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4 out of 5

I have been attending Ashford since Feburary 2009. I love what they have to offer. The experience has been wonderful and really worth the time and energy I put into my education.

I have had nothing but positives from my enrollment Advisor (who is AWESOME) to my instructors. I have had two instructors that were horrible, however because I am self motivated I made the most out of the situation.

The course work is difficult and demanding. But what do you expect from an University? I recieve great grades because I work hard. My spouse attends and he recieves average grades. He does not put in as much effort as I do and it shows.

I recommend this university to anyone who is serious about their education.

4 out of 5

I see so many negative comments. Some of these comments are understood and some seem as though they are blaming the institution for their inabilities.

I will admit that some of the people in my class seem like they should not be in a college setting. The fact that they seem to not know how to write a decent discussion on a topic makes it hard for the people who do their assignments well to write required responses. However, they may just need some time to work themselves out.

My academic adviser does annoy me because he refuses to let me take more then one class at a time, and I am not allowed to choose which gen eds I take. Although, he is very reliable when it comes to contacting him, and he stays on the phone with me as long as it takes.

I can not stand my financial adviser. I can never get a hold of her and she never calls me back. When she does get in touch with me it is an email that does not answer my question and sounds like she feels contacting me is a waste of her time. Instead of continuously crying about it or just transferring like many people do, I am calling the supervisor and telling her about my problem. I will be requesting a new financial adviser.

You will have your ups and downs with several people. It is called life. Whether you go to a traditional institution or go to an online institution, you will have some sort of problem. Whether you get a job at a gas station or an elementary school, you will have a problem at some point. The question is, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to just complain and do nothing, contact the appropriate people to fix it, or find the easy out and just quit?

I recommend Ashford to those who can think critically and educate themselves. I noticed that many people are blaming their professors for them not learning anything. This is not a traditional institution. No one will hold your hand and tell you what needs to be done. No one is going to explain things to you unless you ask. If you can not think critically and take responsibility for your own education then Ashford is not for you.

I have learned so much from the classes that I have attended through Ashford. This is because I question, I read, I think critically, and I take in what others have to say. The professor is not the problem, the student is the problem. The student must take responsibility for their own education and motivate themselves in an independent learning setting. If they can not do that, do not attend any online college setting.

4 out of 5

The only thing you will get from Ashford is a big bill. I've been attending for two years now. On the verge of graduating and suddenly I can't pass a class. The instructor decides who passes. My last class I made all A's on the 4 tests but was scored down on each weekly conversations just enough to give me a D+. Guess what you need to get credit for the class. You got it, a C or better.

I contacted my advisor and was transferred to a voice mail with no call back. I called again and was transferred to a live person who told me to appeal the grade. I appealed the grade to my instructor then filed the appeal using their own line form.

The person's answer was the "weights" of the grades for the discussions, out weighed the weights for the objective tests and the accumulation of points the instructor gave was the deciding factor. Then he told me to contact my advisor so I could reschedule it again. Nice run around.

Yes, Ashford places over 50% of the weights on subjective measures even though you participate and make As on all the tests you can be made to take the class again. You can CLEP the material in most schools and not have to pay for the full class so an instructor who didn't make their life's fulfillment can just decide you should take it again.

I asked who can I appeal the grading system too and no one at their staff would supply an answer for me. Isn't there someone that investigates fraudulent academic processes in the US? I'm trying to find out but so far Ashford chooses not to disclose who governs their rights to pull this dog and pony show off.

My suggestion is to take local classes and stay away from Ashford, also, I noticed those that like the school, have not graduated or used their degree in their field. I think that says it all. Final verdict, I would not recommend it to anyone who is serious about an education.

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4 out of 5

At first, I loved Ashford. I started attending with my spouse and our grades were good, we were on the right track. BUT, I elected to have my financial aid disbursed to me. Mostly because I am very smart about money and I don't like other people handling my money, be it a loan or scholarship.

After five, six, seven, eight emails to my financial advisor, academic advisor and finally Student Services Advisor, I have nothing to show for it. Be weary of what is really going on at Ashford. You are held to one standard, having your money taken out literally at 12:01 a.m the day your class starts and then not having your funds disbursed to you.

Read the reviews of people before going to Ashford, before you get into extremelly high debt with nothing to show for it.

4 out of 5

I have attended two or three different online colleges. I finally found Ashford, and I can honestly say that I am truly happy to be where I am at.

