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4 out of 5

I have been to other schools where the advisers are rude, ignore you, and basically could give a crap less. Ashford advisers were amazing!! They always checked in on me frequently, if they noticed a problem with my account that I didn't catch, they tried their hardest to better the situation.

I'm not sure what everyone is talking about when they call Ashford "money hungry". They always reimbursed all of the over flow from my federal loans that they didn't use for my tuition (which was reasonably priced and I could always check my charges 24/7 online).

Sometimes the classes were harder, sometimes they were easier. The teachers grade on their own specifications, so sometimes you will get a teacher that grades you harshly and you might not understand why, and others will give great feed back and be helpful. Most of the time I found my teachers to be well versed and informative.

The students can be a little bit ridiculous at times with what they would post, thinking it was a decent grade, but I believe that the teachers would try and guide them and give them the grade they deserved for poor work.

I enjoyed Ashford University. I recently graduated with my BA in Social Sciences with Education Concentration, and they even helped me get along to my certification program!!

I think people are more prone to complain about something rather than say good things.

4 out of 5

I finished my degree requirements last Monday, and I can now proudly say I am a college grad! I have a BA in Social Science with an education concentration, and I am now debating between teacher certification and Master's level work.

If anyone is concerned with Ashford's credits being accepted at "brick and mortar" institutions, there is nothing to worry about. I contacted an enrollment advisor for the teacher certification/Master's program at Lincoln Memorial University, and asked if they recognized my degree from Ashford. They do, and the advisor spoke highly of the Ashford program. The Ashford program is designed for self motivated adults that are looking for an opportunity to better their educational level.

I went to a traditional college right out of high school, but dropped out after two years. I am a married mom of two who decided two years ago to finish my degree. Since I homeschool my children, a traditional school was out of the question. Ashford was a great fit. My husband is in the military, so I received military grants.

My advisors were always available, and I couldn't be more pleased with my experience with the school. I have read comments that complain about the level of coursework. My answer to that is to say that Ashford expects its students to be self thinkers, and to come up with their own answers. As with any school setting, you will get out of it what you put in. I highly recommend Ashford to anyone.


4 out of 5

After obtaining an undergrad degree at UoP 10 years ago, I decided to pursue my Master's last year. I didn't want another UoP experience so I looked for a real ground school that had expanded into the online environment. I thought I'd found that at AU, but no. The "real" AU was purchased by Bridgepoint Education, another big-business corporate entity with no apparent educational integrity. The coursework is essentially self-study with little to no instructor interaction.

The students in class can barely write a coherent sentence. I feel like I do busy work in order to get through, but learn nothing. I jokingly call it "Barnes and Noble U" since I could learn just as much by purchasing the books at my leisure.

You will not get an education at Ashford, just a degree. Choose carefully. (I had a 4.0 at UoP and I have a 4.0 here. It means nothing.)

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4 out of 5

At first this school seemed okay but as time went by I realized they were not here for the students but a money making scheme. These people are a bunch of crooks! They steal your financial aid money and use it on things they are not allowed to. I think that the staff may even be pocketing some of the money and pretending it is for charges.

I honestly did not have a good experience at this school. the academic advisors were mean and pushy and arrogant. I must have dealt with over 12 different advoisors over the course of two years there. It was a waste of time and money all together. Do not, I repeat DO NOT waste your time here if you are a financial aid student. By the time that I would have graduated they had me owing $100,000 in student loans.

I really would not want anyone else to have to deal with these crroks! Spend your time and money elsewhere! They even charge you for classes that you did not complete and sneaky ways that they do things will make you so mad at them. Pick an other school!

4 out of 5

All the post are so true, this school is awful. If you do make contact with your FA be sure to ask every question you ever thought that you'd have. And yes the classes are way to easy. Yes, everyone learns on different levels but really, this is work my 4th grader can complete. I've been attending the college since March of 2010, needless to say this is my last course at this university. The CSR are so rude and they must get paid to piss you off rather then assist you. If you are considering attending this school please pay attention to these post, beware of what you are about to committ to. Also, this is my second online college I also attended UOP and I'm transferring back to them after I complete this course. More money but much better. As always you get what you pay for!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 out of 5

I have been attending school at Ashford for about 4months, and so far I am hating every second of it. When I agreed to sign up, I was told that the school would only cost about $9000 a year, the books were very cheap, and I would have finiancial aid kick back check, sent to me after, my past classes were paid for. The finiancial aid advisior told me that I would recieve a check in about 1-month---- its been 3-months, and no-one has returned my phone calls or e-mails, and whenever somebody does answer the phone, they have more excuses, and delays.

