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  • Charles Town (WV)
  • Annual Tuition: $7,324
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Reviews - Bachelor's in Business Administration

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  • Reviewed: 11/26/2018
  • Degree: Business Administration
"School had great reviews so i wanted in. My experience with the instructors thus far has been great but the financial aid department needs new staff or a good tuning up because they are by far the worst i've ever dealt with. Their miscommunication and missed correspondences could ruin a person. I received an email that was referencing a previous email that they never sent! I checked my spam, deleted, inbox and there wasnt an email sent from financial aid so when i asked them, to resend the original email (forward it showing it had been sent) they couldn't produce it. As i told the representative in their department, if i were a beginner student, that alone would have discouraged me from pursuing my degree because most students rely on financial aid. Check other schools before signing on to APUS especially if your relying on financial aid to pay for school."
Ryan L
  • Reviewed: 10/7/2018
  • Degree: Business Administration
"I wasn't sure how much this degree would be worth coming from an online-only school. Well, thankfully almost every school, even Ivy League, has online programs these days, so credibility didn't end up being an issue. My BBA got me hired by a Fortune 100 financial services corporation and admittance to LSU's AACSB accredited MBA program. If you are disciplined and focused, you will enjoy great utility from this degree. NOTE: their financial aid department is TERRIBLE and got my financing wrong seven of my semesters."
Billy Inforsey
  • Reviewed: 7/21/2018
  • Degree: Business Administration
"This is a diploma mill, and as such, it will always have that stigma with the degree attained. I have taken many courses from here, but I will not graduate with a degree from here. I am transferring the credits from here (mostly general studies) to a non for profit school. The classes were very basic and simple. Most of the answers to any test or quiz are online. The quizzes or tests are not proctored and most are multiple choice. You basically teach yourself. Half of the classes, the "professor's" give basic cookie cutter feedback if anything at all. If you are looking for an easy degree that does not require a lot of effort, that may bump up your chances at getting a raise or better job, I would go here. If you want to earn a degree and not worry about whether future employers and company recruiters will pass on you because of a for profit degree, then I would pass on this. The classes are good to take and transfer them to a real school like a public university."
  • Reviewed: 2/15/2018
  • Degree: Business Administration
"This school is TERRIBLE! They treat their employees terribly, staff and faculty included. The school was once phenomenal, but the dire state of the current management has led to decreased morale, zero benefits and no motivation. Transparency with staff and faculty is non-existent which means there is a lot that's being hidden from students. Do yourself a favor and avoid this school. I wouldn't want to attend a school if I knew the staff and faculty weren't valued because that means management sees the students as little more than a paycheck. Do yourself a favor and find a real school, one that's not fueled, primarily, by money. Find a school that values a quality education and improves for the sake of the students. Find a school that values its staff and faculty."
Brian Smith
  • Reviewed: 8/4/2017
  • Degree: Business Administration
"When I first started in 2014, I loved attending the school. My professors were always helpful and attentive. As time went on, things started to slip. It almost felt like robots took over as teachers. When I brought this observation up to one of my first intructors on email, he offered to talk on the phone privately. It was then (to my horror) I learned that faculty are required to teach 450 students a year. He also filled me in on all of the requirements forced on faculty. I felt so bad for him and the other teachers I had in the past because it was o obvious they are being treated. This phone call helped to explain why I had seen the massive decline in quality. My dad used to be a full-time professor at a local community college before he passed. He never taught anything close to those kinds of numbers. It's almost not human when you think about it. The good news is I graduated in May of this year. But it didn't take long for me to realize my degree was substandard. My instructors towards the end gave me obviously canned feedback. I felt like a checkbox being checked. But I don't blame my intructors. Instead, I lay the blame on the provost, president and the dean's. I'm enrolling next year into a MBA program at a different school (not for profit). I just don't feel good knowing my tuition money went into the pockets of greedy executives. Don't go here for your degree. You are literally supporting human exploration. You'll also be cheating yourself out of an education that you could be getting elsewhere at a similar price point. I'm ashamed to be a graduate."
