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  • Charles Town (WV)
  • Annual Tuition: $6,880
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Reviews - in Environmental Science

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APU Grad
  • Reviewed: 11/12/2019
  • Degree: Environmental Science
  • Graduation Year: 2019
"I would say APUS is a mediocre school at best. I had several issues while attending that makes me wish I went somewhere else. I know several people have commented on the financial aid at APUS, but luckily I didn't have the same issues. I do think they nickle and dime their students, especially as you get closer to graduation. It costs $100 to graduate, and $20 for offical paper transcripts to be sent. Of the two years I spent at APUS to complete my degree, I had only two or three classes that I really enjoyed and learned something. Every other class assignments were just things to check off the list. My worst experience was with the advising. During my program, I was notified that the degree requirements had changed, and I would have to take much harder (and more expensive) version. I should have been grandfathered in, but that was not the case. When I only had 5 more classes before graduation, I developed a plan of what classes I would take to graduate. When I made an appointment with the advisor, she couldn't confirm if this plan would work. She said they didn't know what courses were going to be offered more than 3 months in advance. Luckily everything worked out and my plan worked. The last frustrating part was while I was in my capstone class, my "advisor" contacted me to let me know that registration was open soon for the next semester. I am glad that I did not pursue a career in what my degree is in. I would not have felt prepared to do anything in the field in the real world. I would not advise any of my friends or family members to attend this school."
Kaela Brennan
  • Reviewed: 12/3/2018
  • Degree: Environmental Science
  • Graduation Year: 2014
"Hello, I havnt actually graduated from this school but Id like to write a review on my experience trying to attend this school online in 2017. I applied to this school because my other online school didnt offer my major. I went through the most rigorous and frustrating application process ever. The communication was so poorly executed that I spent two months constantly talking to the financial team and getting my questions answered only to find out that I missed the deadline on one single document that I sent in but it wasnt reviewed because it got lost in the system. Then my mother was told on the phone we needed an additional document that wasnt mentioned beforehand but then when we called back again we didnt need that mysterious document anymore? I explained my frustration and how I worked very hard to get this done because I take my education seriously and I was met with a grouchy women on the phone who basically told me tough luck. Now Im stuck paying this school a grand for a class I couldnt even take?!?!? For a young student who works full time, pays all of my bills and pays for school myself I found this so wrong! The education system needs to be made more accessible to young students trying to access their career paths! If you want to go to school online check out University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Super easy application process no complications, really awesome and intelligent teachers, and really great list of majors and classes to choose from!"
Laura P.
  • Reviewed: 12/2/2017
  • Degree: Environmental Science
  • Graduation Year: 2018
"I feel sorry for those whom have had a poor experience at APU/AMU. The class structure has been perfect for me - it's just self-paced enough to be flexible, but not so lackadaisical it's easy to fall behind. I never had any issues with non-responsive instructors. And as far as 'buying' a degree? Try taking some of my program's core courses - statistics, chemistry, biology, environmental law and policy, water science - they are no joke. It's challenging, and at times, the workload is miserable - but that proves you are earning your degree and truly gaining knowledge. Ive worked my butt off amd made the Dean's list ever single semester. This has been a great choice of college for me. I only have a few more weeks to go and I'm done! Thanks, APU!"
  • Reviewed: 8/28/2017
  • Degree: Environmental Science
  • Graduation Year: 2017
"As I read some of these comments I cannot believe the negativity of some of them. I have been taking classes for a year and a half and it is no walk in the park. You get what you put into it, if you don't study, expect poor grades. I have had no issues with neither my professors or school staff; they have been understanding when "life" becomes complicated. So far, nothing but positivity and good praise for this institution. Manage your time, study and make school a priority or expect to fail. This degree is assisting me in personal career as I am being offered a better job inside my company due to my degree path. I am 50/50 with my work load, meaning field/office. Writing reports, testing ground water and doing pulollution management. The degree holds weight, I was a doubter initially but it's paying off."
Scott Bojanowski
  • Reviewed: 2/27/2017
  • Degree: Environmental Science
  • Graduation Year: 2014
"American Military University (AMU) is an outstanding option if you are looking for an online college experience. AMU provided me with one of the largest selections of undergraduate and graduate degrees available online. There were numerous electives to go with each degree program, allowing me to choose electives that interested me and aligned with my degree program plan. As a career Soldier in the United State Army, AMU worked with me to adjust course requirements during times that I was deployed overseas to Iraq and Afghanistan. AMU has a diverse group of professors that are genuinely interested in making sure their students receive the best possible support during their educational experience. Many of my professors took the additional time to help map out career plans and offer advice on where to look for job opportunities within my degree field. I would highly recommend American Military University to anyone that is looking for a quality education experience."
Beth Moir
  • Reviewed: 1/29/2016
  • Degree: Environmental Science
  • Graduation Year: 2015
"I quite liked everything about this school, except their financial aid office. The teachers were incredible knowledgeable and helpful. I learned an awful lot. My only problem stemmed from how they handled my financial aid. During my fiscal years with them, which is the 8 month period you are taking classes with them, I had more problems than I didn't. I was on the phone with them so many times to figure out what was going wrong it was kinda ridiculous. Now my biggest problem was not that it was a repeating problem, it was a slew of all sorts of things. My biggest complaint in all this, was I would call and they would give me information that was wrong. Yes, Beth you will be able to enter your classes, the start date would role around and my class would still be locked. The number of problems they had with my account seemed to be endless. Here is a few examples: a new financial aid system was installed and I didn't click through it to show I had learned about it, but I was never informed to do this. My aid was cut drastically, they marked me down as part time instead of full, I use this money to pay my rent! I had class overlap between to fiscal years and they really could not figure out how to hand out the financial aid because of it. My favorite out of all of them was when they sent me an email and told me they had over appropriated funds to me on my student loans and that I now owed them $1755. How does that even happen? The honest truth behind the last one too was I called them to make sure I was suppose to be getting the extra money, it was more than I typically received. They assured me up and down that it was the correct amount. I could not finish my last two classes with them until I paid it back. I do not have a lot of money, I have two small kids, and the financial aid was my living money. I had to take out a payday loan to pay them off, so I could finish my degree. It really was not a pleasant time for me."
  • Reviewed: 1/14/2016
  • Degree: Environmental Science
  • Graduation Year: 2013
"All I have to say is best online school I have been compare to CTC, SLCC, and Parker University. I got hired at the EPA under the Recent Graduate Program and I am currently a Scientist for the agency. I get a fatty check every month :) Mission Accomplished!"
  • Reviewed: 12/29/2013
  • Degree: Environmental Science
  • Graduation Year: 2016
"I have had financial issues non stop since starting. Now they are telling me that I have to owe money to them that they sent back to dept of education from prior semester because they made a mistake and accepted to much money. Now since my financial aid was already 3 months late and I had late payments to pay, they are telling me to use the money I paid off my bills from to pay them back. This school is ridiculous."