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4 out of 5

I have been reading a number of reviews that have not reflected highly on Ashford. I have been a student of 5 different Universities or colleges do to traveling with my job. I have found Ashford to be an excellent educational experience and well worth the money you are paying. I would recommend you compare it with other schools closely before you decide this is not a good choice.

The cost per credit is very competative, some classes books were provided at no cost, the flexibility of taking classes has been excellent. The financial aid office has made my experience enjoyable, no worries or stress other than learning.

4 out of 5

Ashford is a great school. I have been to several other colleges on campus and online and I have received the best treatment from Ashford. My enrollment advisor was clear and got to the point. He helped me sign up and ready to go quickly.

During my first year at Ashford I talked to my enrollment advisor about my classes because I also thought he was my academic advisor as well. He always was positive and willing to help. Now I talk with my academic advisor and financial advisor because my enrollment advisor became a teacher.

I have been at Ashford for nearly 3 years. I have enjoyed almost every class accept for statistics but that is a subject I dislike anywhere. I have had great instructors who have graduated with a masters or PhD degree from great schools. This school is flexible but like others have said you have to put hard work into it because there is a lot of writing and reading. I am a psychology major so I am doing discussions and responses, written assignments which are 2-6 pages long depending on the instructor or class, quizzes, and my final papers which are 8-10 pages long due at the end of your 5 week class period.

All discussions, assignments, and final papers are required to be in APA format and it has to be done correctly or it will show on your grade. The classes are compact since you are finishing each class every 5 weeks. I am currently taking concurrent classes. Concurrent classes is when you take two classes at the same time during the 5 week period. It is harder because you are doing a lot of writing simultaneously but I am finishing my degree a little sooner by doing this. It's harder to keep high A's by doing this but with hard work it can be done.

I am married and have two kids and my wife is also attending online school from the University of Maryland. Thats another tough school. People that say your degree isn't going to be worth anything or saying that employers will trash your resume when they see you are from Ashford is a bunch of crap and if that's the case you probably don't want to work for those type of people anyway. Get your education, that is what is important.

4 out of 5

This school wasted my time. When I spoke to the advisor, I told him the career I wanted (Early Intervention Therapist) and he told me I would most likely need a Bachelor's in Health and Human Services. So I took his word for it and commenced in about 6 months of coursework, during which my emails to my instructors were ignored, and I was attending with people who had already been to college, which I felt put me at a great disadvantage when it came to my grades.

The language and lingo the instructors used was obviously meant for people who had already attended college, not newbies like me, which left me confused. Again, if I had a question, I never got an answer. I am a ver ylow income individual, and wanted a Pell grant, but these a-holes made me apply for loans, which were granted, and I don't know why, because my income for a month is only 1400 in the hell they expect me to pay back those loans is a mystery.

The topper was I found out in order to be an Early Intervention therapist I need a BA in Special Education ,which Ashford doesnt offer. Too make a long story short I dropped out and I feel they wasted my time and I have no idea how they expect me to pay any loans when I'm living on SSI. I shouldnt have even been awarded loans!! Oh well they cant get blood from a stone so I'm not worried about it.

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4 out of 5

If you are looking for a school that will challenge you academically then this may not be the school for you. I was a little disappointed because most of the classes were a breeze except for the Capstone class. The problem wasn’t with the course work as much with the lack of instruction. The instructor for this course didn’t grade any of the course work until the third week of class, wouldn’t respond to emails or give feedback and online classes are only five weeks. This may have been a problem with this particular instructor, but it left me with a negative experience to wrap up my bachelors degree.

However, my biggest problems were with my academic advisor who wouldn’t listen to me about scheduling classes that conflicted with my military responsibilities and the collections office that was negligent in notifying me of a bill until they were ready to send it to collections. At this point I’m just thankful to be finished with this school and unfortunately this wasn’t the experience that I wanted to have when I signed up to take classes with this University.

Granted everyone will have different experiences when seeking higher education, but I completed my associate’s degree and two more years of college work without any of the problems that I experienced at Ashford so I think that speaks for itself. If I had been able to complete my degree prior to going to another duty station I would not have contemplated using an online school.

Make sure you do your research first and always look out for your own interests because the school won’t.