I have read the negative reviews on here, and I understand some of them. Yes, I have on occasion got a professor who was negligent and whatnot. However, its important for those who are thinking about attending Ashford, not to think this is the norm. As the end of each course they send out a survey to evaluate the course and instructor. If you have a problem with the instructor, this is the time to let them know.

I also have had excellent communication with my enrollment, academic and financial advisor. My enrollment advisor still emails me after each course to check if I have questions or comments. My academic advisor checks in with me after each class to talk about my next scheduled course, my degree progress and any other problem I may be having.

I believe the work to be just as demanding as any other school. Some subjects are harder than others. As far as getting A's all the time, that is a complete lie. I have turned in what I believe to be an A paper, and receive a B or C.

My only advice to anyone interested in Ashford is to talk to an enrollment advisor. Before I began here I talked to three different schools. What sold me on Ashford was how they answered my quesions and stayed on the phone with me as long as I needed, they didn't make me feel as if I were bothering them.

4 out of 5

I retired from the US Army about 5 years ago and am using the 9/11 GI Bill to attend Ashford University. I have an AAS and am now attending my 5th class toward a BA and have had no problems at all. In fact everything has been smooth.

My enrollment advisor was courteous and helpful. The class instructors are well qualified and responsive to students. I actually switched from CTU to Ashford because of the amount of transfer credits allowed.

4 out of 5

I am a current student at Ashford. I have had good and bad experiences. Most of the experiences I have had with the office is due to my advisors, all of them, continuing to switch around. It is important if you are having a problem to be diligent. You cannot expect somebody else to fix your problems. I have done well in the classes. I have found some of them easy and others that I have had to work hard at. Some of the teachers are great and others are not. I have continued to compare classes with past graduates and current students from other schools and the classes match them. I recommend Ashford if you are independent. If you require somebody to walk you through everything than it would be better to attend a school where you can see people face to face.

4 out of 5

I attended Ashford in the summer of 2009. I was hoping to finish my ba online so I could go to graduate school this year. The first thing was that when I logged on it did not register, but all my assignments where turned in on different days. I just do not understand how it did not count as a log-in.

This week I got a call from a collection company saying I need to pay for my tuition. I had applied for federal student loans, and they state that they never got them. I am so angry, because I owe 4 thousand dollars.

4 out of 5

When I first started at Ashford the instruction was great and I had several instructors with doctorate degrees. My academic advisor was great, but then things seemed to change. The new advisor never answered his phone and would return the call to my home when I specifically left my work number, which resulted in playing phone tag.

I had some instructors that did not interact with the class and others would respond to your weekly posts with an additional question, but couldn't or wouldn't add to our learning experience. The best instructors had doctorate degrees and a few had Master's degrees that were very good instructors; their responses to student's posts were very informative. I also had an instructor that was very rude and one that didn't respond to student's questions.

Some of the student's posts were based on personal experience only, and not connected to the reading. There were some students that clearly should not have been allowed to enroll in a college course.

I understand the negative comments because I've become very frustrated with the caliber of instructors and the lack of feedback and clarification of assignments. I think the texts that are required by Ashford are great, but the instruction doesn't match. Just because someone has a degree and works in the a particular field doesn't mean they are qualified to teach.

I don't know if I would recommend Ashford. About eight months ago I wouldn't have had a problem referring someone to them.

4 out of 5

I am currently an undergraduate student at a university in NC. I will graduate in May this year, and then I will go straight into the graduate program of aother unversity. However, I found out in February that I had to take a statistics course and complete it before May 15th. Fortunately I found Ashford University and I was able to enroll in an online course. That was about the only thing that I was please with about Ashford University (the fact that they offered a 5 week online course).

My enrollment advisor was very helpful until she told me that the online course could be paid for in a payment plan. I tried to get in touch with my financial advisor to confirm this and he was out of the office for an extended period of time and did not return my phone call until the day before the course began in which he told me that the payment for the course was due in full by 5:00 that day! I was furious.

I paid for the course in full and was able to take it, but toward the end I became frustrated. I emailed my instructor 3 separate times to which I only got 1 response. The course has been over for almost one week and the isntructor still has not posted grades for a discussion 2 weeks ago!

I tried to contact my enrollment advisor to ask when final grades will be posted and I never got a response. So I contacted my academic advisor who informed me that my enrollment advisor didn't work there anymore (THANKS FOR TELLING ME!) I have since tried to contact my academic advisor twice, but have not heard back. I am waiting for my final grade so that I can send my transcripts in and go to grad school.

I have found my whole experience with Ashford to be unreliable, frustrating, and stressful. Communication with them is terrible, which is something to take into consideration when they offer online courses! I would not recommend Ashfor University.

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