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4 out of 5

I am on my 3rd class at Ashford. The course work was interesting, I used the learning tools and had positive classmate interaction. I currently have at 3.85 gpa. My current professor (Prof Sarah) will not return any of my emails and ignores all request for help. The problem began when I asked her to explain a grade in week 2. Since I asked for help she started marking down my grades in points and if post anything in "ask your instructor" she deletes it. I finally called the school today to see if I could file a complaint. After this class I think I will withdraw and go to a college where I can get help when needed.

4 out of 5

I have been attending Ashford University for 6 months. I researched other online schools before making my choice. I grilled my Financial Aid Advisor before deciding to enroll. I also price compared. Other online universities are not as forthcoming about their tuition and fees.

I have been more than impressed with my instructors and teaching assistants. The instructors are challenging and expect you to do your best. I have been in class with other students that have failed and are repeating it. I find the assignments challenging and just completed a 10 page research paper for my class. My husband graduated from a high-ranking university and was rather astonished at the level of work

Ashford University fits my needs. As a wife and mom, a "normal" college just wouldn't work for me. A prospective student should do their homework. College is not cheap. A local community college can be a lower cost choice. However, you have to worry about fitting the classes into your schedule. A co-worker of mine is paying more than I am to attend a public university. She is not able to take the classes whenever she'd like and has had to drastically change her schedule. You should always ask questions, and if you don't like the person you are speaking to ask for someone else. You should always be an educated consumer and know what you are paying for.

4 out of 5

I have enjoyed reading all the responses i.e. the good, the bad, and the ugly. Ashford is a very good University that requires quality work from its students.

This forum it about those who did not make the grades or keep their jobs and, of course, they take no ownership in this failure. The online environment is for students who are working and trying to advance their careers. If you are coming out of high school and want to bypass the on-campus experience, I will recommend exploring other options and seeking help with re-taking SAT/ACT.

However, most adult-learners are returning to school school. We have attended ground schools, have credits to transfer, and the main objective is to complete a degree for job advancement or for admission into graduate school.

I think Ashford's curriculum has prepared me for the next level (grad school) and hope those who are complaining will not waste any more of their time. Now is the time to start searching the web, meeting with counselors, and pulling down some positive energy towards your future educational goals.

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4 out of 5

First off after reading only the first page of reviews most people that had something to say are pretty mean. They keep saying this is not a place to bash the school yet they are bashing everyone else who has an opinion. I signed up for this program and was NOT told about a $1200 platform fee and my card was charged and declined and I was stuck with a $30 fee. The response from anyone at this school is non-existent. I can get no one to call or email me back. No no is EVERY at their desk to answer their phones. I would NOT recommend this school. And to anyone else who is posting and thinks that the people who have good reviews are correct they are morons. DONT GO TO THIS SCHOOL

4 out of 5

I will say this only one more time, as it is becoming more and more obvious this site is simply a bashing site for people that do not even have accurate information. You need to find the information for the school that is best for you for yourself. Do not go by what I say, or anyone else. Go by the facts to pick your school, do not incorporate the bashings of ANY school into your research of what school is the best or worst for you.

I have not had any problems with Ashford, but yes of course there are people that have. Even when I wanted to change the number of classes I was taking it was not a problem. Understand in your research, people come here to vent, so pay attention to the facts, and if you want to vent (AGAIN!) give sources, give facts.

Blurting inaccuracies that someone like me that hates B.S. can come along and correct your sheer ignorance does not help anyone looking for a school, and no I do not work for Ashford, which purchased Mt. St. Claire in 2002 NOT 2005. Who ever “Proofed” your information really needs to find a new job, because it is not accurate.

No one ever “Pressured” me to choose Ashford. And yes, rich CEO’s are grotesquely greedy- duh.

My 3 credit course: cost $1,116 – not including the $75 fee for electronic materials. And pay attention to your schedule – not all of the materials are electronic.

Books cost is the same book for book, if you rush it because you did not look at your schedule, you cant be mad at the school. Like any school there are fees other than just tuition. If I was to mentor you as a student pilot I would tell you this, read, read, read, and if you think you might forget something, write it down! And look in the FAR/AIM facts NOT people’s opinion, even mine. Yes Ashford is a “For Profit” school.

My wife: Western New England College – 3 credit course $ 864 + her 3-5 simultaneous classes $925 per credit hour extra. Books are the same; none were less than $90 because they were mostly original material written by each instructor and changed each class so she could not buy used books typically.

