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4 out of 5

I would not say I would recommend or not recommend Ashford, I would tell you of everything I know and after reading it you can make your own decision.

First let me say I started at Ashford in April of 2009 and I am still attending school there.

When I first contact Ashford I explained to my advisor that I currently owe a school $1800 and I am currently paying them off and I wanted to know when was the next enrollment date for Ashford. He explained to me that it was currently enrollment and that since I already had 2 associates degree that I would be a 3rd year student and my financial aid would be more than enough to cover the semester and they will send me a check which will cover the money I owe and leave me with enough money to cover books for the next 4 classes. I then asked when will I get the check and he told me I would get 30% after 7 weeks and the rest in another 7 weeks. I also asked how much do the books cost and was told they are really cheap because you can search the internet for cheap books and that I did not even need the book for the first class because it was really easy. So I decided to sign up………..

I got my award letter in my 3 week of class and the amount was nowhere close to the amount I was quoted by him. So I called him and he told me he was shocked and did not understand why my amount was so much less. He called me back in an hour and said that the school puts you in as a 1st year student no matter what degrees you have and it would take about 8 months for them to put me as a 3rd year student. Long story short I was then put on probation because the school I owed money to would not release my transcript. After 14 weeks I got my 2 checks and paid off the school but now I did not have enough for books. Now you can find books online cheap but in the class I’m in now it is a first edition book made for Ashford and the book is $87.00 and there is no place offering the book except Ashford.

Ok, as I stated before you get a check 7 wks and 14 wks into each new semester, the checks are only mailed out on Friday and up until now I have always had my checks by the following Wednesday. Here I am into my 11th week and no 7 week check, so I called the school by the 9th week and was told that the school mailed my check on October 9th. Today is the 21st of October so I called back because I checked the mail and there was no check and next week I am starting my 3rd class since the semester started (each class is 5 weeks). I was now told that my check was never mailed because they are over loaded and that the date on my account just means that the check was ready to be mailed on that day and the check might go out today.

Whether you calling Ashford or any other online school, PLEASE put yourself in the mind frame of going to purchase a car from a used car salesmen as with a car salesmen they are going to tell you ANYTHING to get you to buy a car. The admissions dept is going to tell you ANYTHING to get you into the school.

As most of us know PENN STATE is a very well known school and they are now offering online school so I called to check out their accreditation so I can compare it to Ashford, I was told both schools have the same accreditation. Ashford’s classes are $1062 per every class and Penn State is about $1400 per class.

Ashford does not supply books and yes you can find books much cheaper then what Ashford is selling them for, other online schools I attended supply you the books at their price therefore you will most likely not get any money back from those schools.

4 out of 5

I am amazed when I read that students are having problems with this school in regards to the on-line modality. I have really enjoyed being an on-line student here at Ashford. I am soon to graduage come May and I am besides myself in the hopes of obtaining my degree. I have attended a brick and motar school in the past, and at this time in my life, learning on-line works for me. If your dream is to get your degree, and you do not want to do it the traditional brick and motar way, be prepare to work for it; as in any school it is not free and easy. You must be prepard to read, write and research all of your assignments. In this on-line modality, you will write many papers at a much faster pace that you are accustomed to, but is doable. As a student of Ashford, you will learn and be proud of your achievements.

4 out of 5

First of all keep your expectations realistic. No school is going to just let you turn in work whenever you want! No school will refund your money after you have taken most of the class. Many refunds are issued only before 3 days. Don't complain about poor instructor and grades if your review does not even use correct grammar. For the first class you have an enrollment advisor, then you get your academic advisor. Finally, finacial aid is a nightmare no matter what school you go to. The school does not handle your loans so they cant help you.

I have enjoyed my time at Ashford. I graduated from a 4 year college and the work is comparable.

Try reading reviews from people who actually know what to expect from a college. Many Freshmen dont last the first semester at colleges everywhere and that is because their expectations are unrealistic. Many of these reviews seem to be from people who wouldnt have made it at any school.

Search over 214,000 programs:
4 out of 5

I am currently enrolled in Ashford University's on-line program for my Bachelor's Degree.

I realize that learning is a personal experience, and what is a satisfying enterprise for one student may be an academic nightmare for another. Fortunately for me, I am one of the former. Ashford University's on-line program allows me to fully integrate my studies with my busy work schedule. I find that Blackboard is easy to navigate and is an excellent venue compared to a real bricks-and-mortar classroom. For one thing, everybody gets to participate. No wall flower is going to hide in the shadows of a musty classroom while overachievers hog the two-hour period with their soliloquies. Speaking of which, the class sessions are not hampered by the time constraints that apply to a real class session. Mind you, the on-line classes operate on real time, with real schedules and real deadlines.

