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4 out of 5

I am sorry to say that I do not recommend this school to anyone. I was initially excited when I discovered Ashford and the idea of 5 week courses. However, halfway through I began getting nervous because the courses seemed too easy and it seemed everyone was doing well. I graduated in June 2010 and was inducted into their honor society in 5 minutes worth of clicking around.

They send you lists of people on the dean's list every "semester" and it looks like every student possible is on that list. It has literally thousands of names each time. Oh, and don't ever ask for a letter of recommendation if you plan on furthering your education.

It has now been 8 months that I have been waiting on it. I kept nagging at them and they say, "it's a delicate and long process." Eight months!?! And I even started EARLY! Little do they know that I gave up relying on them, but I'm curious to see if I will ever get it. I asked a coworker to write one and it was done in 10 minutes. Eight months versus 10 minutes.

AShford has a form for it and everything, but yet they can't seem to figure out how to do something so simple for their students. Oh, and I have yet to be able to find a job and be hired since graduation (with a 3.96 gpa). I'm pretty sure employers laugh as soon as they see "Ashford" on my resume. I guess I'll have to wait till I get my master's from a respectable university in order to land a job. Thanks for nothing!

4 out of 5

I will be finished with my Associates degree on July, 4th. The only problem I have had is that the financial aid office sometimes sends me the same e-mail time and time again. For instance, I get an e-mail saying that I have to sign a new MPN even though I have already done it. The class work has been challenging and fun to do. It makes you think critically.

The instructors always have good feedback and remind students to call or e-mail them with any questions. Most of these people just want to blame the school, becuase they could not finish their education. If you can not think critically and learn independently then do not take any online classes.

Anybody else I would highly recommend Ashford University. Oh, and another thing this school is accredited. I have already been informed by Northwest Missouri State University that all of the credits will transfer without a problem.

4 out of 5

I am very confused about many of the reviews I have read. Ashford has been nothing but a wonderful experience for me.I have a bachelors degree from my state university but a change in career made me enroll in ashford for a bachelors in Early Childhood Education. I have had nothing but great experiences here.

The coursework has ranged from somewhat easy to very challenging. Each week, I have given ample amounts of work and assignments to prove my dedication to the course. Anyone who calls the school easy is not taking their work seriously enough. I am currently about to graduate, am on the dean's list, and have a GPA of 3.98.

I think it is absurd that people would imply that the education learned here is not comparable to other universities. I attended the University of MD, College park, a top ten state university and have a bachelor's degree in English. I can honestly say that I have learned more at Ashford than I ever did at UMD because the online format has forced me to delegate my time and responsibilities. In addition, the course load is more intense due to online atmosphere.

As for the finance department, I am not sure what you all are dealing with. I have paid my tuition on time, every month, and have never experienced any issues. I think the people who are complaining are the people who do not pay their bills. As for the $900 electronic fee, this is normal of any online school, and my academic adviser informed me BEFORE signing up for classes.

For those of you considering Ashford, I think it is a great school. If you are lazy and just want to breeze by, this is not the school for you. A degree needs to be earned.

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4 out of 5

Ashford University is a school that prey's on people trying to better themselves I attended till I realized It was a joke trying to drain every penny of financial aid they can as soon as i told them i was dropping there classes i instantly started failing at my current school i have straight A's there enrollment advisors are paid to get you signed up they get commission they will tell you whatever you want to here I hope you Don't make the same mistake as me and attend this joke of a school

4 out of 5

I came here to read the reviews because up until now I've had nothing but a good experience with Ashford. But yesterady I learned something about them and it's making me very uneasy. For the person who wrote the review about people being "bottom feeders" because they are worried about their financial aid, I have one thing to say to you, You are ridiculous!

I am going to school to be a teacher. I love school more than anythng but I work 40 hours a week, have other bills to pay, and can't afford to buy a $100 book every five weeks. I don't think most people can.

I also don't think that it's unreasonable to expect your financial aid in a timely fashion. I got my award letter saying that my funds would be disbursed on 8/10/10. I called them yesterday to make sure only to be told that they changed the date to 8/24. They say that your disbursement date is subject to change at any time. I graduated from the University of Phoenix with my Associates and have never had problems like this. It makes me really upset because on top of doing all my homework and trying to keep my grades up, I should not have to worry about this too.

From what I'm reading from other people who've had the same problem with their financial aid, this is a big problem and unacceptable. I am paying to go to school here and get my education. I shouldn't have to worry about getting robbed on top of it. They never told me about the $900 electronic fee or whatever it's called. They told me that my classes would be cheaper than University of Phoenix, and they are not. I just feel really scammed right now. None of my classes are paid for and I don't care who you are; if you have a mounting debt somewhere, it's going to weigh heavily on your mind.

So again I say to the self-rightous person who deems me a "bottom feeder," honey, you are ridiculous.

4 out of 5

I have been enrolled since Nov. 2008 and have had no major issues with Ashford. The school work is challenging and I have learned much about the field that I have chosen (Psychology).

When given reviews I am very honest and don't want to sugar coat any issues if there has been any. The biggest issue we have ever had, and where my wife almost ended up transferring to another school, is the financial department; they can be very disorganized at times, and requested the same documents over and over again because they lost the others; this became annoying. But we got it all straightened out and haven't had a problem since.

But the truth of the matter is that Ashford has been a great experience thus far. No one is perfect. In everything you do there will be that one thing that dissappoints you, that's just life.

I highly recommend Ashford and hope that those who gave bad reviews would look past the minor mishaps and look at the major benefits you have attained through Ashford.

Anyway, I recommend Ashford!

4 out of 5

I am a graduate from Ashford University's online MA in Teaching and Learning with Technology program, and it was one of the best experiences I've had with graduate work. I completed a graduate degree in the traditional format, and I must say that the online format was more difficult.

It required me to be more independent, to think more autonomously, and to utilize outside resources. From the moment I spoke with my enrollment advisor to the moment I graduated, my experiences were wonderful.

The coursework gave me the opportunity to think critically, and the instructors were top-notch. Of particular importance is my initial experience with my first instructor, Dr. Carole. She teaches the introductory course for the online MATLT program, and she is amazing. Dr. Carole provides encouragement and support along the way, and she is always willing to lend a hand, especially where using APA is involved.

Also, the accelerated format allowed me to complete my degree in nearly half the time it took me to get my traditional master's degree.

4 out of 5

I enrolled at Ashford in March 2007, I had a n excellent experience. I graduated in May. Everyone on the staff were always polite and very helpful. If I emailed or left a message, I would receive an answer back or get a returned phone call the same day. Loved my time with Ashford great school.

4 out of 5

I have had nothing but trouble I have gone to a campus and done the online and yes I know Ashford is both but I have had nothing but trouble there is no real support and I get told one thing at one moment and something different at another and the adviser do not call you back this has been the worst experience I have had.

I am changing schools and for those that seem to think if you are unhappy with the serves of the school you failed at college I have not failed at college I have and will finish what I have started just not through Ashford I expect high quality of services from the school I go to or attend.

4 out of 5

So I just graduated from Ashford. From day one I have talked to my enrollment advisor that actually was in Iowa when I graduated to congratulate me. I have no idea how people had a bad experience, it was perfect.

Thank you so much Ashford for changing my life. I got a degree in healthcare and just got a job in a hospital. For everyone that has bad comments, cool down just because you failed at college doesn't mean it is the universities fault.

Also some people really aren't smart, financial aid is run through the government not the school. Thanks again Ashford, please everyone believe me you will love it.

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