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4 out of 5

Hello to everyone. I currently attend Ashford's Online Program. I have had the utmost respect from enrollment advisors, finance advisors, and also academic advisors. Anytime I have had a question I have received an adequate response within 24 hours from any one of my advisors. I was informed upfront before agreeing to sign any papers that there would be the one time techinal fee.

My instructors answer all of my questions. The coursework is challenging but if you make sure to post any questions before the last minute, and do your assignments in advance then you should not have a problem. I am someone with only a high school diploma. I am working on my BA in Health Care Administration. I never thought it would be easy. Anything rewarding in life takes dedication and hard work. Overall I am very satisfied.

4 out of 5

I graduated with an MBA in Supply Chain Management, I can understand why Ashford has a low graduation & retention rate, the course work is the mother of all work loads. That being said, it was much more rewarding than my experience at The University of Central.

I have to admit, one can be stunned by the meaning of the term, "work at your own rate." This rate or quantity of work required was much more than I expected, but well worth it. The advisers and instructors were always available, sometimes to the point of being a hassle with all the support they are trying to offer. Like a previous post mentioned, if your not a 100% dedicated to bearing down and putting in the hours, find a babysitter somewhere else.

4 out of 5

Well so far I have really enjoyed it I am only in my second course but, I have trully enjoyed it. A have read a lot of people dog this school and the advisor but hey they had probems before coming hear. My first advisor helped me a lot in fact he still calls me. So all you people with negatives will I only hope you find what your looking for.

Search over 222,000 programs:
4 out of 5

I'm sorry, but those who are complaining about this online school sound like a bunch of cry-babies to me. If you read the course materials, turn in your assignmets on time, and interact with teachers and classmates via the posts like you are supposed to do, then you should not have any problems at all.

Understand that an online education is NOT for everybody. But do not blame the school because you are not getting the attention you want or failing the class because you don't get it. Online schools are for independent, disciplined, dedicated, and serious students, who enrolled into this program to learn, strive, work-hard, and earn their degrees.

I completed my first year at Ashford, I did what I was supposed to do, and it worked for me. Some classes were challenging, others were fun, and others I did not enjoy. Either way, I learned a great deal, kept me interested, and now I'm looking forward to my second year at Ashford.

4 out of 5

I have been enrolled here for over three years and I am close to graduation with my BA. I will be pursuing my Masters here as well. I have had a tremendous experience at this school. The education is challenging and the rewards is great so far.

This format requires a lot of extra work on my part. Working full time, having a family and going to school creates a bit of a struggle to complete everything when needed but school is never designed to be easy.

I love the format. I have no trouble with my advisors and my financial aid works as it is supposed to.

I do not like the cost of books at the EdMap store but rather than complain, I use my resources to track ISBN numbers and purchase my books through other sites. I never pay more than $60 and most of my books are brand new.

Anyone who has issues is not putting in the amount of work they expect to get back. This could not be an easier process. I renewed my FAFSA in less than 20 minutes online last night and my courses have always gone seamless.

Of course, I am an academia nut and I have straight As in the classes (25 so far) that I have taken. It can be done but no one is going to do it for you.

Good luck. I love this school and I thank everyone at Ashford for helping nearly reach a lifelong goal.

4 out of 5

I have been reading a number of reviews that have not reflected highly on Ashford. I have been a student of 5 different Universities or colleges do to traveling with my job. I have found Ashford to be an excellent educational experience and well worth the money you are paying. I would recommend you compare it with other schools closely before you decide this is not a good choice.

The cost per credit is very competative, some classes books were provided at no cost, the flexibility of taking classes has been excellent. The financial aid office has made my experience enjoyable, no worries or stress other than learning.

4 out of 5

Ashford is a great school. I have been to several other colleges on campus and online and I have received the best treatment from Ashford. My enrollment advisor was clear and got to the point. He helped me sign up and ready to go quickly.

