to help.great school

Run fast!!! Do not enroll!!
Degree: Engineering, Other
Graduation Year: 2015
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Stay away from this school. Just trying to help the next person in line here. I almost done with my associates in network engineering and I regret even going. They take all your monies and they do not in any way assist you. I will say this though, I have always had a really good advisor and she was nice and worked to help me any way possible but that was the only good thing about this school. As far as price, its too expensive and if you are to be getting a refund/stipend then think again. They do not give you anything and they give you the run around the entire time about your account. They owe me as a credit in the amount of 741.00 and I have not seen a dime of that money and probably never will. The student portal is a joke and some of your information is wrong and the leger card information is a joke as well. Nothing is shown for you to understand and thats their goal; to keep you confused the entire time while pocketing your monies.

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Kaitlyn - about 1 month ago

Is it really that bad? I'm in high school and need to get into college that will accept me, despite my bad grades. I'm looking for culinary colleges but I certainly want something I can understand…Thank you for the warning. I'll try somewhere else.

Won't help with employment or transfer
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2013
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Getting a degree doesn't help with employment. I graduate next month and employers don't seem to be interested in an Associates Degree from VCO.

I attempted to transer my credits to an on campus university and literally not one credit was transferable. Considering the classes are going to be some of the same ones I am now going to have to repeat, surprised me. The actual classes and instructors were really good at VCO, but don't expect to transfer credits or have employers look at it as if you went to a "real" school.

Their financial aid office also takes weeks to get back to you if you start in the Spring because they only have one person working FA during that time for some reason. Overall, it is money you have to pay back with no help for your future.

I have been on the President's List every semester, so I'm still hopeful. P.S. If you want help with employment, go directly to the ground campus. The online employment search is associated with the school, but is not run by the school nor anyone who works for it. It's no different than going to Careerbuilder. Good Luck

do not go there it is waste of money and time
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they are rip off I have finished 2 years till now I have not found a job and they never till me how much I owe when I went to school everytime I call for where is my statement for my loan they keep saying the department of education will give away statement when I finished school so I let the go I was stupid I should called the department of education about that. When I finished I got the letter that I owed too much money from the school I am curious why I owe $15,000 for worthless degree I tried to go back to school in Lawson and all of them are not creditable. This is crazy and now I am in debt. So please anyone do not let that happen to you you will end up in debt.

Don't do it
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When I first enrolled they told me that my credits will transfer but it didn't. If your trying to further your degree into Bachelors program then VC isn't for you. Your credits don't transfer only to VC online or Devry. VC online is $369 a credit hour!! Before its said and done you will be oweing about $70,000 on a four year degree, that's crazy.
Good experience
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This is overall a good school. Most professors are great, and some are truly exceptional in terms of caring about individual students and their learning. There are a handful of professors who could care less about their jobs as teachers, though, and unfortunately, as someone else has said, you will definitely have that professor again if they are teaching within your major.

Classes are usually the same average difficulty, although there are those classes where half the students fail (usually taught by one of the above horrible professors), or classes that could be taken with your eyes closed. I can't say if the classes are as challenging as other universities, though, because this is the only college I have attended. But the math and science departments are very difficult and most likely as rigorous as any other liberal arts school.

The campus is small, so you'll always see a familiar face (which could be a blessing or a curse depending on how you see it). You will definitely meet people (even local students) who hate the surrounding town, so if you can't find ways to amuse yourself, or become severely depressed without malls or theaters to make it through a week, then a more urban college is certainly a better idea.

Most people here -are- cliquish, because most are locals who attend with the same group of friends from high school. Many are from other areas of Virginia, though, and most people are relatively friendly.

A word of advice: Don't cheat! This school is hyperfocused on cheating. Just the thought of cheating will almost send you to the "Honor Court," which almost certainly means expulsion, or if your lucky, suspension and a failed class.

Overall, as long as prestige isn't a factor, this is a good school to choose. Small (usually 15-25 people a class), average difficulty classes, semi-friendly students, and 95% of the professors are helpful and friendly.


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