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3 out of 5
Degree: Social Sciences
Graduation Year: 2012

When I first decided to enroll at ashford, i had an advisor that called me almost everyday. He made is seem like this was the best school out there. I later found out that he lied. after I enrolled, I never heard from him again. I have had about 4 financial aid\academic advisors in the past 6 months. Each one gave me different information. As far as the classe, they are ok. Most coincide with eac other. I only had problems with one f my instructors. My GPA is good. The financial aid department is not very knowledgeable.

I have had some problems but not major ones. I only have about 6 classes left so it makes no since for me to quit now. At the beginning of this academic year, I was told my classes would be paid for with my financial aid, I just learned today that I may not have enough to cover my classes. I also was told I owed but received a stipend in my account. You have to stay on top of things. Most of my advisors called me back within a day. One of my academic advisors didn't care. When we talked he would often yawn during our conversations, so I stop calling him. If I had known some of these thing before I started, I would have never enrolled. But I"m here now, so I deal wih it. Just read different reviews and decide for yourself.

4 out of 5
Degree: Public Administration
Graduation Year: 2012

I hope my review of Ashford University assists you in making and informed decision. I received my Bachelor's in Public Administration. For those who have not taken an online course or program, I am sure you have been reluctant due to the stigma that comes along with online learning. As with traditional learning, you get out what you put in. Sure, you can skip the reading, or turn in sloppy work just to pass, but remember: You are paying to attend. If you plan on getting a job with your degree, you should some concepts right?

One who chooses to attend Ashford should be prepared to do a lot of reading. Classes are five weeks long. You are getting through an entire textbook during those five weeks. Of course, reading is accompanied by writing. Be prepared to write papers. I wrote an average of 2-3 papers in each class. Most papers have to be at least 5 pages, and the final paper was usually required to be at least 8-10 pages. Of course with online learning, it is not easy to just walk into a counselor's office if you have a question. Remember that these advisors have hundreds of students to deal with. My advisors switched a few times, and I will admit I had one in particular that was not so pleasant. And would not return any emails for phone calls. I had good experiences with instructors. They were knowledgeable, and provided great additions to discussions. And of course, there were those ones that were just too hard to please, no matter how hard you try. Answering discussion questions will be a big part of each class. You will answer two every week and be required to respond to classmates. This is where you should really bring something to the table. Engage in discussions and learn from each other. Most instructors will deduct points for not providing detailed answers or responses.

This is a campus-based university and it is regionally accredited. Regional accreditation is the single most important thing you should look for when considering online learning.

Financial aid seems to be a trend when reviewing this school. I have personally not had any issue with financial aid. It seems that people that complain about financial aid were very dependent on those excess funds to be dispersed to them. I did not need that income, so it did not matter to me if the check came or not. If you are relying heavily on that check, maybe an expensive school should not be a priority of yours.

Overall, I am very satisfied. With all the reading and writing I did, I have definitely become stronger academically. I have thorough knowledge about what a good paper or research paper should look like. I hope this review has been helpful.

5 out of 5
Degree: Early Childhood Education
Graduation Year: 2014

I have not had a problem yet. The first class is much easier that the remaining. I read reviews before I applied and was nervous about it not being good enough. I am getting a lot out of it. Even more that I would in a community college. It is challenging. But the great part is I can schedule around my life rather than around my school. I would recommend it. My BF is even thinking about going.

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5 out of 5

I have been with Ashford for 12 of 14 classes over a year and a half. I found the student services excellent, curriculum challenging and highly recommend it. Looking at continuing my studies with a masters program.

4 out of 5
Degree: Marketing
Graduation Year: 2016

I like the schedule. It's not hectic like most colleges these days. They are willing to do a lot to help you.

4 out of 5

After completing college programs at four colleges, including a BA at Ashford online and an MBA this year through Ashford, I have some perspective. Those that think they can get full-time support 24/7 from an online school charging 50% less than traditional universities are kidding themselves. If you want to have that level of service you will need to attend classes on campus for 70k annually at a place like Boston U. And even then, good luck.

I can say I did not have any issue at Ashford that would have derailed my 3.9 GPA at program completion. Many just blame the school for their own failures. Ashford is the best deal out there for the money and is a quality place to learn real world skills that directly apply to today's careers.

