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4 out of 5

I am currently an undergraduate student at a university in NC. I will graduate in May this year, and then I will go straight into the graduate program of aother unversity. However, I found out in February that I had to take a statistics course and complete it before May 15th. Fortunately I found Ashford University and I was able to enroll in an online course. That was about the only thing that I was please with about Ashford University (the fact that they offered a 5 week online course).

My enrollment advisor was very helpful until she told me that the online course could be paid for in a payment plan. I tried to get in touch with my financial advisor to confirm this and he was out of the office for an extended period of time and did not return my phone call until the day before the course began in which he told me that the payment for the course was due in full by 5:00 that day! I was furious.

I paid for the course in full and was able to take it, but toward the end I became frustrated. I emailed my instructor 3 separate times to which I only got 1 response. The course has been over for almost one week and the isntructor still has not posted grades for a discussion 2 weeks ago!

I tried to contact my enrollment advisor to ask when final grades will be posted and I never got a response. So I contacted my academic advisor who informed me that my enrollment advisor didn't work there anymore (THANKS FOR TELLING ME!) I have since tried to contact my academic advisor twice, but have not heard back. I am waiting for my final grade so that I can send my transcripts in and go to grad school.

I have found my whole experience with Ashford to be unreliable, frustrating, and stressful. Communication with them is terrible, which is something to take into consideration when they offer online courses! I would not recommend Ashfor University.

4 out of 5

I must say that I am surprised at the negative comments. I am plased to say that the good outweighs the bad. I have not had any trouble with any advisors not returning phone calls. I have received a lot of support for them. Any question I have asked has been answered.

To the people that post about disbursments. School isn't free. Ashford's policy is to send 30% of the extra financial aid money after 7 weeks and the remaining 70% after another 7 weeks. This is to avoid mistakes with your funding. The extra $990 tech fee was explained to me when I enrolled, so it was no surprise. Another person claimed that the work wasn't challenging and that the profs handed out A's all the time. I know this to be untrue. Both my husband and myself are enrolled. We have had the same classes so far. Sometimes we have the same instructor and sometimes we don't. But we receive different grades. I excel in English classes while my husband struggles. We recently finished our Eng Comp 2 class. We had the same instructor for this one. We both worked hard, but I managed an A while my husband fought to maintain a B. I have found the instructors to be readily available for help. Its not immediate like asking them face to face, but they tend to answer all of our questions within 24 hours. The work has been challenging and I feel like we are gettign a really good education.

When I decided to go back to school, I wanted a degree that I could work towards through distance learning. I am a mother of 5, and it would be impossible for me to further my education any other way. However, I wanted an accredited school with an actual campus. I found that with Ashford and I have loved every minute of it. Online learning isn't for everyone. Before posting negative comments, ask yourself is some of the anger could be self directed because you could have done more on your end of things.

4 out of 5

People who know how are the classes in Ashford will never accept a degree from that university.

The teacher teaches nothing. The site have assigned a weekly task that seems not have changes for years.

Teacher interventions are something like

"I see some learning going on here .. Give me a YEE HAW!"

'Tell me about how this discussion has aided you in understanding the materials more?"

"Good work ... never let down!"

"Do these discussion find there way into your business and how so?"

Discussion courses is among the students because the teacher just makes stupid questions.

Each of the examples is not a summary of what he wrote!! That's all he writes!!

And students also answered

Professor: "I just wanted to say THANKS for the activity and to let you know that learning is the best way to overcome ALL! Never stop Learning!"

Student: "Yes Sir."

This is not lie. I have evidence.

The very good is the enrollment system, the says a lot of lies and then not deliver. In my case I was told that they will transfer more clases than any other university, and end they do not transfer any.

Ashford is an expensive joke.

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4 out of 5

I have had a wonderful experience at Ashford. I am one class away from graduating. The class assigned to me is Math. This is my last course, I will not graduate if I fail this course. My question is, why, was a course that most people find difficult assigned at the very end. I feel that a difficult course should be assigned in the beginning of classes. This way, you know if you can move forward or not. After spending upwards of 10,000.00 for tuition, if I fail I am without a degree and bound by needless debt. Has anyone else had this experience?

4 out of 5

All I know is that Ashford University out of Clinton, IA has been a great experience that allowed me to obtain a BA degree while working full time. Conventional classes might be good for some but for me, online was the only way to go. Next, it is off to MBA land through Cal State, Monterrey Bay....... Online

Thanks for doing a good job Ashford!!

4 out of 5


4 out of 5

The financial aid department DID NOT do their job as financial aid advisors and advise me, the student, of what to expect financially before I graduated. I was not made aware of the balance until I checked!! I made numerous attempts to speak with my financial advisor who did not return any calls or did his manager. This is not what I call advising! DO NOT USE THIS SCHOOL IF YOU NEED TO USE FINANICAL AID OR LOANS TO PAY FOR CLASSES! You will be highly disappointed!!

4 out of 5

I graduated from Ashford University with a BA in Psych, with an online course of study, December of last year. It was a very good experience. I actually made friends which I still stay in contact with even now. The experience taught me time management and gave me confidence as well as giving me a broad scope of understanding. The most difficult class was Environmental Ethics. However, it was very thorough and offered a lot of theory which one could apply to any real-world scenario. I would recommend Ashford to anyone. By the way, the degree I earned there has provided admittance for my degree program in counseling.

4 out of 5

Prior to graduating from Ashford with a BA in Organizational Management in 2009, I attend the University of Cincinnati and The Ohio State University but could not finish due to job transfers.

I researched many different online schools and decided on Ashford. I see that people have complained about this and that but you will find the same issues even in the larger universities.

I found it much easier to communicate with my advisors at Ashford than the other two schools I attended. I was able to call or email them and received a prompt response most of the time.

At one of my previous schools I was told by my advisor to just take whatever I wanted to take and we'll work out the details later.

I knew exactly what classes I needed, when the classes commenced and what materials were needed weeks and even months ahead of time.

I work full time and have a wife and kids and found this atmosphere to be very enjoyable and educational. I highly recommend Ashford to anyone considering an online education.

4 out of 5

I am a stay at home mother of three. Yes my husband works, so we do have an income. However, I cannot afford gas nor a sitter for three while I drive back and forth to attend classes in a building. Earning my degree online is my only choice at the moment. Ashford is an amazing school. People are there to help you when you call, and you don't get put on a waiting list for your problem, question, or comment to be answered. They treat you like you are the only one they are worried about.

The classes are only one at a time, and each class is 5wks long. Sounds easy right? No and Yes. The time period is easy, the fact of doing your work on your own time is easy, but the assignments are real and you do have to put time, thought, and effort into them. This is not something to take lightely.

If you attend Ashford, I say you will enjoy it, you will find it comforting, and you will also learn from it. So if you are asking yourself "is Ashford the school for me", then I can answer for you... yes it is! I love this school and I am so happy that I took that first step.

Call Daniel Singer (he's my enrollment advisor) and get started. He makes the starting process so easy and relaxing.

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