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1 out of 5
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2011

Walden University should be your last resort. If you need to do some retraining or review, a Masters from Walden might help you work your way into a real university, but don't consider Walden if you need anything more than a degree. They are just a diploma mill. They do not provide any real graduate-level education. They are not an acceptable alternative for a terminal Masters or PhD.

If you are disabled or live far from a real university, I think it is a crime that these for-profit colleges are the best that the US will offer you at present for 100% online, distance education. Look hard at online alternatives offered at state and private schools. Don't check them off your list just because they might require you to go to their campus for just a couple weeks a year. If you think you can't do it, think again. It might be hard, but you can do it!

If you need an undergraduate degree, look to EdX, Coursera, Saylor, or any of a number of other free or almost free options. By the time you finish enough coursework for a degree, these new alternatives will be offering everything you need. Walden will provide you nothing more.

2 out of 5

I enrolled in Walden to obtain my undergrad degree after having received my associates from UoP. I switched because it was less expensive, however now I see why it was: there is less value. Financial aid is difficult to work with compared to UoP.

I have never had a difficult time registering for classes or qualifying for aid. Walden however structured their credits to where I am graduating and I only need 5 more credits (which most of their classes are) however I need at least 6 credits to qualify for aid. UoP never had weird loopholes that were difficult to work around.

Aside from having to register yourself for each class using a subpar system and financial aid not working well with the credit structure, the online portal is poorly designed and not user friendly at all. The situation is bad enough that I am finishing my degree paying out of pocket and switching back to UoP for my Masters... even though it is more expensive. The extra money brings far more value!

5 out of 5
Degree: Nursing
Graduation Year: 2012

Walden is the prefect place for nurses who want to return to school for BSN, MSN, or DNP degree. Professors are well perpared to handle the constraints and benefits of online education.

All are highly qualifies and have many years of experience. Courses are consistent with current healthcare industry trends and incorporate current healthcare policy, evidence-based practice, and scholarly literature into each class. They have 3 specialty concentrations in the MSN degree program: Leadership, Education, and Informatics.

If you are motivated and have the desire to advance your nursing career, Walden is the place for you. They focus on social change, which is why we are nurses in the first place, to improve the health of the communities that we serve. Walden will prepare you to take on challenges of the rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

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3 out of 5

I thought the tools and classroom were fine. Liked the multimedia approach. It provided variety. However, the instructor was never in the "room". When he did post, it was inane and not on point. Someone needs to Quality Check the classrooms more often to see that instructors are actually "teaching".

5 out of 5

I have read many reviews regarding Walden and I have been with this school since June of 2006. Yes I have had some questionable instructors but for the most part I am completely satisfied with this University. People who think they are going to jump into a easy online degree might want to look some where else.

The programs are hard and yes they are expensive. In my particular degree you are required to attend residencies and you should be as most state licensing boards require you to.

Don't think twicre about plagarizing someone else's work as they will catch you. I am All But Dissesrtation have defended my proposal and when my proposal was sent to I only had 4% plagarism passing pretty easily. Walden teaches you the turnitin guidelines and after being there this long I should know this by now. It is a great school and I have been completely satisfied. If you are serious about the degree you are pursuing pick Walden!

2 out of 5

On September 9, 2009, I enrolled into Walden University’s Master in Mental Health Counseling program. Now, three years later, 22 core courses, a GPA of 3.34, and $80,000.00, I have been expelled from the university, to never re-apply. I would like to add, I was enrolled in the third week of my very last core course, and preparing for my internship.

The university has added “Turnitin” as a tool to check for plagiarism, to the course requirement. But, it appears to me, that not all the professors have the same level of knowledge and understanding of the tool. I have been given different information by different professors. Or, when I inquired, they were unable to assist me with knowledge about the tool. I am absolutely shocked at being expelled for the reason that was given to me. Plagiarism. Yes, I was accused of plagiarizing a final paper. I disagree with the school’s findings. But, who am I? I attempted to argue my case, but fell on death ear. Even though I have three years invested, $80,000.00 in cost and have successfully completed all the core courses except one, Walden University did not consider me worth their time to teach me what I was doing wrong. Is this the type of institution of higher learning you would enjoy learning from? I would like to point out, as a 61 year old, I have a BS degree in Psychology, Sociology and a minor in Education, a MS degree in Guidance, Counseling and Human Services, have been working as a Mental Health Counselor at San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center in San Francisco, California for the past 10 years, and was previously the Director of Mental Health at a 1,600 inmate prison. I said all that to say, Walden University is not my first professional encounter and I do bring experience and a wealth of knowledge to the table. I think I deserve more than what Walden University think I deserve. During my first year of classes, some of my colleagues shared how they had accidentally submitted the wrong assignment to a course, but received an "A" grade for that particular assignment.