  • Reviewed: 12/18/2016
  • Degree: Business Administration
"I am in my senior year of the BBA program at APU. The course materials used are the same you would have in a brick-and-mortar school. I did my research on that to make sure the level of coursework and depth of learning objectives were where they should be. Every class has a weekly discussion forum participation requirement and this consists of an initial posting of 250-300 words due Wednesday or Thursday, along with replies to at least two peers' threads (usually 100 words). You will take tests and quizzes here and those are usually multiple choice, though I did have some short answer style tests. If you are planning on attending APU, be prepared to do a LOT of writing. I was glad to see this because it makes it more difficult for students to cheat their way through.. After you submit a paper, it is sent to both your professor and processed through an anti-plagiarism website; That website contains a huge database of student papers that were submitted at any time across the country, maybe the world,and its automated system checks for similarities against the database. In terms of tuition costs, APUS is very reasonable, but this figure begins to become unreasonable once you realize that the professors do not really do anything.. Instructors were generally nice and I believe they would have been there for me if I needed them., but I never really needed their help. Through the aforementioned essays you will get very proficient at doing research and delivering credible papers. Online learning really requires a great deal of resourcefulness. Grading is usually fair but in many cases not exactly prompt. Most of my professors held a Doctorate in their field(s), others had MBAs or other business master's degrees. I had a few that did not even discuss their education or credentials. I had one that had spelling or grammatical errors in almost every announcement or forum post he made. The financial aid process is HORRIBLE. Throughout my whole time at this school I believe my financial aid went through with no issues on two occasions. The good news is that a phone call to the university is almost always answered immediately and they were always able to fix issues eventually. My conclusion after reaching my senior year is that their programs could be very easy for those who are satisfied with simply going through the motions. I want to be able to master all the learning objectives  from the ground up so I require of myself more than the minimum assignment requirements. I make it harder for myself. You kind of self-teach a lot here, but the help is there if you want it. The low/no admissions requirements become apparent as you participate in the weekly discussion forums. I have had some classmates who got me wondering how they even graduated high school. I do not discourage anyone from attempting to step up their education, but it definitely hurts my perception of an APUS degree. To the school's credit, though, they are regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and most of their business programs are ACBSP accredited. I plan on attending somewhere else for my MBA, though."
  • Reviewed: 8/25/2016
  • Degree: Business Administration
"APUS makes it easy to work towards your degree while working full time. The schedule was flexible and professors were knowleable in their field. I appreciated that the school understood not everyone has the ability to commit to normal school hours due to job / family related responsibilities."
  • Reviewed: 8/8/2016
  • Degree: Business Administration
"I'm highly dissatisfied with my degree from APUS. My degree is not worth the paper it was printed on! The majority of employers expect 50 years of experience plus a degree. I can't wait until the unicorn phase of hiring starts to die out. I worked really hard to earn a degree that the majority of employers scarf at for no apparent reason."
Cindy Stevens
  • Reviewed: 7/17/2016
  • Degree: Business Administration
"American Public University is the best school I've ever attended. From the helpful admissions people to the great teachers and advisors. I have received valuable support and encouragement the whole time. I've been to 2 other universities, prior to APU and had both on campus experiences and hybrid courses. If you're comfortable with computers then 100% online is a great fit with APU. I have been going to this school for a little more than a year and have found no issues with the financial aid, probably because I pass my courses. The tuition is the most affordable that I've found and the grad rates seem high - have you seen the photos from the last graduation ceremony? Wow, there were a ton of people and I can't wait to go! APU even provides books for free for all undergrads. The teachers message me back within a reasonable time frame and 1 teacher even gave me their phone number! The grading scale can be challenging but I am learning so much. With all the schools I've attended you get out what you put in and there's no exception at APU. No school is perfect but in my experience APU is pretty close. For those of you who haven't joined us in the 21st century, almost every single university is online or has online components. There's not really a need for physical locations for some degrees. If you want affordable costs, flexible schedules and great support teams, APU is for you! One more note, my employer reimburses me for the courses because this school is held in such high regard. Go class of 2018!!!!!!"
Deborah L
  • Reviewed: 4/2/2016
  • Degree: Business Administration
"I completed an Associates in Business Administration at a state school. After having my first child I decided I wanted to finish my Bachelor Degree in Business as well. I was working full time and was not able to attend a traditional school. I graduated in 2014 with my Bachelor's, and I found the classes to be challenging and thorough. The professors will not let you slack off, so if you miss a deadline, or post late, you will either get points deducted or receive a 0 for that assignment or forum. The classes are set up so that if you do not participate at least 3 to 4 times a week, you will fail the class. You can only fail a class once, you get one re-try and if you don't pass the 2nd time you have to choose a different class, or a different degree if it is a core requirement. Fortunately I never had to deal with that particular issue, but you should be aware of it before slacking off. I appreciate that level of strictness because you are not attending classes, so the only way to make sure the students actually do the work and learn the material is to be strict on the deadlines. Some of the upper level courses required detailed excel work and statistical analysis problems, and the professors would post online videos to help walk students through homework and review problems. I never had an issue with Student Aid, but I always completed the aid process as early as possible, if you rush the process you will be frustrated. I found the website to be easy to use, the online library was very helpful. The school is accredited, and their classes transfer to state schools, and likewise. I have used a lot of the information I learned in my career, and was promoted as a result of the degree. If I do decide to pursue a Master's Degree, I will be attending APUS."