4 out of 5

I would highly recommend this school. I am currently getting my graduate degree in education. I also teach as a teaching assistant for introductory writing classes.

This is a difficult school. Either make the time commitment or not. If you do not have the time, Ashford is not right for you right now. It is a serious school. It is fast paced and only for dedicated students.

Good luck!

For the person who went through a death and a less than empathetic advisory staff, I am sorry that you went through that. Try writing to the Dean and see if that helps.


4 out of 5

I have been attending Ashford University since May 2008 for my Master's degree. I chose Ashford rather than University of Phoenix because I was told that the courses were exactly the same but the tuition was $300 less than University of Phoenix. In October 2008 my father died and I requested a three month break from classes and was told that it was fine.

In January 2011, I had three classes left (9 credits-that includes my Capstone) to complete my degree and was in the middle of one of my final classes. I received an email stating that I was dismissed from Ashford University for taking too long to complete my degree. I did not receive any notices or warnings from anyone at Ashford University. I attempted to reach my Academic Advisor, Financial Aid Advisor and the person who sent the letter, Tina A. and did not receive any response. Only after I wrote an email stating that I was going to contact the detectives in charge of the cases against Ashford University did I receive a response. I was then told that I could appeal the dismissal.

Since then I have contacted University of Phoenix and Grand Canyon University to see if they have similar policies about a time limit for students completing their degrees. They told me they had never heard of such a thing and that was one of the reason why students chose the online environment because life has so many obstacles and most students could not attend a traditional university due to having to take longer.

I would have taken seven weeks longer than Ashford Universities requires completing my degree. I am now receiving harassing phone calls, emails and letters stating I need to pay the $110 balance owed to them or they would send my bill to collection and my credit would be ruined. I have left messages explaining that I was appealing the dismissal and that I am a 100% financial aid student so the financial burden is horrific for me. Since online universities do not share the same courses I am only able to transfer nine credits to another university. I will have lost the $36,000 that I have already given to Ashford University for my classes and will have to start over with another university to complete my degree.

I also suffer from depression and the increased anxiety and depression that this ordeal is causing me is horrible. Please learn from my mistake and do not attend Ashford University, they do and say anything to get you in the door and then just leave you to the wolves.,,

4 out of 5

I have completed 4 courses through Ashford. The 2 proprietary "introductory" courses are a breeze. Sadly, neither course is transferable to another university. My next two courses were English Comp I and II.

These courses were slightly harder than the intro courses, but many students did not put forth much effort and had absolutely no sense of the English language...but still managed to pass the course.

I sent a list of the criminal justice courses that Ashford offers to three different Universities and the majority of the courses will NOT transfer. Ashford loads your initial courses up with proprietary courses that only their university offers. The 5 week format is outstanding and the course load is fairly low. The most work that I have had to complete so far is a 7 page paper. I have friends that have had to do 15-20 page papers for their English Comp classes at other universities. Overall, I would not recommend Ashford to anyone...unless you plan on staying here throughout the duration of your degree.

4 out of 5

I do not have anything to gain by this review, nor have I been in any way requested to give an online review. Actually, as of last summer, I had never even heard of Ashford, or for that matter, any online college provider. May knowledge base about online education was, at best, near zero.

When I decided to try and finish my bachelor's degree, I began to ponder how I could do it without committing a ton of time that the normal brick-and-mortar environment requires. I am still recovering from a spinal cord disability, but felt the time was right, physically and intellectually, to explore how I could proceed.

I had heard of "normal" colleges that were beginning to offer degrees totally through the internet. If I could find a reputable brick-and-mortar college that had a well-structured online program then, because on my situation, that would be the best choice.

My plan is to complete my bachelor's degree by 2012, and then to apply to Physician's Assistant training. I already have nearly twenty years of experience of working as a Surgical Technologist, and assistant, along with many college credits that I had earned in the 1990s. Something like a degree in Medical Administration would be a good fit.

The program I chose would have to have a good reputation as an established non-internet college, it would have had to been around for over thirty years, and it would give me the option to do it fairly quickly since I am not a kid anymore. Lastly, affordability, and a proactive sensitivity to the adult learner was essential.

