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4 out of 5

I have been attending Ashford since March of 2007, and have had a very good experience until recently. My academic advisor, J. is very very hard to get a hold of, and never ever has any good information for me. Plus, I am trying to take a second course and now they are telling me that I will have to pay for that class aside from my financial aid, so basically with cash. So I am mad and frustrated. I think this school, like like University Of Phoenix, just wants to rip people off to get as much money as they can.

4 out of 5

To start off with, I have been attending Ashford for nearly 3 years and almost completed with my BA in Social Sciences w/ concentration in Education. I am also serving in today’s military, USN, and currently have enough time to complete the rest of the program. So, please, keep in mind I will point out the good and the bad for Ashford University.

First to start off with, if you are in the market looking for a college or university that is accredited, this one is. You can verify it by using the government website. Just type in Ashford University in the search and it will pop up as regionally accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission. Now, there is also a National Accreditation, of course, but employers tend to look for regionally accredited by far.

Alright, enough about accreditation, now the main event. Is Ashford right for you? Depending on your situation, you have to ask yourself a few questions:

-Are you self motivated? -Are you a self learner? -Are the degree plans something that interests you? -Are you financially ready to commit? -When do you feel like you can learn things effectively at a quick pace? -Have you researched enough about the programs on your own? -Is the school flexible with your schedule?

These are the questions I asked myself that were important. Especially, the question about flexibility in regards to my job status. Now, again, I am in the military so time is sometime hard to come by and I needed something that could revolve around my schedule. But I did tons of research, prior to choosing Ashford. I looked at reputation as well, that’s why I didn’t choose UOP for starters (nothing bias). If your job does support a tuition re-imbursement, take advantage of it, especially the military.

For you military folk that are looking don’t just skip Ashford on your list, unless it doesn’t provide for your personal need in regards to a certain degree. Ashford has paid for all my books, accepted a huge majority of my military training (ACE-SMART, AART), there is a waiver for an application fee, and no technology fee.

For those that are not military, please review the costs and understand the financial burdens that come with entering any college. I am sorry I can not give more information in regards to civilian payments, but I hope to ensure you that it is also very competitive with rates. (Don’t pass by APUS/AMU either; the tuition is a strait 250 per credit hour for everyone.)

Transferring college credits was quiet easy too; they accept a lot of credits, up to 99, which I believe for undergraduates, for military helps out a lot. However, you still have to work, to earn the degree which will not be handed to you.

Now, I will point out the bad that I see. With having a degree from a liberal arts college, transferring the credits can be unfair. I had tried to transfer credits that I earned from Ashford to a local university, and they informed me I would have to take a math over again, since it was Applied Mathematics. I would suggest trying a local university for your beginning classes, if possible. I believe they are necessary to having a good base for what to expect once you hit your major courses. (The math set up was very odd, and it was not quiet I expected.) English, I was able to transfer in from Vincennes University, but I actually sat down in the class to study so I had a better understanding what I was messing up in regards to papers.

The beginning two classes are mandatory EXP 101 and PSY 201. They were easy. I am not saying that the class grades will be just handed to you, but as you become more seasoned toward modern day distance learning, the classes will become harder. I actually have learned a lot from these classes, and have come to expect that grading will not be as easy at first. Being patient while persistent to distant learning will be your key to succeeding.

Another bad that I see, is the partnership that Ashford has with Rio Salado College online. The effectiveness to getting a teaching certificate through this program, I believe is not up to par. Arizona is known for having one of the most lenient teacher certifications. So I would suggest if you truly want to become a teacher, do it locally, unless you have no other choice. WGU is the best online teaching colleges, if you want a great university for that. It is accredited not only regionally, but the first online university to have NCATE stamp of approval. This is important to people living in certain states that only allow teachers to teach, if they have been through a school that is NCATE accredited, unfortunately Ashford is not.

Just remember overall, do your research.

4 out of 5

I started at Ashford about a year ago, and am getting ready to graduate. If you are Veteran they will give you free books for all of your classes, waive the $900 tech fee, and give you $250 off each class. If Ashford is not offering you this, they are yankin' your chain. It's a decent school if you are just looking to finish a degree, but if you have never been to school, I would recommend a four year traditional college.

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4 out of 5

Ashford University is regionally accredited. I attended this school for 15 months earning my BA in psychology. I had no problems with the school when I attended. I got in contact with all my professors when I needed to. They were all very helpfull. Everyones experience will be different but I went to both online school and traditional school earning another degree and I love online school. I made a good choice with Ashford. I have sinced applied to 3 different schools for my Masters degree and was accepted to all 3. 2 of them are local schools in NY and the other was online. Go for it and get your own experience. BTW no one paid me or asked me to write this review.

4 out of 5

O.k, so reading some of these reviews made me decide to write my own. I find that some of the negative reviews are because of people actually not doing their own "check-up" or background work on Ashford University. I have been going for two years and I honestly would not be able to go back to school any other way. I only have a spare amount of time in my day, so this 5 week schedule at your own pace is excellent. If you are the type of person that can not pace your self and be self disciplined, it is probably not for you. I recommend the online classes for ADULTS who have children and full time jobs, not for someone who is only attending school. If you are only attending school, go to a school where you actually have classes to sit in. It just seems now days everyone wants everything handed to them and no one wants to really put in the effort to get the work done. The only thing is that the first few classes were basic, I felt as if I did not need them but two years later I am telling all of you some of the classes I have taken were extremely difficult but I made it through and passed. Some advise, do your own research and ask lots and lots of questions if you are not sure that Ashford is right for you. Good luck to all!

