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5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2013

I am on my 5th course with Ashford University and I have very few complaints. My courses are challenging and interesting and taught by qualified folks who know their stuff. Financial aid funding happens for me the way it is supposed to, though I have had to wait a few days for a reply to an email or voicemail from my FA advisor a couple of times. My new advisor takes an average of 2 days to get back to me, but I am sure I am sharing him with a zillion other students, so I understand. If you are a high maintenance type, or are just impatient by nature, this will not work for you. I will get into that and more later; for now I want to focus on the goods, which, in my opinion, are the academics.

The texts so far have all been ebooks and of high quality. I like that we don't just cover selected chapters of a text in any given course, as was my experience in the 2 schools I attended prior to Ashford. Ashford texts are custom editions and the entire book is used in a course, and courses are only five weeks long. In addition, there are supplemental readings and multimedia resources that contribute to learning. The online learning platform is user-friendly, and so far I have had no technical issues with it. There have been a couple of site maintenance incidents that did not affect me at all though my instructor was alerted of the situation and gave us an extra day to turn in assignments with no point deductions.

Oh, and speaking of time, we get a 2 week holiday break at the end of the year, and national holidays are observed in the sense that I have been given an extra day to turn in assignments during units containing a national holiday. Aside from that, the five week terms run one right after the other, though you can take a term off if you need to. I did once and there were no academic or financial consequences.

I was never promised anything, and I knew that since I started classes before my financial aid was processed I would have to pay out of pocket for that first course if my financial aid situation didn't work out as planned/hoped. Asking questions always helps! My one beef with on-line colleges in general is that the enrollment crews operate under the presumption that every incoming student will get the aid that everyone hopes for. Still, and just like with every other area of life, you have to do your due diligence and make sure you understand what is going on.

I do not like predatory enrollment practices anymore than anybody else, but I have been lucky in my own experiences in that regard. Still, until I leave this world, I will assume that I and I alone ultimately have my best interests at heart and act accordingly.

As far as Ashford being investigated is concerned, let's not fool ourselves into thinking that this is the first incident of scandal in higher education. Ashford students will only gain from this, since it seems to me that Ashford will only up their game and deliver the goods better than ever to prove their worthiness. I consider myself to be more liberal than anything else, but I, in my old age, have come to the understanding that competition can serve an exalted purpose in the grand scheme of things. Like it or not, higher education is business, and the competition is only getting stiffer. This competition will, hopefully, continue to steer higher education in the direction of being uniformly high in quality and accessible to anyone who is capable of benefitting from it.

Now that the sermon part of my review is complete, back to the actual review: I highly recommend Ashford to anybody serious about earning a degree online, but it should be understood that online does not mean that your computer will do the work for you. There are deadlines to meet same as in any traditional college, and there is nobody to hold your hand. The coursework is writing intensive, and plagiarism is not tolerated.

A lot of ground is covered in five weeks, so you have to be disciplined and motivated to get the work done or risk falling behind, and that is easy to do if you are balancing other commitments such as full-time work, etc…I know, I know, I said the sermon was over. Hey, I just want to be as helpful as possible and drive home the importance of individual responsibility. As with anything else, you will get out of your education what you put into it, and it is my humble opinion that Ashford University is as good a place to do this as any.

In the interest of truth, I will be sure to report on my experiences at Ashford, positive or negative, until I am handed my degree some time in 2013.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2014

I have been attending Ashford University online for one year as a Psychology major. I love this school! I have only good things to say. The courses are five weeks long so alot is crammed in those five weeks, but it certainly beats five or six courses at one time for an entire semister. I enjoy being able to concentrate on one course at a time. There is quite a bit of reading required and most courses require an 8 to 10 page research paper as a final assignment. The classes keep you busy but of course the plus side is you choose the time that you do your work provided you meet all deadlines. I highly recommend Ashford University online!

5 out of 5

After attending two other universities in person I opted for Ashford Online. Mostly, this was for the benefit of not being in class all night after work and the fast 5 week courses.

I have found my assignments at Ashford much more challenging than either of the two other universities. They expect knowledge. Every assignment, aside from quizzes, is essay questions. You can't just skip through the book and find what you need. You must read, comprehend, regurgitate what you learned. I have found pride with the succeeding in courses that challenge me. Student services have been great. I have always received prompt responses.

I have had a few instructors that lacked communication skills/promptness. I feel that goes with any school.

This is my tenth class with Ashford and overall I am very satisfied. I would recommend Ashford to anyone who is dedicated to getting their degree and willing to put in the effort to get it done fast, yet thoroughly.