My research for the right college was thorough and extensive. It lasted for at least a couple of weeks. I read dozens and dozens of reviews online. I truly read, in-depth, about the colleges I had narrowed my choices down to. I had several discussions with the admissions counselors of the handful of schools that made it past my intense research. That is the only regret i suppose I have, is that once you touch base with these colleges they have a hard time taking no for an answer.

In the end, I selected Ashford University out of Iowa. They had a very good reputation as a brick-and-mortar college. They had been around for quite awhile, over one hundred years. Their online program seemed well thought out and organized. My interaction with my admission's counselor was very professional, and proved to me that I was not just another student that he could notch on his enrollment belt. He answered all my questions and was attentive to anything I did not understand.

Since my enrollment, in the fall of 2010, I have kept in contact with him on at least a monthly basis. He has been an invaluable resource until this day.

The other departments that I have interacted with; the financial aid personnel and my academic advisory, all earn a B+ to and A- in performance, attention, and problem solving. Even the business office gets a solid B.

I emphasize those above reviews because, having graduated from a brick-and-mortar environment, those departments can have a notoriously bad reputation for impatience and sour behavior. At Ashford, they have always been professional and polite. They do their job well.

I am currently into my 5th (15 credit hours) class at Asford, and my academic experience has been nothing but positive. The professors are knowledgeable and fair. Some of the negative reviews that I have read range from saying it is way too hard, to it is way to easy.

All I can testify to, is that there is a ton of writing (plenty of term papers) that really does focus in on the course. You really do learn about the material. The test material is subject specific, and again, fair. I am currently carrying over a 3.60 GPA, and I know I have earned it. My grades reflect exactly what I have put into the work.

The academic staff at Asford is very understanding about the issues, and potential issues, that an Adult can face. I had two deaths over a period of 10 weeks and my professors acted with care and concern, never once making my awful situation worse. They are compassionate.

The only negative comment, which I plan to address with them, is "one" software glitch that when it occurs you can lose your work.

Basically, if you are writing your mandatory homework posts directly on the Asford class site and you do not save your work as you go along, the page can time-out, and you lost what you have written. The Asford site does not specifically warn you about this, although it does tell you the site can time-out in ?90 minutes" if it does not detect activity.

Well, posting is done in their on-site, online word processing program. When you are writing in the WP program it does not detect activity, and well, there she blows. It has happened twice to me and it is devastating to lose all your hard work. Once, it timed-out after only 15 minutes of undetected activity.

The answer to this problem is to write your assigned work into "your Microsoft Word" program and then paste it.

It is mandatory that you have MS Word, and all the other computer specs that Ashford, or any other online college, normally requires. My admission's counselor did an excellent job of making sure I had all the necessary computer hardware and software.

Everything so far has gone really well, I even got my refund check on time, without any problems at all. I recall when I went to college before, that the business office was a pretty big pain. But, Asford's business people are doing a great job.

Please remember, that this review is coming from a person who has already graduated from a brick-and-mortar college. I am now into my second semester and I am very glad I enrolled at Asford. You can even accept the offer of walking across the stage, in gown, to receive that hard earned degree! And, I intend to do just that.

If you have no previous college experience, then I urge you to ask every question that comes into your mind. A college education is a partnership between you and the college, and you have a joint responsibility with them.

I have no problem recommending Asford to even my best of friends. They are an excellent choice.

4 out of 5

I have been enrolled at Ashford since April 2010. I will confess that I was quite nervous after I completed my first two classes. They were incredibly easy and I began to wonder if Ashford was a diploma mill. Many of the students in these classes did not seem intelligent enough to be in college. However, as I began taking more and more classes, I began to notice a pattern. They got more difficult as I progressed and the questionable students were apparently weeded out because I am no longer surrounded by people who do not seem to have what it takes. I have learned so much in such a short amount of time.

I have noticed that many of those complaining do not have a grasp on grammar or punctuation. I would imagine that some of these people who are complaining might be the students who were weeded out.

4 out of 5

I have to agree with a lot of the comments made here, but if you are someone like me who really can't go back to a traditional campus, Ashford is a pretty good alternative. I've found a couple of people at the University who really seem to care about me and my goals and have found that I am really learning a lot in my classes. I also use Student Portal Buddy to get additional help with my assignments which has made a huge difference for me personally.

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