4 out of 5

In my opinion, choosing to go for my BA in Business Administration at Ashford University back in April 2009 was one of the very best choices I ever made. As of today I currently hold a very well deserved 3.65 GPA for the very first time ever. I was late in submitting an initial post because of the Blackboard system going down and my previous post not making it as the result. However, the instructor still gave me full credit for the initial post after I honestly explained the whole truth on why it was a day late. I may seem challenging at first to squeeze a whole courseload in 5 short weeks, but I do have faith that it can be done. My only regret would be not pursuing a wonderful opportunity like this earlier.

4 out of 5

I am about halfway done with a Bachelor's degree in Business from Ashford. As soon as my last two classes are over, I'm going to another school. Why? Because getting any information from them is like pulling teeth.

I am in the US Army and when I was contacted my their "Enrollment Advisor" (who is actually just a telemarketer) it sounded like a pretty good deal; since I get military tuition assistance, my college degree would be free. That's what he told me.

I should have known Ashford would be a bad experience from the start, mainly because the "Enrollment Advisor"/Telemarketer was so PUSHY!! He insisted on faxing me paperwork that I had to sign and return right away. But I thought, "Well, it's going to be a free college degree so I'll do it. It hasn't been free.

I've had to pay out of pocket for several classes because their tuition is so high, it used up all my tuition assistance. It's impossible to get anyone to return your calls or emails if you have a question and I find that the most unforgiveable thing of all. The Army is paying Ashford a LOT of money and they don't bother to return my calls?!?!? It takes WEEKS to get a response from anybody there.

Plus the classes are watered down and aren't very challenging. I don't feel that I've learned much at this school.

I've committed to two more classes with Ashford and then I'm out of there. I'll finish my degree at a REAL school. I wish I had never signed up with Ashford.

4 out of 5

I've been enrolled at Ashford since July of 08 and it has been a mixed bag as far as experiences go. My enrollment advisor was great, but dropped off the face of the Earth once Financial Aid was processed. (but who cares, he did his job). My Academic Advisor changed one time, but my new one is great and very responsive. My only serious issue has been with the Financial Aid department. My Financial Advisor is very hard to reach, does not return calls or emails and is totally unresponsive. I think your experience all depends on the advisors your linked up with. As far as the classes go, it moves at a pretty fast clip but is nothing you shouldn't be able to handle. The setup has already been pretty well explained, so I'll save you from that. Most of the instructors are very compotent and well educated. Almost EVERY negative review on here is from someone bitter about financial aid or the class speed. Take it from the people who have been involved with the school for some time.. Ashford IS a good choice.

4 out of 5

I read some reviews prior to deciding on Ashford. I recommend you take reviews with a grain of salt, both good and bad. I have had 6 courses at Ashford and have little complaining. Yes, the Academic advisors change often, but who cares? If you are doing your course work, then there is nothing to talk to them about. They send you an email telling you, your next scheduled class. Period, thats it.

I read here that people are having issues with financial aid. Unless you pay out of pocket, you have the financial aid process with any school, online or brick-mortar schools. Someone said the school tried to take out a $100000 loan in their name?? Really. sounds like a lawsuit, because the school doesn't apply for your financial aid. YOU DO. The lender simply sends it to the school. I applied for mine, and rec'd checks back from Ashford for the amounts not used. No sweat, no problems.

The classes. Well I went to a brick-mortar school and now am doing online. I had idiots in the brick school, and I have had one questionable instructor at this school. They are everywhere. Get used to it.

I will say I question some of the students at the school. We post answers to the blackboard (like many schools). The assignments are due by a certain date, just like other schools. When grades are posted, I always notice that I am able to get most or full credit for my answers, while the class average is 1 or 2 points lower. It is the students responsibility to post on time and be substantiative with the answers. Every instructor has answered my questions timely, and have even been kind enough to give credit when the blackboard was down and I couldn't upload an assignment.

My only real complaint is the price of the books. They have alot of books that are published specifically for Ashford and cost quite a lot. However if you look around the net, you can always find someone trying to sell their old books.

In my experience with this school, I would recommend it. The work is comfortable, the price is better than 99% of the schools, each class is accelerated (compared full quarters or semesters) and it IS REGIONALLY ACCREDITED. While some people will have problems, I think most people who have bad experiences write reviews trying to get even. You don't see those with middle of the road or awesome experiences writing tons of reviews.

I have a friend who has attended 3 schools in the last 3 years (all brick and mortor schools) and he has complained about each and everyone of them. In my observation, simply because he doesn't want to dedicate some time to the classes and wants his advisor to figure everything out for him.

Online schools are a business, just like anything else.

4 out of 5

Hello! I just realized today that they requested to take out a loan in the amount of $100,000 for my education. This is totally crazy! The financial advisors are hateful and pushy and say I can't withdraw without paying them back and that I can't get more financial aid this year at a new school. My academic advisor is a real ***** and treats me like I am a customer at a shop instead of a student in a university. It is all about the green at this school they don't give a care about the student body at all. The good reviews are from luck individuals unlike myself. SAVE MONEY AND GO TO AN IN-STATE COLLEGE OR FIND A CHEAPER COLLEGE ONLINE TO ATTEND STAY AS FAR AS POSSIBLE FROM THESE GOLD-DIGGING CROOKS!

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