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1 out of 5
Degree: Organizational Leadership
Graduation Year: 2013

First of all, I notice the only reviews "Yelp" recommends are the positive reviews. This public should see all of the reviews without navigating the maze of pages here to find them. I often stay away from reviews because all to often we see a timed emotion, which doesn't describe the entire experience from a student while at this institution. I have attended two online universities and lack just a few classes from obtaining my BA. You may find grammatical errors in this post, but it does not take away from the truth it covers about Ashford. Let’s start with the University of Phoenix, since that is where I cam from with my Associate’s. The instructors and staff were a lot more in-tune with the student. My only complaint was “group projects” in the Bachelor’s level courses. This review isn’t about UOP, so I won’t go into detail, but the staff there seemed to care about the student, probably because classes were almost $2,000 a piece. On to Ashford University: Jeffrey Woods was my admissions counselor, and as always, he was fantastic. This is a common theme among admissions counselors because they are the bread and butter of the company. He stuck with me for the first three classes. I couldn’t ask for anything better, so I was hooked. I was moved to Chad Small after this… and this is where it began. I required a receipt (Univ of Phoenix offered this on their site as self-service) for each paid class for tuition reimbursement purposes through my employer. The system is set up to auto-email these, so they tell me, but it never worked correctly. When I requested any items from Chad, he would take in excess of 2 weeks to respond, or many times he would simply not respond at all. I started attaching delivery notifications to each email, so then I received the response that my emails were deleted without being read; therefore I never received a response. I asked Chad over and over to improve his response time, left voicemails with this information, and asked to speak to his supervisor. I never received any of the requested items. I requested a new counselor, so I was moved to Elana Perry… which would turn out to be worse than Chad. I only had to contact Elana a handful of times during my 7-8 months with her, but ant hills turned into mountains when I requested anything. She was beyond rude, even telling me at one point that this is my education and my responsibility, not hers to deal with. She made me aware I was on her timeline, when I simply asked for her to follow-up with me before 4 days had passed with no response. She was beyond facetious and made no attempt to apologize or help me, the student. I asked for yet another counselor, and this was made it clear in the beginning that she would respond to me when she could, which is usually 48-72 hours. Her name is Aimee Downes; in which business environment is it acceptable to write to the company in which you are a paying customer, with an issue, only to be put on hold for more than 3 days? Overall, the university does not care about the students, do not work for you but against you, and is the biggest joke for a business that I have ever encountered. We get better service at Taco Bell! The counselors, after your admissions timeframe ends, are rude, non-responsive, and their managers are no different. Sadly I am so close to finishing that I, like others, have trapped myself in their circle of chaos. Why switch now, only to do more paperwork, attend more entry classes, and risk my classes not transferring. I wish I would have done this different, but I will continue to swap counselors until they treat me like the customer I am, which is a high paying customer.

1 out of 5
Degree: Behavioral Sciences

THIS IS VERY LONG BUT A MUST-READ IF YOU'RE ACTUALLY CONSIDERING PAYING THESE PEOPLE TO TREAT YOU LIKE A NUMBER IN THE NAME OF "EDUCATION." GOING BACK TO SCHOOL IS HARD ENOUGH. DON'T PAY ASHFORD TO MAKE IT HARDER! I had big dreams when I enrolled in Ashford in February 2013. My admissions advisor, Jn, felt like an old friend; she was encouraging and helpful and supportive. Once I was officially enrolled, she called me incessantly for one week and then I never heard from her again. I went about my classes and did very well; my GPA was a 3.4 when my trouble started. I was notified that my financial aid couldn't be processed due to a 2012 tax return issue. I had to take two official leaves of absence from classes to wait for my IRS info to be available to upload to my FAFSA. On the last day of my second break, even though my hands were now completely tied in terms of what I could do and the school was aware of my situation, I was officially withdrawn from Ashford. About a week later I got a cold email from my financial "advisor" DU. It explained that they'd love to have me back in school, but that they need my missing docs. I fell for it. He said they needed two documents; one of which was still out of my control and the other was reliant on the first. Finally the IRS processed my forms and I could get back into class! I sent DU the second form that they needed and I waited for action from him. I heard nothing for weeks until wouldn't you know, I got ANOTHER cold email from him saying that they'd love to have me back in class, but that they need my missing docs. I emailed DU immediately (I never called him. He'd never answer and when he called me back he was nervous and not at all helpful, answering questions I didn't ask as if he wasn't listening), and I told him that I'd sent the documents to him weeks prior. In his email back, instead of professionally taking responsibility for the massive oversight that unnecessarily delayed my education, DU wrote back to ask if I had "maybe sent it to someone else?" Just yesterday I received a cold email from yet another "manager" of something that sounds important, TA, hoping that I'm "doing so well today!" She went on to ramble (for two paragraphs!) about how important students are to her, that she works for me, essentially that I will forever be in the Ashford family whether I like it or not. She goes on to say "Now it looks like you are no longer in attendance with us and I am not sure on the reasons to why that may be.." I laughed out loud because a) she has atrocious grammar for an academic professional and b) as you know from reading my post, there are many well-documented reasons as to why I am no longer enrolled in Ashford. Good thing TA didn't do any research or cross-referencing prior to contacting me, otherwise she could have been accused of doing her job properly. PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: THIS WILL HAPPEN TO YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE JUST A DOLLAR AMOUNT. Do your research and find a decent school. There are plenty. Just type "reputable online colleges" into Google. Guess who you won't see. YOUR EDUCATION SHOULD START WITH AN EDUCATED DECISION. YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN ASHFORD.

1 out of 5
Degree: Public Administration

This school was a waste of my time. I had to withdraw after 6 months due to arrogant and vengeful teacher giving me a non-passing grade, which dropped my GPA tremendously. I tried to appeal the grade but my appeal was rejected, even after the Academic Advisor stated that I shouldn't have received a failing grade. Due to the non-passing grade, I was informed I would have to retake the course, although I completed the course two months before. When I sent a email to both the academic advisor and appeals clerk informing them that I was withdrawing from the school due to this situation, no one responded back. It's been three days. This school claims to care for their students, but if there is an issue between a student and an instructor, the student will be left in the cold!

Search over 222,000 programs:
1 out of 5
Degree: School Counseling
Graduation Year: 2014

First of all the tuition is not almost 11,000, the truth of the matter is it is 18,585 a year for a Bachelor Degree, with there being a 3% increase every year since I have attended(now 4 years). They made over a quarter million in profit last year, and continue to raise the cost of classes and force you to purchase digital materials that can be purchased used at over half the cost that they charge. I have had to go to student mediation twice over charges that were on my account that just appeared, and will have to do it again since they just charged twice for the same three classes. All their mistakes not mine.

I work hard at Ashford, do not mind working for my grades, however I should not have to do the staffs job, including the instructors, because they have a I do not have to answer you for up to 48 policy in place.. If the classes are 5 weeks and at the 2 week Friday you do not understand anything, then you are just out of luck, because when Monday rolls around your instructor will not even respond.

This last award period I was overlooked when it came to my disbursement, and my academic advisor told me I had to wait two weeks after the inital disbursement that was supposed to be disbursed before I could make a formal complaint. I mean come on.. That is utterly ridiculous, not to mention always have to verify my tax year as well as my husband who also attends.

Had I not been so close to graduation then I would have changed a year ago. All I can say is when it is time for my masters degree you can BET ASHFORD will not get one more dime of the money I have to pay back.. They are poor at communication and greedy.

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