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5 out of 5

I have to say that I can see why some people are complaining. At Ashford University, you actually have to work and apply critical thinking skills in class in order to pass it.

I see so many people who cut and paste their answers from the books and put it on the discussion boards and then I see them in a different class and they are going on about how they failed the other class but do not understand why, only to cut and paste again.

I will say that it appears they will take anyone that applies. I have seen more people who can't speak any English and/or it is so broken, they are using 3 word sentences and wonder why they fail. If you don't speak English fluently, do NOT apply.

Some instructors grade harder than others. I do have to say that is incredibly frustrating to have such a low amount of students that actually put thought into their responses and/or actually give a crap about the subject at hand to make an honest effort. If you are intelligent, hard working and can actually speak and write English FLUENTLY please apply!! I need someone to write to on the discussion boards that is smarter than my 5 year old niece!

I have to say that it does suck to have to respond to the copy and paste group when I have actually put thought in it.

If you are a copy & paster, do NOT apply. They WILL fail you.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

Ashford University is a good program. The value of the degree is one of the highlights. I needed a program with flexibility, cost value, and innovative. I brought a lot of college credits when I attended the state university 15 years ago.

Ashford U. accepted most of those credits: another positive. I realize I wasn't applying for Harvard and I intelligently realize that there is no perfect school and anyone at anytime could find things to complain about.

There is no perfect school...just the right school for you. I wanted a school that still was traditional yet had an online option and Ashford University: matched that perfect. It is a good program for a working professional like me. I would highly recommend this school.

3 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

Well, of the last 7 school days, I have only been able to access the student portal TWO days. As a student, you have deadlines for your assignments. It is very frustrating to complete the assignment but not be able to post it because the site is down.

The tech group can only "reset" your password and the "Portal" is owned by a third party. I can't tell you the hours that I have spent trying to be able to access the portal. It doesn't affect all students, it is completely random but seems to be pretty rampant the last week. I am very pleased with the teachers, advisors and ciriculum, but the tech peice is making me consider transferring to another University.

4 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

I recently completed my Bachelors in Organizational Management and am very pleased with Ashford. I found the general education classes to be interesting, informative, and well taught. Initially I signed up for Student loans, and the process was relatively painless as long as you have yourself in order.

After a year or so, I switched over to a cash-paying student, and found the online portal to be very easy to work with. Paying for books and classes was as easy as paying for anything else online. The preparation and delivery of my 1098T forms was flawless, helping me get my tuition writeoffs as well.

I should be receiving my diploma in the mail shortly, and I will display it proudly, because I know how much work went into obtaining it.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

I am one class away from graduating with my BA in Organizational Management. I've also been a student for 20 years at San Jose State, Texas State, and UT of Austin. I am more than extremely pleased with my experience. Most seem to have trouble with finances. This should not affect one's view of the quality of education. It is a different topic.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

I attended several colleges and universities before Ashford. The curriculum is serious. The reading volume is second to only one of the other 9 programs I've attended (I move a lot!) A lot of writing is also required. Because you have to explain the core content of the reading (or additional assigned resources), you really have to learn it well. Remember the old adage, "If you can explain it to me, then you know it."? It's true!

3 out of 5

I am currently at Ashford (the online one, not the school in Iowa) and will be "graduating" sometime this year. I have been attending for awhile and ever since I started I have felt that if this is what "higher education" is, its no wonder the youth of america and its education is in such piss poor shape.

I am not putting alot into this and am getting good grades. I've been on the deans list, and I am really not putting much into this. My wife is pissed because she went to a "real" college and what she sees of what I am doing is not difficult enough.

Just to give you an idea of most of the classes... Dicussion Forums aka interaction with the other students - (2) responses in a paragraph or two format, then respond to two other students. That is weekly.

Quiz - Most classes have 10-20 multiple choice quizes, open book obviously since you are not in a classroom, and you have 24 hours to finish it from the time you start (really.. 24 hours for 10-20 multiple questions). This is also normally weekly.

Assignment - Depending on the class, sometimes you have to turn in an assignment every week, others its only two assignments per class. The length of the "final" assignment is 8-10 pages, doublespaced, 12cpi, 1.5"margin on the left side 1" on the right... In otherwords, not much info.

Thats it! That is a class right above there. If I had any motivation I could do *everything* with the exception of responding to other students in a weekend..

So as other people mentioned.. You get out of it what you put in.. I am getting a degree out of it and thats it.

In regards to the teachers, some are useless and let people with extremely bad grammar and they can't seem to read instructions properly pass. Others actually seem to grade with some amount of difficulty. I actually got a C once because the teacher was strict about actually grading me!

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