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4 out of 5

Papers, papers, and more papers! Learn your APA formatting.

I had a great time completing my B&M undergraduate degree. There is nothing enjoyable about Walden's master's program. On the other hand, I'm learning a lot more now than I did then


Walden is a lot of work. I know this is going to pay off in the end, but right now, my kids are suffering. Had I known how much work it would be, I probably would have chosen another school. I'm not against work, and am really not interested in a diploma mill where I wouldn't learn, but Walden is rough.

Like every school, some instructors are better than others. I haven't encountered problems with the library or administration that some others have.

Overall, I'm glad I'm studying at Walden. I'm learning and the degree program will give me the leg up I need. But this is serious work.

4 out of 5

I have been a Ph.D. student at Walden University since September 2005. I am preparing to defend my disseration and will be done with this circus. I have completed all the requirments for my degree ahead of schedule and found most of the instructors to be arrogant and ignorant to the students and obviously in it for the extra paycheck.

The KAM papers are a waste of time as are the residencies and a requirement to inflate their profit margin. I am into loans for over $130,000 for this degree. Because of the unprofessionalism of the staff and the amount of time they waste making you jump through hoops, it will take about two years just to complete the dissertation.

Once you begin the dissertation, the reallll nightmare starts. My committee was as useless as a screen door on a submarine and left me to learn via trial and error.Waldens dissertation process is full of time consuming steps, and they seem to try and make you quit (and other students I talked to have the same perception), and when you challenge them, they threaten to disciplne you for violating their code of conduct.

If you like frustration, unprofessionalism, and wasting valuable time and money, then Walden is for you!

4 out of 5

After attending Walden I only had 7 classes left to obtain my B.S. degree in Management. Well I was having difficulties in Accounting II class and after two attemtps at the class and no help from the school Ifailed it twice! So I received an email that they were dismissing me from their school. I now feel I wasted my time and money going to this school!

They get you all excited in the beginning but once you sign up and start paying they forget all about you. Even after I failed the class the first time no one called me or even email me to offer assistance etc but I sure I got the good bye email from the dean who I had never heard from before.

Now I am stuck scrambling to find another online school that hopefully will accept their credits so I can still graduate on time this year. And the next semester had already started and I already purchased my books and per the dean's email I wa dismissed effective June 7 and I just got the email yesterday on June 18! So please people yes do your homework about this school or any other school to make sure you arent making a huge mistake all around!!

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4 out of 5

Walden University is my current school and I transferred to them to finish off my BS degree in Homeland Security, The classes are very nice if you are an advanced student and intelligent, it requires a lot of time MIN 20 hours a week normally 30-40 to do all the required work and research.

Walden has an issue once they get you as a Student they no longer want to help you when something is wrong , Do not listen to the commercials they post on the TV like its online to fit around your lifestyle, that is NOT the case this college has more strict time lines then any walk in college Ive ever attended or any online course Ive ever had to do in the past.

The financial Aid office is totally screwed up and they love to hold on to your money as long as they can, I have had to fight them to release my money every single term since Ive been with them, and I never get it until at least a month after my class starts so if you are like me depending on the Financial aid to assist you with what it is meant for books, software, housing ect then you do not want to go to this school, they don't understand what Financial Aid is for and they conveniently screw up your account often.

this last semester I had all my paperwork completed 4 months in advance and contacted them the last 2 months at least once a week to make sure no new paperwork was needed, they decided not to even pull my paperwork until after a week after my 6 week course started.

I am in week 2 right now and still no textbook becuase of this schools poor professionalism and practices in financial aid, I was told by the financial aid office supervisor if I Didn't like the way they handled financial aid then I could either go get a outside personal loan ( I already am taking out 2 loans as it is through the school) or just drop the class which would penalize me in future financial aid.

This was the financial aid managers remedy to them not doing their jobs and applying my financial aid and releasing the leftover so I can buy my textbooks and supplies I needed for school. I also am about to lose my housing becuase they haven't processed my Financial aid that's been sitting there for 2 months.

When I told them I wanted information on how to file a Formal complaint against them he told me they answered to "NO ONE" and there was no one to report them too.

I am pursuing this still since this is my latest problem with this school, Soon as I finish my last 2 classes I will have finished my BS I will move to another school to do my Master Degree.

I do not recommend this school unless you enjoy fighting someone to do their job and like having to call them constantly to make sure they are doing so.

They didn't even know how to get me entered into their system as a Junior when I transferred in and left me as a freshmen for over 3 months until I began contacting the different offices to manually enter me into the system correctly.