Ashford bought Mt. St Claire College in 2002 NOT 2005.

WNEC cost;

Steven Aulisio Energy Conservation Specialist, Savage Arms. (not an employee of Ashford) Licensed Electrician Massachusetts – 11763-B Licensed Pilot U.S.A. – 3124384 – Owner N1660J Writer; Thomas Mind - My applicable quote, “That which others say is the truth is not the truth; but what is right before your own eyes? Truth.” – (Thomas Mind, 1987)

Student; Ashford University; Environmental Studies/Business Management Analysis

4 out of 5

I am currently in my 5th class with Ashford and I love it. I have had my academic advisor switch at least 3 times, but I really don't need to contact this person anyway. I had one questionable teacher, but I still got the grade I wanted and deserved.

I am lucky, I do not really need to deal with financial aid since my tuition was paid in full.

My classes have really challenged me and I do not regret for one second going to this school. I do feel like I am getting my money's worth. I learn just as much from the other students as I have the teachers.

For those of you who hate this school, I'm sorry. I feel like I am getting a great education, and you deserve the same. Online classes and this school isn't for everyone.

4 out of 5

First notice that people generally will post on these boards because the are impassioned. The number of people so enraged over this one school is troublesome. I now know why and I really wish I had seen the numbers before I enrolled.

It does appear that they are most interested in getting money from people. Their people, once they get you in are rude. Very rude.

I'm in limbo with this school for weeks now. ***There is absolutely no help for the student when you have a dispute. Beware!

If I did not have this issue, I am sure I could have sailed right through with nothing good or bad to say about them either way.

What a shame to go through this. I just want to go to school. Ashford just wants my money and doesn't care about much more than that.

Look at other schools. There are so many to choose from. This school seems to be having quite a bit of trouble caring about their students more than their money.

4 out of 5

I hate Ashford soo much!!...B/c I didnt get enough financial aid i now owe the school over $2,000. They are basically making me pay them over 100.00 a month and if I fail to do this they are going to send it to collections!! I have perfect credit and b/c this stupid school wont work with me they are going to ruin it! To top it off they told me they need a payment in less than 2 weeks!!!

4 out of 5

I have seen allot of reviews about this school some negative, and some positive. My experience with the school has been wonderful and in comparison to some of the other traditional colleges I have attended, I don't see a major difference.

First and foremost, let me point one thing out, and that is that the school is Regionally accredited, and was founded in 1918. I am not saying that there are no issues at this school, because that would be a lie, but I will say that the issues are no different at this school than any other school you may attend. Everyone at the school is wonderful and very responsive when you call or e-mail them concerning an issue.

This school holds you accountable for assignments, logging into the classroom, and taking tests. So if you do your part, which is to study and do all of your work, you will not have an issue excelling at this school, however if you are looking for an easy way out you may want to stick with one of those diploma mill schools or a strictly correspondence course type of school. The majority of those that are complaining have no discipline to do the course work and will continue to complain not matter what.

4 out of 5

As much as I don't want to start this off bad, I first need to say something to all of those who claim to have such a horrible experience, you are the one who made the choice to attend the school. If you wanted to attend college maybe you should have thought about doing as much research as possible before making your final decision to attend to make sure it was the right fit for you.

ONLINE classes are not for everyone. If you are not the type of person who is self-sufficient and can think on your own without someone watching over your shoulder and telling you the answer because you are too lazy to do some work, then that is your own fault. Yes some classes may appear easy, but when you get further along down the line they are not so easy.

As for financial aid, there are problems with that no matter what school you attend. The government has very strict guidelines on information that is needed sometimes that the school has to collect in order to award grants and/or loans. Also, it seems most who complain are those who want the check of the extra money, well guess what financial aid is for school not just to go shopping with. And for those who say these random fees appears, guess what every extra fee besides tuition that the school charges for is listed on the application that YOU signed (so maybe you should read what you sign???).

On a happy note though, I love the school. I am going on attending for almost 2 years now and will be done next fall. I have enjoyed all of the classes. I have never had any problems with instructors. I am not a person who can sit in a classroom for a few hours at a time, it puts me sleep. Being in class online challenges me to think more and hold myself more accountable to achieve my goals. I never have a problem reaching an advisor..if my own is not available I know they will call back and if it is urgent I just talk to the first one I can in that department.

So, I say GO FOR IT, if you think online is the way you want to go!!

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