I thought going to college would in some way improve my skill level, but so far I haven't learned anything that I did not know already. I would not recommend this college to anyone, they are friendly in the beginging, but once you fill out your finiancial aid documents, your relationship is immediatly over, I think that this school is just money hungry. (Think about it-- you will be using your electricty, your computer, your printer,ink ,and paper, and there isn't a actual teacher that comes over, you will have to pay for a un-nesassary costly book, and what-ever else they can think of) by the way I recently found out that I will be actually paying $12,000per year for attending this college---- I feel like a complete sucker!!! Please take my advice and, never, ever attend this college unless your are super rich, and have money to waste. I am going to transfer out, after I talk to my lawyer.

4 out of 5

I am highly insulted by the negative comments that I have read here about Ashford University. People writing comments to bash this school must be ignorant!!

I graduated Cum Laude with a GPA of 3.5 from a brick and mortar school about 3 years ago. I am also a member of Phi Theta Kappa. I did quite a bit of research before choosing an online school for my Bachelor Degree in Psychology.

Ashford University turned out to be a perfect fit. This University is in fact rated in the top 25 online schools. I am very happy with my choice!! I remember feeling anxious when I started my first class. I wasn't use to taking classes online. But, I have since become very relaxed. The material for my classes is down-loadable in both Audio and Text format. I really like this since I can listen as I read. It helps to reinforce what I am learning.

Each class is only 5 weeks long and you take one at a time while being considered a full time student. I currently have a 4.0 GPA. The Professors I have had thus far are very professional and competent, as well as, the students I have met through my classes. If I have any issues or questions, I simply call the college, leave a message and receive a response usually within 24 hours if not sooner.

I receive financial aide and haven't experienced any problems with applying or receiving the funds. In fact, I knew what I qualified for within 4 weeks of applying. My only complaint is that I didn't consider Ashford for my Associates. I could have completed my education a whole lot sooner. Thank you, Theresa Dehnert

4 out of 5

This school started off wonderful. I had a great academic advisor, she was so helpful and nice. I must say it ended there! The course work was way too easy and I had been in college before, but for some reason my work was getting docked unnessarily points.

I proofreaded it, got others to check over it and I would get like 6.50/7 because of some un-true lie. I really didnt care about that because I was still maintaining a A. Well I was asking a question about my financial aid, and my advisor took 3 weeks to answer me. I ended up calling and speaking to someone else. When my advisor finally decided to answer me she was rude and said "F.Y.I you don't need to fail any classes" and look into a private loan.

Now first off this is a financial advisor not academic and I had an A already and she was just plain rude. Then I wrote her another email when I thought I knew what was going on, but due to her always being mia I called the school and her co-worker was so wonderful to me she answer the question and I understood.

My advisor later that day calls me at 8:00 pm that is too late! I ignored the call because she is rude, and she leaves me this message with all this informal grammar putting # instead of number and just not how a school official should be. Then she writes, you need to do the math you are not entitled to what you thought you were and posted some data I didnt understand......Okay I am the student her job is clearly to answer my questions but instead she gets mad, she is going down.

I saved all the emails and my mother emailed her as well, she is going to wish she was more professional!! This school is money hungry and they wait till the last min to tell you whats going on.

4 out of 5

After I started at Ashford, almost right away I received an email telling me my credit hour charges were being raised, they said it had something to do with a program Obama came up with. Thanks for nothing Obama, anyway I wanted to start out with a Associate degree but they made it sound like I could not attend Ashford unless I started out with the Bachelor degree.

I signed up and then they gave me no choice of the classes I was going to start out with, no choice in anything except that fact that I wanted my degree to be in accounting. Most of the time it took 2 to 3 days to get a respond from any of them. I failed a class, they charged me for it of course then signed me up for it again, then put me out of it 2 weeks later, started me in a different class, which I was doing great in, during the second or third week put me out of that class and started me in the class I failed.

I failed it again, they started me in another class I got into the 4th week of that class, was doing great passing it and next thing I knew I could not get into the class, so I sent an email to my accademic advisor and she said I had been suspended for failing that class twice which caused my grade level to be to low.

They didnt even tell me I had been suspended no phone call, no email, nothing, until I asked. I thought it was a technical problem. I was also told they are not fully accredited, I don't know if that is true, but I was told by people at other colleges.

4 out of 5

I am really surprised by all the degrading of this school. Most all of the people who complained had problems with financial aid? I have been at Ashford and not had one problem. In fact they inform me of things before I can catch it. The fact is they are an accredited school with both on-line and campus option.

Why do people think you have to be a rich kid who can drop everything and attend school. We all have jobs and priorities these days, I have worked construction the last two years well spending every night doing homework in order to earn my degree.

Also, I attended community college and had more problems with the campus then at Ashford. I find many of these reviews offending, at least graduate before you start saying negative comments and discrediting thousands of hard working people.

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