Your year of school affects your financial aid as well for those of you who don't know. This school is every unprofessional in its administrative practices and good luck getting people to answer the phone after you become a student and they get a hold of you.

Today it took me 4 hours on the phone before I got a person, Oh BTW they don't return calls when you leave messages either, very rarely have I ever got a call back when I leave a message or am told they will call me back after they investigate the problem. Put off tactics with this school is a normality and they are masters of it. I wish I had gone F.I.T instead, and BTW Walden is Nationally accredited for those of you who said in posts they are not, I researched it and they sure are!

How? I am not sure by their professionalism and lack of performing their jobs, but they are. The instructors though most of them not all are fine teachers and I have learned a lot since I enrolled here. The administrative side sucks even if you do everything your suppose too.

4 out of 5

I have my B.S., B.F.A. and M.S. from traditional "brick and mortar" schools, but decided to try Walden for my PhD due to the flexibility it offers it's students. After completing 5 quarters - I have easily maintained a 4.0 GPA - without really having had to try. I'm currently at my first "milestone" residency - and it is a complete and utter joke! The required so-called "milestone" classes at the residency are idiotic at best, and are teaching things that these students should have learned in high school. The residency costs $890 plus your airfare, plus hotel, plus meals...and I've gotten nothing of value from them. If I stay in the program, I'll have to do 3 more "residencies"'s a joke. I'm so far in at this point - I don't know if I should continue and finish, or just chock it up as a lesson learned and switch to a traditional school. Buyer Beware!

4 out of 5

I would recommend this university because it has lived up to what it has promised. All of my instructors have responded in a timely manner (usually the same day) and the online support has been very helpful. I suggest to those who use emails to resolve issues, use the live chat. It has always helped me and I was able to resolve any issues rather quickly. I will be graduating this year and my experiences have been great! Word of warning, YOU must put in the work and not expect it to be given to you. The support is there.

4 out of 5

Walden University has a lack of response from administration offices which makes the process of support, financial aid, contacting registrar etc very difficult. If you need answers or will likely wait a long time before you get it, if you get it. There are some helpful instructors, and others that provide little to no feedback that will improve your ability to meet requirements.

For example, there are some instructors that send the same generic response to just about every student for every assignment. How is that providing feedback? A lot of students were confused, asking each other about how to do things...that is so sad. That is what instructors and other support departments are supposed to be available for.

The learning platform should also be updated, it becomes a bit monotonous after a while. Basic text, nothing interesting.

I would not recommend Walden University, simply because there are much better schools that will provide the necessary attention to properly handling students paperwork, that also have instructors who are equipped to actually "instruct", and lastly...its a waste of money and too much of a hassle to deal with Walden.

4 out of 5

I am in my first term @ Walden pursuing a BSBA-HR degree. So far things have been excellent. As a transfer student from another online university, I will say I am more than happy with the choice I made to attend Walden!

4 out of 5

I have read all of the reviews and what startles me is the negative reviews.

For one, as with ANY learning experience, be that in a traditional classroom or online, the student is responsible for learning the material,participating in class and submitting assignments on time.

Secondly, I have never had a problem in terms of financial aid or the bursars office, admin or anything. In fact, I have had quite the opposite. The financial aid office will call you and email you to death until THEY can get everything straight with regard to your aid. YOU have to make sure that YOU submit complete records and be completely forthcoming on your FAFSA and your student loan apps.

I have never had to wait longer than two days to hear back from advising or admin. NEVER. They are fantastic with turnaround and followup.

Finally, Online classes are not for everyone. I find it fits me well. There is a LOT of reading and writing. 12 week courses are crammed into 6 week quarters, so the workload is heavy and demanding. It's challenges, books, materials are no different than a typical school.

You are the master of your own education. Even in the absence of a proper professor or instructor, you can, as the student, take control and research material on your own.

Walden strives to develop their students into educated and independent thinkers. With that being said, your degree will be packed with the ability to apply your education in the real world.

I am very pleased with Walden and I will and have recommended it to many many people.

4 out of 5

I am in my third quarter of Walden University's Masters in Public Administration degree program.

This program is very challenging in both content and context of material and the time management requirements one must master to be successful.

I recently had an issue retrieving several required articles for two of the courses. After contacting my fellow students, the instructors, and the Walden Library staff a quick resolution was determined. I was getting frustrated and concerned about the amount of time I was taking to resolve this; but it was not necessary. I am glad it happened now however as my confidence in spending my time and money toward this Masters degree is worth it.

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