“Turnitin” is not rocket science, therefore, I am capable of learning whatever is necessary. But, evidently Walden University thought otherwise. I wonder how and why they arrived at that decision? I think Walden University is attracted to dollar signs and less interested in educating. This has been the worst decision I have made in my entire life. An unfortunately, I will not live long enough to repay all the money I have borrowed to attend Walden University. Please, seriously think about your decision to attend a heartless institution as Walden University. Good luck.

Thank you, JKT

3 out of 5
Degree: Information Systems

Perhaps there are some good programs so I'm solely speaking on the one in which I'm attending - Master's of Science in Information Systems. Straight to the point... The program sucks. I'm currently attending Walden and I'm enrolled in my first 2 classes. One of the classes is a preparation class, but the other is a fundamental course... Fundamentals of Computer Science. Well if u think u are going to be taught any fundamentals, you have another thing coming. There will be no lectures or notes. You will be given a book but the assignments that are given are not in it. You will be forced to google questions that are made up and doesn't make any freaking sense and can't be found on the net anywhere, causing you to make up stuff also. The last assignment I had, I searched the Internet high and low trying to find out what could the instructor be talking about. Well I did come across the question... But it was posted by a student who had previously attended Walden and felt the same way as I... that the question was stupid and made up by people who had no IT experience.

I found this guy's email and contacted him and he told me how he brought up the issue with the instructor and how they eventually told him to drop the course. Well I'm not going to drag this post on out.... You can do what you choose, but he mentioned that when he dropped out of Walden, he attended Western Governors University and that it was a much better school and it is far less expensive. So that's where I'll be enrolling after this term. Note: This message was typed on an IPad so there maybe errors... But I can definitely write and I'm not complaining because work was too hard or anything of the sort

1 out of 5

I must have been out of my mind to actually think I would learn anything from Walden University. It proved to be a big joke. The doctoral Public Health program was actually designed for freshmen college students or high school seniors and I am not exaggerating. The assignments were so elementary they were insulting to a public health professional. I could not believe the lack of rigor, and I expressed this concern to the dean and board members, who said they would investigate my concern, RIGHT.

Anyway, the socalled expert professors, who for the most part have doctoral degrees and many hail from reputable universities,were marginalized to a few casual comments on the discussion board and grading papers. The discussion questions were not designed by the professors and that was obvious and none of them had any real input. Nor did they design the assignments, so much for assembly line education.

I lasted about 3 quarters and simply could not tolerate it anymore. They actually expected me to learn from my classmates, none of whom were public health professionals and furthermore, I didn't pay college tuition to learn from my classmates rather the professors.

I would strongly strongly advice anyone who wants more than a piece of paper to go to a reputable university within your community. However, if it's all about the paper then be prepared to learn nothing and pay a lot.

1 out of 5

Don't WASTE your $$$$$$$$$$$$$ EdD Program Walden Ed D program DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!! I have been w/Walden in Ed.D program since 2006. I have been attempting to get the URR to approve my dissertation, which my chair and co chair OK'd. No Luck! It seems the URR has no clue about my topic and the achievement gap for Latino students. There has been NO MOVEMENT since the first week of October, when my chair submitted the dissertation.

Any one else have these issues. I will NEVER RECOMMED WALDEN TO ANYONE. I could have gone to Seton Hall, joined the fast track cohort and been done in 2 years for LESS $$ and not have to defend my doing an Ed.D online. What a mistake! I will never recommend Walden; in fact I will dissuade anyone from taking courses at Walden!

4 out of 5
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2010

I think Walden is great for educational "late bloomers" with extensive professional experience who want to shake that "no college degree" monkey off their back. Yes, it takes an investment of your time and money; but well worth it. I find that for the most part, the reality in today's job market is this:

a) Even if you have extensive experience, you need the degree to get your foot in the door

b) Even if you have a degree, you need extensive job experience to get your foot in the door

When I was in my late teens and 20's, my focus was not on school. However, I wasn’t a total slacker. I was very blessed to be bilingual and I used that unique skill to obtain work and gain business experience. I was able to coast on that for a decade, and then realized that not having a degree kept me from some many other opportunities.

So at 34, I went back. I didn't have to quit my full-time job, although I did give up most of my social life for a couple years, but those years just flew by as I was busy anyway. I just focused on my work, studies, and in my free time I spend most of it on my hobbies.

Now, I not only have my full-time job, but also started my own side-business. Social life is going well. The degree adds some credibility to my work experience and language skills. I plan to make my side-business a full-time venture.

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