The instructors are very knowledgeable in the subject matter they are teaching. They're not Einsteins, but to that effect I challenge anyone to present a faculty staff composed entirely of geniuses outside of the Ivy League schools or M.I.T. (and perhaps, they, too, have one or two dullards posing as teachers). As far as classmates go, I have interacted with some of the most erudite, perceptive, and mature people in class. That is not to say that we do not have classmates who need some prompting, but I believe that is why they enrolled to begin with - to learn. To focus on the fact that you have les-than smart people in your class is petty and self-serving. This is college - you leave that minutiae back in high school.

When I enrolled I was swamped with phone calls and e-mails from the university staff, who all want to make sure that I am settling in nicely. Compared to my prior experiences with other colleges and universities (where red tape, apathy,and bureaucracy rule), I always have professional, worry-free transactions, whether it's paying my tuition fee or getting in touch with my instructors.

And Ashford University IS nationally accredited. For those who have stated otherwise, I advise that you look it up again.

Finally, I'd like to retort on the apprehension that a diploma is not going to get you a job: neither diploma,degree,nor fraternity pin will get you a job - YOU will get you that job.

4 out of 5

My Ashford experience has been excellent. I attended Westminster College in Salt Lake City years ago and has the very same issues with the financial aid department. I made inquiries and checked reviews on several other colleges and university, and nearly everyone of them had similar financial aid issues. The accelerated program has worked very well for me, and I have to say, you must be ready to write and write a great deal. This is not an easy program, but you will be rewarded based upon what you put into the program. Writing, attribution, submittals, posting and following the many rules will provide a student with success. If you are not ready to follow the prescriptive way in which Ashford demands, then you will fail. On the other hand, if you are will to follow the prescriptive directions, do the work, interact through the blackboard forum and DO THE WORK, you will get a degree from an ACCREDITED university. I took extra measures to make sure I made the right choice. Ashford University was the right choice for my undergraduate degree and it is the right choice for my graduate program.

4 out of 5

I am a second year student at Ashford, and although I am on the Dean's list, I would not encourage anyone to attend. They have no scholarship programs, so even though I am at abut a 3.8 GPA< it does not benefit me much. When I enrolled the person who enrolled me lied to told me I could get a 4 year degree in 2 years. I was told that this was because Ashford has accelerated learning. After being enrolled, I found out I had been lied to. I have dropped out of 3 classed, one on the advice of my aunt who is a professor and told me the instructor i was unhappy with should not be teaching. I can only say I have had 3 outstanding professors. Some have actually harassed me, which I reported to the University. One of my favorite professors was dropped and told she did not listen to her students, but she was loved by every student in my class. I think that talented instructors are just not want this school wants. And the class I am in now, is using the worst text I have ever read...all of the students are frustrated with it. Instructors do not chose the texts, but the selection of texts is poor. If you plan to attend this school,. be prepared to fight for a good grade, because sometimes the intelligent student may know more than the instrutor. I have had instructors tell me I knew things about the subject they were teaching they did not...go figure. Who is teaching who?

4 out of 5

Overall I am pleased with Ashford. The classes are well designed and the five week schedule is great. As to some of the complaints about deadlines, that is the case in all academic and professional environments. Anywhere you go to school, or work you are going to have to meet deadlines, deal with it. The instructors seem knowledgeable and the teaching assistants are very helpful. Your assignments are graded fairly (even if they don't agree on your position) and I have always been given advice and well deserved criticism. If there is something wrong with your assignments, they will tell you what you need to do improve for your next assignment. To me, that sounds pretty fair.

To the points made about not finding a job, I hope that is not true. From the research I have done here in Indiana, all companies I have contacted will accept a degree from Ashford, as well as any regionally accredited institutions.