5 out of 5
Degree: Social Sciences
Graduation Year: 9/2015

I have been enrolled at Ashford since 9/2011. I love it. My student adviser is always there when I have a question. I have had not issues with the financial aid. I wish I would have done this sooner.

The classes are challenging at times. But they are also fun. If I have a question about anything I e-mail my instructor. They are quick in responding to me. I even have my husband taking classes with Ashford.

5 out of 5
Degree: Management
Graduation Year: 2015

I have read many of the reviews for this university and must say that the majority of complaints have come from individuals that are unhappy with the financial aspect of the college, or were disappointed with the online learning experience as a whole.

This is a wonderful and easily traveled online program that offers excellent quality courses. What potential students, and students alike, must realize is that, "You are expected to be the teacher and the student". While I agree there are instructors to guide the students, they are not the classroom instructors that many students expect.

In the online college experience motivation, responsibility, and self awareness are all key to the success and happiness of your college career and Ashford University, in my mind, is the perfect choice!

I have been enrolled in Ashford University for 10 months now and will not earn my Bachelor's Degree until approximately 2015.

2 out of 5
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2013

In Nov 2011, I graduated from Ashford with my BA in Psychology. I enrolled in Ashford's Organizational Management program in Dec 2011. My first class began in Jan 2012. I completed BUS610 with an A.

However, mid-course, I determined the program was not for me and began the official withdrawal process. Now two months later, my Ashford experience just keeps getting worse.

One-half of my annual financial aid was issued to Ashford to cover 9 credits/3 courses. Following the directions on my financial aid award paperwork, I had 30 days to cancel all or part of my issued aid package, I requested that 100% of both my subsidized and unsubsidized loans be returned to the lender; or if that wasn't possible then keep enough to cover BUS610 and send the balance remaining back to the lender. Currently my student account has an $8k+ credit balance.

Next, although I was issued my diploma and my BA degree conferred by Ashford on Nov 27, 2011, since my attempts at program withdrawal, Ashford altered my official transcripts by giving me zero credit for a transferred course (which it had previously credited me) and replaced the credits with the (3) BUS610 credits I just completed in the MA program. Looking at my transcripts, I completed a BA at Ashford and was never registered in any Masters program.

I have tried to work with the lender and the Dept. of Education on getting my funds released/returned as well as determining if what Ashford has done with my transcripts is common practice or perhaps unethical creative accounting. Both agencies keep telling me to contact the Ashford financial aid office.

I cannot get ANY person at Ashford to return my calls or emails. Even after reminding them that I am an alumni... still no response nor return of the balance of my funding to me or the lender.

Stay away...FAR FAR away and spend your money at a school that cares about you because this for-profit educator can really disrupt your academic progress by holding your funds as long as it is legally possible WHILE also refusing to communicate with you... 120 days according to my research on the FAFSA site.

May, 2012, will be 120 days. However, the frustration is definitely time consuming.

I had to work closely with my new university to make the final half of my 2012 aid cover 1/2 of the annual tuition at the new university because the national lending site still says that Ashford has consumed 1/2 of my available 2012 financial aid.

In fact, my student account has hosted an $8k+ credit balance since Jan 2012. Guess Ashford is an excellent company to do business with until you want to take your business elsewhere. Then the consumer is set adrift…aid-less…communication-less...and for at least 120 days could be held as a financial aid hostage; something only the student consumer seems to care anything about.

4 out of 5
Degree: Management
Graduation Year: 2011-2012

I can't even remember when or how I got hooked by Ashford University, but all I can say for me and my future: it was the best decision I could have made. I was a recently divorced mother of four, only having an AA degree, I decided that I would take the leap of faith and go back to school.

Ashford accepted a large majority of my credits from my previous college and that made my road towards graduation a lot better.

It was not easy and the classes are a challenge, being an online student, a single full time working mother of four was in itself a great challenge but I did it. I finished my last class in Dec 2011 and started my Master's degree in Feb 2012. The doors that have opened up for me since I received my degree is one that I truly appreciate Ashford for. Every college has its positive and negtives but as I always say, "Once you have that paper no one can never ever take it from you".

Thanks to Ashford and its staff for helping move forward and find the real me.

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