During my first year at Ashford I talked to my enrollment advisor about my classes because I also thought he was my academic advisor as well. He always was positive and willing to help. Now I talk with my academic advisor and financial advisor because my enrollment advisor became a teacher.

I have been at Ashford for nearly 3 years. I have enjoyed almost every class accept for statistics but that is a subject I dislike anywhere. I have had great instructors who have graduated with a masters or PhD degree from great schools. This school is flexible but like others have said you have to put hard work into it because there is a lot of writing and reading. I am a psychology major so I am doing discussions and responses, written assignments which are 2-6 pages long depending on the instructor or class, quizzes, and my final papers which are 8-10 pages long due at the end of your 5 week class period.

All discussions, assignments, and final papers are required to be in APA format and it has to be done correctly or it will show on your grade. The classes are compact since you are finishing each class every 5 weeks. I am currently taking concurrent classes. Concurrent classes is when you take two classes at the same time during the 5 week period. It is harder because you are doing a lot of writing simultaneously but I am finishing my degree a little sooner by doing this. It's harder to keep high A's by doing this but with hard work it can be done.

I am married and have two kids and my wife is also attending online school from the University of Maryland. Thats another tough school. People that say your degree isn't going to be worth anything or saying that employers will trash your resume when they see you are from Ashford is a bunch of crap and if that's the case you probably don't want to work for those type of people anyway. Get your education, that is what is important.

4 out of 5

This school wasted my time. When I spoke to the advisor, I told him the career I wanted (Early Intervention Therapist) and he told me I would most likely need a Bachelor's in Health and Human Services. So I took his word for it and commenced in about 6 months of coursework, during which my emails to my instructors were ignored, and I was attending with people who had already been to college, which I felt put me at a great disadvantage when it came to my grades.

The language and lingo the instructors used was obviously meant for people who had already attended college, not newbies like me, which left me confused. Again, if I had a question, I never got an answer. I am a ver ylow income individual, and wanted a Pell grant, but these a-holes made me apply for loans, which were granted, and I don't know why, because my income for a month is only 1400 in the hell they expect me to pay back those loans is a mystery.

The topper was I found out in order to be an Early Intervention therapist I need a BA in Special Education ,which Ashford doesnt offer. Too make a long story short I dropped out and I feel they wasted my time and I have no idea how they expect me to pay any loans when I'm living on SSI. I shouldnt have even been awarded loans!! Oh well they cant get blood from a stone so I'm not worried about it.

4 out of 5

If you are looking for a school that will challenge you academically then this may not be the school for you. I was a little disappointed because most of the classes were a breeze except for the Capstone class. The problem wasn’t with the course work as much with the lack of instruction. The instructor for this course didn’t grade any of the course work until the third week of class, wouldn’t respond to emails or give feedback and online classes are only five weeks. This may have been a problem with this particular instructor, but it left me with a negative experience to wrap up my bachelors degree.

However, my biggest problems were with my academic advisor who wouldn’t listen to me about scheduling classes that conflicted with my military responsibilities and the collections office that was negligent in notifying me of a bill until they were ready to send it to collections. At this point I’m just thankful to be finished with this school and unfortunately this wasn’t the experience that I wanted to have when I signed up to take classes with this University.

Granted everyone will have different experiences when seeking higher education, but I completed my associate’s degree and two more years of college work without any of the problems that I experienced at Ashford so I think that speaks for itself. If I had been able to complete my degree prior to going to another duty station I would not have contemplated using an online school.

Make sure you do your research first and always look out for your own interests because the school won’t.

4 out of 5

I would highly recommend this school. I am currently getting my graduate degree in education. I also teach as a teaching assistant for introductory writing classes.

This is a difficult school. Either make the time commitment or not. If you do not have the time, Ashford is not right for you right now. It is a serious school. It is fast paced and only for dedicated students.

Good luck!

For the person who went through a death and a less than empathetic advisory staff, I am sorry that you went through that. Try writing to the Dean and see if that helps.


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