Also I had no problem what so ever with my enrollment advisor, Jesse. He was very helpful and not at all pushy. He answered all of my questions and told me everything I needed to know up front, even the technology fee (which by the way is a one time fee). Now this talk about having to buy books, what legitimate school do you think you are going to attend without having to buy books. The books are your responsibility, but that would be the case even in a traditional on campus environment, it is all part of your education. Now the negative. Don't waste your time trying to reach your financial advisor. I am on my second one now, and I have yet to receive a return email or phone call. I have sent email after email and left voicemail after voicemail, and have never, not even once, received a response. On the upside, I have never had trouble reaching the financial aid office itself (aside from a few minute hold waiting for a representative). They have been able to provide all the assistance I need and answer all the questions I have had. So I would recommend starting there, don't waste your time with your financial advisor. Now to the Academic Advisor that I have seen a lot of complaints about. I have had mixed experiences with mine. Sometimes I can call and she will answer right away and help me. Other times I leave a message and she gets back to me in a day or two. Then there are other times I have to leave multiple messages for days before I get a response, so it is kind of a guessing game on whether or not you will get an answer at any given time.

All in all, I am pleased with Ashford. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to further their education and attain a degree. There are some negatives, but where are you going to go that there aren't issues. The bottom line is the education and degree you are seeking, and this school is the right place to do that. I hope you make the right decision.

4 out of 5

I'm enrolled at Ashford as we speak. I'm finishing the class I'm paying and stopping all my funds from being dispersed to them when I am done. I was rushed into signing up by an academic advisor who didn't even bother to show me how to use the blackboard until my class had already started. Getting YOUR money, yea right! The checks, when they do come, come from Ashford LLC. Last time I checked, that's not a bank.

So, they are making interest off of every sucker that signs up with their sorry program. I highly reccemend that you look into any other school that will treat you like a human and not a dollar bill, or thousands of dollar bills rather. You are just another number. I am doing well in the school too, so take it from someone who is not just angry because she can't hold her program down, this school is a joke.

4 out of 5

Before signing over your life to this college look else where. For starters they give you the run around when you have questions, if questions are answered nobody ever has the same answers. Some of the teachers that they have at this school seem less knowledgeable about the subject they are teaching then you are. And do not think you are going to get any help from them either, they say they will respond if you need them within a certain time, but it never happends.

Half the time the only way you know your doing good or not is when you see your grade. Even though the admissons state to you that its small classes and the teachers will interact more with you then other schools its a bunch of lies, most of the time you never even hear from the teachers. All that may be reading this might think I am only writing this because I failed or what have you, but to assure all of you, I was top in my classes, despite all the negative words I am saying about this school.

I was promised something in the beinging when I signed up and to my surprise nothing was true. The only good experince that I had was the help that Bonnie, my addmissions advisor had given me through out the time I was a student. So again before you sign up look for other options.

4 out of 5

I've been a student at Ashford University for, officially, one year now. Initially, I was quite trepidatious about going back to college. Moreover, I was all the more ambivalent about an online university. So, with great care I researched Ashford. At one point I became afraid (due to some of the overly critical reviews on this very site).

In my opinion all of the explicitly hostile reviews are unwarranted. Deciding to attend Ashford was one of the best decisions I've ever made for my life and career. In addition to the subject matter in which I'm studying I've also learned a great deal of self discipline, motivation, and research/study skills (part and parcel to my major of course).

First of all one person (N. I believe)stated that Ashford did not require transcripts from other universities. That is a blatant lie. I attended two universities, prior to Ashford, and that was the first thing the enrollment advisor said that I would need. It took them a little while to transfer my credits in; however, they were required (as well as a highschool diploma).

Others have stated that the school is overprice and that they had to pay for their books. Well, that was not my experience. I only wish that I had done this sooner than later. Ashford has been the most cost efficient university I've ever attended. Moreover, every student has to pay for books (that is why you get residual money from your financial aid disbursements. Stop using it to go shopping and buy your books). If you want a tip buy books from online merchants at I've saved hundreds of dollars on college literature just by putting in the effort to search.

Furthermore, Ashford--like all schools--is about having discipline and work ethic. You get in what you put out. Since attending Ashford University I've made the Dean's list three times and I'm going to recieve my BA in November.

If you don't do your work and don't make the effort to get in contact with your professors then it is up to you to contact your counselor and enrollment advisor and they'll nip it in the bud. However, unlike some of you, all of my professors have been nothing but professional and courteous. I've not had any of the nightmare horror stories. Sure, Blackboard did go down sometimes but that is every school that utilizes online learning. It happens. They understand that it does.

My initial ambivalence about online learning was unwarranted. As I said before I'm glad that I attended the school. As an adult learning this was the best, and only, option for me.

I highly recommend this for the student who is willing to put in the term and effort to treat themselves to a wonderful education. If you are making bad grades some of the onus goes on YOU.

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